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    A short show to ask our audience for help

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    We're asking for help to go to EMSWorld Expo this year.

    We've set up a gofundme and have a long way to go.

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    The more things change

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    ... the more things stay the same. On the January 15th episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    George Zimmerman is back in the news. I will go over his current charges and bring us back to the case where he was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin and explain again why that was a travesty of justice. 

    Gay marriage is on the move again, this time in Louisiana where a panel of judges heard oral arguments over why the ban on gay marriage in the Louisiana Constitution violates the United States Constitution. They also heard counter arguments on why opponents to gay marriage feel that a state should be able to vote on rights. Those arguments will be explored in the show as well. 

    And finally, if there is time, I will go over yet another propaganda comic book that I received for the holidays. This time it is about the Tea Party. 

    Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week and more on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That's Right. 

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    "Plus Size Divas The Musical and Plus Size Divas Movie"

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    Producer, Writer and Director Sylvia Wilson is back!! That's right "SYLKYDIVA"  is back to tell us that casting has begun for "Plus Size Divas The Musical and Plus Size Divas Movie"; so get your audition on.  We will also be talking about investment opportunites are also available; and if you want to invest please go to


    and show your support and invest in something that is positive and real.

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    I'm just here so I don't get fined

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    On the January 29, 2015 episode, Liberal Dan Radio goes BEAST MODE (except I promise I will have more to say on the issues than Lynch). I will discuss Lynch and his desire to not speak. Should he be expected to give a meaningful interview? Or should they require him to speak and are his responses irresponsible?

    The measels outbreak at Disneyland is spreading and is causing a renewed conversation about vaccinations and the harm that anti-vaxxers beleive they cause (despite scientists and the medical community stating otherwise). I will discuss my problems with anti-vaxxers and what we should be doing about them.

    The scandal surrounding rape culture in colleges, especially at the UVA, has caused some surprising responses by national sorrorities. They have banned their members from going to fraternity parties at UVA. I will discuss why this action is plainly hurtful to victims and promotes rape culture.

    Marissa Alexander, the woman who was denied "Stand Your Ground" when she fired a gun in the air near her abuser has been let out of jail and instead placed on house arrest. I will revisit these laws and explain why there are two justice systems.

    Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week, and more at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

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    A Wizard Did It

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    On the Thursday January 22nd, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    Inflategate has caused a lot of discussion of the alleged repeated cheating by the New England Patriots. I will give my opinions on the matter and correct a lot of confusion there seems to be about it. 

    The State of the Union took place on Tuesday as well. I will review some of the highlights. 

    And in the bottom half of the hour I will have Wendy and Brock from A Wizard Did It to discuss their project and the impact that actions like those that took place in Paris can have on artists. 

    Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week, and more talk from the left that's right at 8pm central on Blog Talk Radio. 

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    Je Suis Charlie

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    Liberal Dan Radio returns to Thursdays at 8pm Central this week, January 7th, 2015. 

    A terrorist attack in France at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has caused shockwaves around the world. Muslim extremists attacked the paper for some cartoons it has done. Can one really claim to have faith if one is effected by simple drawings mocking ones religion? Shouldn't ones faith be able to overcome such feelings if ones faith is strong? This story also revealed another item that Conservatives like to harp on. Conservatives believe that Liberals are soft on Muslim extremism and would allow so called "Sharia Law" to be enacted in the US. I will explain how that is absolutely untrue. 

    It is not just Muslim extremists who want to attack free speech. Kirby Delauter doesn't seem to quite get that simple fact. I will talk about his claims and the hiliarious response to them as well. 

    Finally, I will be discussing the Steve Scalise scandal that continues to run through the media and explain why his choice to knowingly accept an invitation to speak given to him by a person known to him to be a racist is the biggest problem here. 

    Those stories, headlines, tweet of the week and more this week on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That's Right. 

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    Freedom loses

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    On the December 17, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    Freedom has taken several hits this week. A Supreme Court ruling, Heien v North Carolina, has ruled that a search conducted after a police officer misapplies the law is a legal search. This, however, was not the case in Arizona V. Gant. I will discuss both cases and why I believe this is an elimination of freedom. 

    Sony pictures caved today and is refusing to release the movie after a group threatened to attack movie theaters that showed the movie. Several chains had already said that they would not be showing the movie previous to this anouncement. I will give my thoughts on this as well. 

    In other news, the GOP has shown their hypocrisy yet again. I will discuss how and why as well. 

    Those issues and more on Wednesday at 8pm central on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That's Right. 

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    Frugal Living Tips ~ Suffering In Poverty~ Dealing With What You Have

    in Self Help

    Whether you're dealing with a mountain of debt (which there is no need to continue paying on) or trying to save money for your "retirement", there are numerous circumstances that can force you to have to live inexpensively. Frugal living is typically viewed in a negative light, where the word "sacrifice" becomes synonymous with "suffering." Most of the time, it is. So what can you do to change this? Reach out? Ask for help? What if there is none and you have no family or friends in the area? It takes people helping people, which rarely occurs. It is much easier in America to raise money for an animal than to help someone in need. Poverty will not change unless Americans change their thinking- and actually embrace the religions they subscribe too.

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    Bad things

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    On the December 10, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    The torture documents were released by the Senate this week. Some call it a political ploy, others call it needed oversight. I will discuss certain aspects of the law and why we should consider ourselves to be a better nation than others. 

    An episode of Newsroom aired on Sunday and it caused a stir in feminist circles. People did not appreciate how Sorkin handled the topic of on campus rape. However, I believe the criticisms are misguided and I will discuss why. 

    I believe I also found a bug on healthcare.gov. I will go into that in more detail. Of course, bugs are meant to be fixed and are not an excuse to bring the whole thing down so calm down conservatives. 

    Finally, I have started a GoFundMe page in order to sell advertising for the show as well as encourage people to chip in and help support the show if they like it. So please, contribute. 

    Those stories, headlines, tweet of the week and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right:  Wednesday 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

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    #040: Offseason Molasses, Mailbag, GoFundMe and Power Rankings

    in Football

    The Norse Code crew struggles to find things to talk about and settles on power rankings and a mailbag, though the process is worth the listen. You have a chance to be on the show! Listen to find out how.

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    Survivor Voice: Jean #Project100000Voices - Raising the Voice Even Further

    in Lifestyle

    This guest has been with us before, but today, she would like to talk about:

    "my Domestic Violence Survival story. This time I would like to tell the story, but include my fundraiser" as well.

    There are many legs of the journey we go as a survivor and sometimes that does include asking for help in various ways, incuding some level of financial assisance.  We will take a look at her needs and what the financial assistance may look for her.

    It's a story of inspiration and hope that we hope you will join us and help her to share her voice with others to make a difference.

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    You may also follow up with Jean's cause at www.gofundme.com/elgm40.



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