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    The Garage Sale Millionaire Aaron Lapedis

    in Business

    http://www.hollischapmanblog.com  The Garage Sale Millionaire Aaron Lapedis Written with over 60 years of combined collecting experience from its authors, The Garage Sale Millionaire offers up all the need-to-know information and insider tips you’ll need to track down those hard to find treasures, hidden gems, and collectible items which, upon resale, will make you money. With the information provided in The Garage Sale Millionaire, you’ll have a definite advantage over your competition in buying, valuing, and selling your collectibles for substantial profits.

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    Guided by Spirit to a Native American Garage Sale

    in Spirituality

    Tonight I share my story of being guided to a local Garage Sale full of Wisdom, Artwork, history and connection.
    I love following in a path of faith.

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    Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold

    in Books

    An Interview with author, Ava Seavey about the book, "Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold," which will be available March 2011. This is a guide to running a successful garage sale, written from the perspective of a woman with years of advertising experience. She has always been interested in garage sales, and initially started out doing them as a young person who needed a supplemental income. As an advertiser, she understands why people buy and what motivates them to buy. She saw a correlation between DR advertising and garage sales, and that’s where the idea for this book came from. It is simple to read, entertaining, and informative. It also includes a workbook that guides you through the garage sale from beginning to end, with places for you to record items, prices, etc. Ava Seavey, a “self-taught master of garagesaleology,” has combined her passion for garage sales with her years of professional advertising experience to produce a foolproof guide to having successful garage sales. After initially becoming involved in garage sales as a mode of supplemental income, Ava became fascinated by the different angles of buying and selling. As she developed her career in Direct Response advertising and marketing, she noticed a correlation between advertising and garage sales. For years she had been learning firsthand why people buy and what motivates them to buy, and she realized the knowledge she had from advertising could be directly applied to her garage sale experience. She wants to share her time-tested techniques with everyone so that they, too, can have successful, efficient, and fun garage sales. All content provided by the author, for the author interview.

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    EPISODE 26-Tips for throwing a successful GARAGE SALE!

    in Lifestyle

    So your spring cleaning has you left with a bunch of junk that is still  too valuable to throw away? Garage Sale Time! Join Margo of Nacho Mama's Blog as we discuss tips and tricks to help you get the most (for the least amount of stress) for your unwanted stuff!

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    TPB – EP 128 – IDW TMNT Issues #51-52

    in Entertainment

    TPB Episode 128 is here! Mike and Joe return to Talkin' Turtles...  This dynamic duo go through issues 51 and 52 of the IDW TMNT ongoing and spoil everything! We talk about the aftermath of Shredder's death, what's goin' on with Mikey, and a TMNT-FootClan team up, plus so much more!  So grab some pizza, and listen in as we continue the Tubular Turtle Talk here inside The Pull Bag!  

    IDW TMNT Ongoing Series Chronology



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    Check out Joe's Shredder Hand!  

    Geeks: Mike "TFG1" Blanchard Joe Reed

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    Download TPB_EP128.mp3

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    in Religion

    We live in a society today that is CONSUMED and OVERWHELMED with CONSUMERISM! It's all about GETTING and ACQUIRING more and more STUFF! THEY ARE NEVER SATISIFIED with just the BASIC needs or things they always want MORE AND MORE!

    And so we see every weekend in the cities of this nation about a hundred "GARAGE SALE" signs on every possible street corner. And people hitting the malls and stores to shop for MORE AND MORE STUFF! WE are a generation of "hoarders" it seems! It is simply the WAY OF GET!


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    Garage Talk Live with Vince Bonfigli

    in Sports

    Mototsports talk and commentary! Featuring guest interviews.

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    super bowl of sale pitches

    in Entrepreneur

    Michael Hall talk about perfecting your pitch today on Young money Hustlers. Your pipeline won’t stay full without a pitch. An elevator pitch is also not the same thing as a sales pitch. We found one guy describing the elevator pitch as followed: 1) What is your product or service 2) Who is your market

    Build strong leads as well  in this show I’m going to give you tips on how to perfect your pitch and show you how to turn your pitch into strong leads with a 0 market budget to small marketing budget !


    Follow us on twitter @hedge2trade 

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    The Passo Garage

    in Football

    Listen in to another great show, 2-2-2016 at 6:30 Pm PT while we are joined by Solomon Wilcots who is an ESPN Emmy winner for broadcasting, he is a former NFL player who has played in super bowl 23 on the Bengalsvs the San Fransisco 49ers, and currently is a broadcaster for the NFLNetwork and CBS. This along with our regular antics and episodes makes this a must listen. We will be talking Super Bowl and our fan favorite segment The Deena Report will prove to be great as usual.

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    Fast N Loud Richard Rawlings: Gas Monkey Garage, Hot Wheels, & Monster Jam

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Fast N Loud Richard Rawlings: Gas Monkey Garage, Hot Wheels, & Monster Jam.

    This year is gearing up to be the biggest one yet for Richard and Gas Monkey Garage with the announcement that the garage's life-size Hot Wheels car was accepted by Hot Wheels and will be produced as part of the iconic toy's catalog! (photo below).  Additionally, Gas Monkey continues to make waves in the world of competitive driving with its Top Fuel drag team, and is adding an official Gas Monkey Garage Monster Jam Truck to the lineup, which debuted in Houston, TX on January 9 (photo below).  The truck is driven by veteran driver BJ Johnson, and with so many custom features it is guaranteed a place in the highlight reels!

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    Selling with Integrity. Have No Shame in Your Game.

    in Christianity

    Sell with integrity.  Are you doing this?  Do you want to?  Do you even know what selling with integrity means?  If you don't know what I mean about selling with integrity, if you know you are not selling with integrity, or if you intend to sell with integrity, this content is for you.

    Those who sell, sell more, and sell more often will have the bigger paycheck  However, many sales professionals sabotage the long term income because they lack integrity and have a lot of shame to their sales game.  

    If I am successful, we will close this show agreeing on this matter, and while I will not be able to know the impact of this close on my listeners, I hope that you will be influenced to re-evaluate your posture and position regarding your profit.  So, I have declared the desired outcome for this sale up front.  You decide if you agree with me, or in other words, you have been sold and this transaction is considered closed.  Let's go!


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