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    The Pope, The Gay Men, & The Pedophiles: Protecting Boys

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    PimpPreacher.com - Today we will discuss how it seems that Pedophiles in the church seem to target young men. We will also discuss the Pope's comments about the huge amount of focus on gays. Are pedophiles gay men or have gay men simply been grouped with the pedophiles.

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    Gay Mass - Gay Men & Their Fathers

    in LGBT

    Fathers Day Special Gay men often have a complicated relationship with our fathers.  Often, by bigots and religious zealots that think being gay is a choice feel that a poor father-son relationship is to blame for the son's homosexuality.  Of course that is not true but we will discuss why this is not so as well as why fathers often have difficulty with a son coming out. 
    Also, Magic Johnson and his gay son, Senator Portman and his gay son and many other examples.
    One caller speaks of his many years of molestation by his father and others speak about their healthy relationships. 
    I also talk about my own relationship with my own father as well.  

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    I'm MAD as HELL and I'm NOT Going to Take it ANYMORE! A DCOAB Wednesday

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    Hey there Tea Sippers!! You already know what time it is.... it's time for another installment of Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday where YOU are my Co-Host. We can and will talk about any and everything that is on your mind, Right Here... Right Now, BUT... if you come out of a bag on me... I will come out of a BIGGER BAG! Ya feel me??? Cool beans... now let's get this thing started.
    Here are some things that are on my mind:

    I stand behind Bill Cosby!: Yes, I do and I do believe he did it, BUT he did not RAPE those women. I believe they were part of the whole casting couch syndrome and now they are crying RAPE
    NO INDICTMENT: REALLY??? I know many of you are angry and down right pissed..and it's time for me to weigh in on the cases...... Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice (his case) and the countless others.
    Prepaid vs. Contract Phones: I've switched over to Boost Mobile who is a subsidary of SPRINT and I am NOT pleased!!
    Black Gay Men want to be Women!!: I've got a radio sound bite that pissed me off and I want to hear your thoughts on this.

    This is going to be a HOT Pot of tea for your nerves, my darlings so make sure you have PLENTY of CRUMPETS, ya feel me!!

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    Lavender HIll #125: David Csontos and Gay Men Over 40

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    David Csontos joined Corwin and Phil for this edition of Lavender Hill. David was on to celebrate the one year anniversary of an online social and networking group for gay men and their friends and allies. Gay Men Over 40...and the people who love them was started in July 2012 as a means to fill a hole in online social networking for gay men over 40 and their allies. We've all seen or heard of online sites for gay men over 40 and know what most of them have to offer - hook ups and one night stands. That's not what GMO40 is about. GMO40 is a place where gay men over 40, their friends, families and allies can go to talk about issues and have a "gay" time in a safe, nonthreatening environment. David describes it as a giant "dinner party" where people can talk about whatever comes to mind. Some have used GMO40 to get more comfortable with coming out, others have found it to be a resource for information on helping their gay children to over come bullying.
    Corwin and Phil, at the request of David, kicked the show off with a song from GMO40 member Doug Strahm. "Your Love" is from his album Everything Has Changed.
    Show notes for this edition are available on PMPChannel.com.
    Catch Lavender Hill live on KZUM every Sunday morning. Now from 11-noon Central.

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye welcomes her monthly co-host, Dr. Brian Hooper. When Dr. Hooper is in the house, everything just seems to go better!!

    Dr. Brian Hooper who is a pastoral therapist. He is also an openly gay man who works with gay married men on their coming out issues in hopes of finding the fulfillment that both the straight wife and the gay husban deserve.

    Dr. Hooper is a regular guest on the show who helps our women find comfort in knowing that they have done nothing wrong in their marriages. He is always very uplifting and validating to our listeners. You can see his website at:


    Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed., the international authority on straight/gay marriages, hosts this show geared for women who find themselves in a marriage or relationships with a gay/bisexual man. The show addresses the complexities of these marriages and divorces shared by millions of women in our country and millions more around the world.

    Bonnie Kaye, international specialist on women who unknowingly marry gay men affecting 4 million women in this country and millions more around the world, hosts this show. Each week she has guests who are experts in this area to help those women who need to move ahead and heal. Kaye is a counselor, author, and founder of the Straight Wives Club.

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    Why Do Men Cheat On Their Woman

    in Romance

    Sometimes men cheat on their woman just because they can. They feel a sense of control to keep the secret a secret. Cheating makes them feel even bigger than they are because they have not only one woman but two. Among other guys they see that as being crazy but also seen as being a bad dude who can pull that off without getting caught. Sometimes its financial, sometimes its because of sex and lust and just being plain greedy. One is not enough so they have to have two. It's a task to keep everyting going and as well as concealing the secret until what you will be caught. One slip too many will reveal the secret before you know it.

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    Issues: Christian Men Talk

    in Dads and Family

    10 am Saturdays, "Issues: Christian Men Talk," host Deacon Thomas Farr

    Deacon Farr and his guests will discuss the issues facing men of faith as they grow in their faith,and lead, guide, and love their wives and children. 

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    Sexuality Struggles; Abuse With Gay Men

    in Comedy

    Tonight we will be discussing what the causes of abuse in the homosexual world, prodominatly in men. We would like to go through why men get abused more than lesbians and why acceptance is hard to come by in the gay men section of the LGBTQS

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    Innovative Black Men - Trials and Tribulations

    in Relationships

    Surrounded by poverty and violence, Dr. Kenneth Patterson recounts how he survived the odds to rise above hardship.

    Join the Innovative Black Men at 7PM (CST) / 8PM (EST) as Dr. Kenneth Patteerson drops by to discuss is book "I Am Too" 

    Listen/Call(347) 324-5327


    in Christianity


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