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    Jamaica -The Island of Legends and Great Beaches

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    This episode we will have John Woolcock of the Jamaican Tourism Board discuss the fun and legendary island of Jamaica.  This island, which is one my favorites because of the people, the food, the beaches, and loads of activities and music, remains high on a lot of peoples list to visit.

    The Caribbean has a strong tourism economy and remains one the most popular areas of the world to travel year after year.  Listen in and find out why Jamaica is so popular with cruise and land based customers.

    Yolanda will discuss her search for a great Caribbean restaurant in Austin and her experiences on the hunt.  Shellda will have her Jamaican Fun Facts, and Lindsey will talk about upcoming Caribbean events.

    Dont forget about Peeks Cruises & Tours 20th celebration and Travel Pfest with our great travel partners, Funjet Vacations, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Sandals, and Globus Family of Tours and more to come....We'll announce a great surprise if you attend this event.



  • Happy New Year-Travel Past and Future

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    2014 is on the way out and we'll take a look at travel trends of 2014, The Best of Travel Products and Suppliers, and what we see coming in 2015. 

    US cities that got tourism right and why, which cruise lines get the hightest marks, and which international destinations hit the jackpot.  We'll also look what which destinations you should have on your list for 2015.

    We'll get a call from Fito Kahn of the Austin Jazz Alliance to discuss the 2015 Texas Jazz Jam Cruise, upcoming Ship Inspections with Royal Caribbean, and other upcoming travel events with Peeks Cruises & Tours.

    Plus, one final 2014 ticket giveaway compliments of Funjet Vacations.  Caller number 14 -(646) 716-9154


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    Happy Holidays-The Gift of Travel

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    As we approach the holiday season we have a great opportunity for you to surprise a love one with the gift of travel.  We'll have a great guest speaker from Karisma Resorts/Lomas Tours get us really excited about the deals, resorts, and fun activities at our closest destinations to the South of Texas. Rue Ann Adamson has worked in the business with Funjet Vacations/Mark Travel and now Karisma/Lomas.  

    And yes Mexico has made a comeback, and Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen specifically.

    We'll highlight what we already have on tap for 2015 for you to choose from and we'll tell you about the specials and promotions going on right now.  The travel industry is pullling out the stops to get you to give the gift of travel now!  We do have Black Friday in the travel industry also.

    We'll highlight the El Dorado Royale Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and the Cancun market as a whole.  Plus the greatest announcement ever, direct flights Texas to the Cancun area year round, plus other destinations direct from Texas with Funjet Vacations.

    Join us as we think about warm destinations in the winter months and beyond!

    It's Travel Time and there is no better Time than Now!

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    Indie Books #80 (David Robert)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Author David Robert joins me this week to talk about his book: Wanderlush.

    When David, a self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden introvert, convinces himself he’s dying of cancer, he invites his delightfully unpredictable, -popping, chardonnay-swilling mother on a series of international good-bye vacations. By doing so, he unwittingly opens a Pandora’s Box of hilarious and humiliating events that will test just how far they are willing to go to get a laugh.

    David knows the trips will be anything but boring because he and his mom have been causing a scene for as long as he can remember. He describes her as a cross between Bea Arthur and Karen Walker from Will and Grace, and she is notorious for bending the rules.

    But nothing can prepare him for escapades that include digging his mom out of a rain gutter in Costa Rica and being dragged across the Arabian Desert by a psychotic camel named Forrest Hump. As the vacations unfold, David discovers that although he and his mom are having the time of their life, she is ready to share a secret that will change everything.

    For more about David Robert:



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    Money Fantazy Today

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    Good Morning Family. Today is a fantazy day and we are talking about Money Fantazy. You know you have one. I have plenty of them which I will be sharing  with you my Cheap Cheetah Family plus plenty of other money fantazy's that you thought you just had. If you would like to share your money fantazy with me then call in the day of the show or visit our chat room.

    www TheCheapCheetahMoneyShow.blogspot




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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #36 - President Kerry?

