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    The GM in Philly Show

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    The first formal broadcast of the GM in Philly show after a complete renovation of show format. Tonight's show will feature subjects such as the Defense Of Marriage Act, and Don't ask, Don't tell. You're more than welcome to call in at anytime, (347) 826-7615.

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    GM Junior Scouting Podcast 12/5/13

    in Football

    Tonight's Topics (If we can hit them all):

    1. Looking at good players like Ohio State CB Courtney Roby and Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis, we will talk about how thin/small players fall on draft boards and get drafted below less athletic players at the same position and why? We will also look at how teams with less accurate QB’s might view a bigger WR like Texas A&M’s Mike Evans.


    2. With all the initial hype that there could be more QB's drafted in the first round then there were in 1983, and with Oregon QB Marcus Mariota staying in school and Georgia QB Aaron Murray and LSU QB Zach Mettenberger tearing their ACLs, now we could end up with only one or two. Thoughts????


    3. While many believe Minnesota and Houston to making head coach changes and possible GM changes, what do we think should be done by Redskins?


    4. Who do we think will win the conference championship games and why? The NFC seems to have two or three teams that could be classified as elite (SF, Seattle and NO even though Seattle blew them out on Monday), we will compare them to teams in the AFC.


    5. Also, Mel Kiper said if Florida State QB Jameis Winston were in the 2014 NFL Draft he would without question be the No.1 overall pick.  We will talk about how the misperceptions get put out there by the media and why?  It is not to say that Winston will not be chosen that high, but if he doesn't people will be talking about how he would have been had he been allowed to be enter the draft this year.

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    GM Junior Scouting Podcast 11/26/13

    in Football

    Tonight on the GM Junior Scouting podcast we take a loot at:

    The AFC Playoff picture
    Chip Kelly and the success of the Eagles
    Michigan State vs. Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship Game and whether the winner could hold up against Alabama or Florida State in a Bowl game.
    We compare and contrast LB's Max Bullough and Ryan Shazier and CB's Darqueze Dennard and Bradley Roby
    A look at the Chicago Bears QB position from a long term perspective.
    A look at some players in this rookie class that we liked and disliked, and how they have fared thus far.

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    Let's go deeper on a discussion with your very own Lisalove, Marcus-marcus, Wendywen, Maurice Brown and investigate whether men now days try to take on an image they are not and let the woman of today take on the role of the man of the house. Let's figure out why showing your underwear which they call in jail "prison booty" a cool trend. Why are females attracted to the "prison booty" and only have a bycyle and unemployed - and mad at the world such a turn on in today's media. Are these false statments are is their a deep truth. Only on GM RADIO, where questions are answered.

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    Join an all new cast on a explosive topic this Sunday at 3pm EST. Who's running to get naked first woman or me?. Alot of people may be suprised by the answers for today's topic.
    Will the bull make way first, or is the kitty cat one seductive instigator/sex machine.

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    in Entertainment

    Today will be going deeper on how to put away the snake we like to call racism. Can't this evil snake be killed or is it immortal
    Follow us on this heated topic on GM RADIO where questions are answered, starring your very own MARCUS-MARCUS, WENDY-WEN AND MAURICE BROWN.

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    Nash & Matt NFL Talk - Dec 29, 2015 - Chip Kelly FIRED and Interview with former Eagles GM Susan T.

    in Football

    We interview Susan T. Spencer former Eagles GM on the firing of Chip Kelly! Her views and thoughts are candid and special on the hottest topic in the NFL today!

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    On this paticular episode it will be an epic battle of the sexes.
    Are men extremely thirsty,can't keep their pants on, and on constant 24/7 thot patrol?
    Are females using "I had too many drinks to remember" as an excuse to cover up a alleged thirst for the magic stick aka mandeenka pipe? Find out only on the GM RADIO!!
    Join us Friday 3pm EST.

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    The most of us want to know, is america great because of racist measures or is conspiracy what keeps America relevant in the media? Are aliens real, bigfoot,will there be an ice age, is this truly global warming, is law enforcement fueled be stereotypes, etc. There's only one radio station in the world that is willing to investigate and go deeper into these topics to challenge these allegations.
    Can you handle hard cold statments, bold answers, can you handle the HEAT. ENTER AT YOUR OWN WILL HERE LIVE ON GM RADIO AT 3PM EST.

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    The new GM in Philly Show (preview)

    in Entertainment

    Get ready everyone! The GM in Philly Show is back and better than it EVER was before! The show is nearing its completion of a brand new format that will tackle the everyday interests of the LGBT community. Take the next fifteen minutes to find out what this show has in store for you. New programming is scheduled to start soon, and here is where you can grab a hold of a brand-new perspective as only "GM" is able to give! Treat yourself to the fresh experience of the new "GM in Philly"!

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    Modern Combat Masters Presents GM Andre

    in Sports

    Modern Combat Masters Presents GM Andre to the show.

    Our guests can call in at 9 PM EST Wednesday 10/21/2015 by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825

    Join our host Professor Darrell Sarjeant, and Co-Host Dan Vena Sensei for this special interview.

    We will air live this Wednesday night 10/21/2015.