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    MSRGrp/ FTM Ent. The Christians Brothers Restoration

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    MSRGrp/ FTM Ent. @ https://www.facebook.com/msrgrp

    Howcee Productions Gospel at Ourstage

    THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS   Booking @ 217-428-8988 Phones

    (217) 428-8988


    1075 N. Main St.
    Decatur, IL, United States 62526
    We @ Howcee Productions Gospel Thanks to Gloryland Gospel for this Review:
    Have U got your Copy! The Christian Brothers "Restoration" Produced by Ray Braswell Jr. FTM Records.. Available @ iTunes, CdBaby, GooglePlay, Amazon...


    GIGI BURRELL @ https://www.facebook.com/gburrell3?fref=ts





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    FTM Fitness World on Air: Mind, Body, Spirit with Jody and Neo

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    Mind, Body, Spirit with Jody and Neo is the newest show on the Back2Us Radio Network. 

    Neo L. Sandja is the founder of FTM Fitness World. He's currently residing in Atlanta. He's passionate about changing people's lives for the better. Neo started his medical transition in December 2011; he's also a very spiritual man who always encourages everyone he meets to become the better self that they can be.  You can connect with Neo through his website http://ftmfitnessworld.com or on the Back2Us Radio Facebook page. 

    Jody Rose Helfand has an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing, and over 50 publications in poetry and prose, including two books. His most recent book, Transforming Yourself, is about how to make positive change happen in your life by accessing the powerful wisdom in your heart. He is also a certified Heartmath Provider and helps others discover their heart intelligence, taking them away from the construct of the mind and into a more peaceful and happy life. You can connect with Jody through his website: http://jodyrosehelfand.com/ or on the Back2Us Radio Facebook Fan page. 

    Tune in to Neo and Jody on the 2nd Sunday of each month. 

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    FTM 2010 April Wrap Up

    in Sports

    FTM 2010 April Wrap Up

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    The Strong Stance Reflects on FTMFitCon2015

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    I recently presented at the FTM Fitness Conference in Atlanta. It was three days of speakers, breakout sessions and events focused on the acknowledgement, discussion, education and celebration of transgender fitness in all forms: physical, emotional, mental and financial. This was the second year for the FTMFitcon, which will soon be going thru a rebranding of sorts…but we’ll get to that later. For most people that have heard of FTMFitCon, they know it as the ‘First FTM Bodybuilding Competition’, but that event is just one aspect of the conference. In addition to the historic bodybuilding competition, there was a fashion show, morning bootcamps, a wellness fair, more than 20 workshops and discussions and a closing ceremony and reception.  Among the keynote speakers were Buck Angel, Ryan Sallans, Dr. Kortney Ziegler, and Tracee McDaniel (who has appeared on The Strong Stance a number of previous times).

    I attended the conference in a number of different capacities. Primarily, I was there as a session presenter, but I was also there as an attendee and as press. In tonight’s episode of The Strong Stance, we’re gonna do something a little different. I’ll talk a bit about my session presentation and my experiences as an attendee, but more importantly, I’ll talk to a number of attendees as well as FTM Fitness World founder and president, Neo Sandja. You won’t want to miss this, so stay tuned.

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    The Friday Night SuperShow

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    This week, the Tag Champs welcome Josh Moore, from CT rockers Fear The Masses( http://www.fearthemasses.com/ ) to the SuperShow! These boys have been tearing up the NE with their hard-hitting brand of "truth" music from such powerful statements of self justice in their song "Vigilante", to the liberty laden "Censor This" their fight for liberty is reaching fever pitch, and we are proud to have him on! WE'll be discussing their music, the sick, twisted America, and of course ALL things FTM! As always, The lovliest manager in radio, Jennifer Long, kick ass FTM music all night long, and YOUR CALLS in hour 2, right here on the only place to kick off your weekend, THE Friday Night SuperShow!

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    Female to Male Transsexuals or FTM discussion.

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    Female to Male Transsexuals or FTM are a misunderstood group. The popular view seems to be that FTM's are all Lesbians. What exactly happens during the transition? What is the correct way to address a FTM etc.? Please join us LIVE tonight 9:30pm est/6:30 pst 818-301-5873 to discuss and answer your questions. We have a special guest(s) that’s currently going through the process and a lesbian that’s with someone going thru the process. She’ll share her experience.

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    FTM Fitness World On Air: Economic Power Part 2

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    Last month, Jody and Neo discussed the spiritual side of money and some of the very real financial challenges that transgender individuals face in employment, transitioning, and living in general. 

    Today, they are going to talk money part 2--how to invest in yourself, your community, and build your own 3 pillars of wealth. 

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    FTM hate em love em?

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    FTM Nutrition and Fitness

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    Gym rat living in Ontario Canada. Born in Johannesburg South Africa and raised in the prairies of Canada Acting has always been a part of Sipho's life. He received an undergraduate degree in Theatre at the University of British Columbia. After almost 15 years in the acting business, Sipho continues expending and exploring diverse characters both in film and theatre. Most recently Sipho has started mentoring LGBTQI youth on issues such as gender oppression / expression. challenging the ways our trans people are treated in the theatre and film industries.
    Alex Perez is an ambitious 20 year old college student. He attended Hillsborough Community College, here in which he founded the schools very first poetry club. While he is not putting his pen to paper; Lex is active in multiple Lgbtq groups advocating and supporting the many facets within our community. Though Alex being very new to the open 'Trans*' community, he is eager in putting his best foot forward, and furthering the knowledge of those around him.

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    Making The Transition-Living Life FTM

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    How does it feel to be a male trapped in a female's body? What exactly happens during the transition? Where do FTMs fit in within the community? What is the correct way to address an FTM? If I'm a lesbian who dates an FTM am I still a lesbian?

    Aurora Jonez and Bent Radio welcomes members of the FTM community to discuss the physical, mental and emotional aspect of the FTM transition. Topics will include coming out to friends & family, sex reassignment surgery, mental healthcare and society's (LGBT & otherwise) view on Trans individuals

    **Music by Kamari Lyrikal**

    Listen via phone: 347-850-8373

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    The Lord's Asylum - Ep. 5

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    Join Lord Brandon as we chat with Mellen one more time!!!