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    Texas Biker Radio With Mel Moss and Mel Robins 

    On Thursdays Show:  President Kerry - Hillary Is Not Running - Low Class -  Hands Up Don't Shoot - Secret Service Destroy Evudence?- Biker Party? - Jobless #s Rising - Janet Napolitano Rising Tuition - Don't Mess With Wee Wee - TB - Jeb Bush Woes - Who The Hell Vacations In Tunisia - New Sport Shooting Google Bots - BIBI Gun


    All That BS and More on Thursdays Texas Biker Radio

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    Sydni Brown 1st time author of Under the Radar from Houston. 9:15pm - 9:45pm.

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    Sydni Brown 1st time author of Under the Radar from Houston. Under the Radar is fiction at its best. It is funny, suspenseful, action packed, a murder mystery and a true love story all tied into one. 9:15pm - 9:45pm. 


    Travel with Alyce - 9:45 - 10


    10:15 - 11 Black Men/Women in Leather Riding a Harley

    or some other motorized vehicle... Bike Week in Daytona Beach... WOW




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    Discover the Best of Hawaii -Oahu

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    Hawaii, one of the United States of America, a very culturally rich destination, and one of the prettiest places on Earth.  Hawaii is on everyone's bucket list and we have the inside track from someone who lives and works there. Stephanie Barksdale of Oahu Concierge is going to give us the scoop on what to do and where to go.  Stephanie lives in Oahu and owns Oahu Concierge a service to help you plan your stay in Hawaii.

    We'll discuss popular activities, hotels, and of course holidays in the Hawaiian islands.

    We'll also giveaway two more tickets to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico for the caller that can call in and aswer the question of the day.

    Travel News, we've got highlights on Funjet Vacations, Southwest Airlines, and the new Hyatt in Jamaica, and the Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba..  Plus I will highlight a new local winery I just recently discovered Austin Custom Winery.

    Listen for a surprise from Peeks Cruises & Tours.

    We are also trying to help Texas Women in Business with their diaper collection for families in need.

    Travel Trends, Shellda's Fun Facts, travel specials, and other great conversations about travel.

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    Here are some traits of people with an employee mentality:

    I work for a paycheck — period.
    There’s no need to give more than I have to, because the company will take advantage of me.
    The business is lucky to have me.
    Somebody is mandated to take care of me.
     I am entitled simply because I work here.
    I only do what I am told to do.

    Believe it or not, even some business owners have an employee mentality. When an employer does not sacrifice personal preference for the good of the business, that employer has an employee mentality. When an employer works a 32-hour week, takes vacations when due, takes little interest in continuing education, and actually jumps at the opportunity to close the office, that’s an employee mentality.

    Employees typically take assignments and complete them without a thought as to how their personal efforts impact the success of the business. Employees also concentrate on the status que in the workplace. They don’t rock the boat, and they exert just enough effort and energy to get by.

    Owners, on the other hand, enthusiastically give the extra effort and choose to do things to attract more business, clients, and profits. Owners see the big picture and know the work they do is making a meaningful contribution to the company’s advancement. Owners also concentrate on developing new, positive solutions to current operation. They think outside the box; they take risks and become problem-solvers.


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    "The Definition of a High Maintenance Woman?" - Rebroadcast

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    Gucci, Louis, Prada everything….Hair and nails done every week…Luxury vehicle, exotic vacations several times a year etc….These are all great examples of the types of women that men looking for wives stay FAR away from. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on “The Definition of a High Maintenance Woman”, where we discussed exactly what type of women the best men seek and the type of women who would be our worst nightmare. Listen to “The Dedan Tolbert Show” 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com. “Real Radio that Matters for over 10 Years”.

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    Get Into Relaxation Mode With Spa Retreats and Springtime Getaways

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    Hello Family, and Happy Wednesday!

    Welcome back again to our clips and tips segment.  Spring time is very near, and what a great time to indulge in Spa Retreats and Spring time Getaways! 

     Relaxation time is very soothing for the soul, and how nice is it to experience a sanctuary of inner peace, and tranquility.

     We discuss great getaways, and provide you with some at home spa techniques to get the adding benefits of a great massage! So be sure to join us tonight for a great retreat!

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