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    Black Friday

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    Pro Wrestling - MMA - Combat Sports - Music - Sports Entertainment Talk Radio with your hosts from Black Friday Management and Black Friday Entertainment!

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    Tell-It-All Friday with Brit Nic

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    Check us out...check us out...check us out this Friday night, everyone. Call in to the Tell-It-All Friday Race Talk Show at 951-281-7726. Brit Nic be hosting, and for her special guests, she has some of the baddest, if not THE baddest, boys out of the Fayette/Natchez, MS, area, the infamous NEW WORLD ORDER. Anybody stock suspension on 28s with one kit can get it this Sunday in Canton! Just call in on the show between 7PM and 9PM this Friday, and we can set things up. As always, there will be a hot topic and many race updates.Things will be heating up this Friday night!

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    Franchise Friday: Jeff Levy, Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership

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    Jeff Levy will discuss his unique entrepreneurial experiences with startups, leverage buyouts, management buyouts, hostile takeovers and then coaching over 175 people to start their own business. 

    The show will reflect the background of why and how the presenter chose to coauthor a book about “Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership.” Jeff will cover his journey, lessons learned and experiences in writing a business book. 

    The audience will get an understanding of the extra credibility that a book can bring to a career. We hope to inspire others to Make the Jump! 

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    Classic Music Friday: Irene Diaz, Karen Dezelle

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    This Friday I will on my to Ireland to interview bands. So today we will treat you to a classic Music FridayLive! with Irene Diaz and Karen Dezelle. There will be no show April 18.

    Irene Diaz opens in Segment 1.  She is a twenty-six-year-old, LA –based singer- songwriter trained in classical piano and steeped in blues and jazz.  Inspired by artists such as Nina Simone, Ella , Fiona Apple,  with tones reminiscent of Eva Cassidy Irene just released her debut EP, I Love You Madly.   We will play cuts from it, including the stunning single, “Crazy Love” which will haunt your mind and hypnotize your ears in a riptide of emotion.    

    In segment 2,  singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle combines honest narratives with soft, soothing vocals, creating vulnerability with wide appeal.  Karen has lived all over the world and it shows in her deft blending of beats and melodies. Inspired by artists such as Jewel and Joni Mitchell, Karen', emotionally-complex lyrics are offset by a minimalist song structure and  innocent vocals in a moving sound, both calming and exciting. 

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    F it Friday

    in Social Networking

    today is just what the name say F it! If you had a hard work, the kids out of damn with nothing to do but get on your damn nerves, cookout with us! Let it all hang out, f it we don't mind. Yay yes it's Friday and the weekend here

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    Mikey Wax breaks iTunes 100. Walter Cronin's songs for PTSD.

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    Mikey Wax is a pop singer originally from Oyster Bay New York whose new self-titled album on Toucan Cove Records has entered the iTunes top 100 pop chart, and the first single "You Lift Me Up" has received nearly 6 million Spotify streams and the second single, "Only One", is now receiving nation-wide radio airplay on SiriusXM's The Pulse. Mikey is also headlining his first USA tour this spring and we talk to him Friday.

    Walt Cronin is a singer songwriter of Americana, Folk and Country from Los Angeles, CA. A trained veteran counselor, he himself suffered from PTSDF  from working as a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. He has been singing and recording country, folk, Americana and love songs for years and has just released his his 5th CD.  He joins us this Friday in Segment 2

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    Mustang Walker & Brit Nic's Tell-It-All Friday

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    Hosts Mustang Walker and Brit Nic are coming at you live at 7PM (central) with lots of action based on past and upcoming events in the drag racing game. Several race events are approaching, so chime in so you don't miss them. We always recap the previous weekend's events as welll. Call-outs and lock-ins are always welcome. We will be highlighting Pipe Bender's Easter Shootout on April 20 and Don Mack Most Wanted's Spring Showdown on April 27. Both of these events will be held in Canton, Mississippi, at Junkyard #1 Speedway. The track address is 619 Lottville Road. Press the "1" button at your own risk!

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    Neyom Friday Presents - Joey Stylez

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    “No gimmicks.” Such a simple statement. So bold and direct yet hard for most “artists” to accomplish. Contrived ruses have given many music sensations their 15 minutes. That same ploy has taken it away just as quickly. Those who rely on talent and passion; their ability and drive however, don't need a gimmick. Those two words—no gimmicks—perfectly encapsulate Joey Stylez, the world's premiere Native American hip hop artist. From his chameleon-esque sound, clothing and hair styles down to his ongoing adoration for skin art and undeniable good looks, Moosmin First Nations member Stylez is overtaking the world of hip hop with enthusiastic ease. And no damned gimmicks. Originally hailing from Saskatchewan, this internationally-acclaimed rhymer has proven that even in the Great White North, it's possible to overcome oppression. A victim of poverty in his youth despite being relocated to Saskatoon by a hardworking single mother, Stylez (aka Joseph Laplante) was raised low-income in a middle-class neighbourhood. The constant struggling and derision from outsiders determined—or rather forced—his take-no-prisoners attack. “I took to my own means of getting what I wanted,” declares Stylez about his approach to both life and music. “If I had to shoplift or sell something I...whatever...I'd do it by all means necessary. That mindset carried over in a positive way though, and influenced making music for me. If it takes guts, money, sugar or spice, I don't care. It's going to happen. I'm going to get it. I have tunnel vision; my mind set on the prize.”

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    Diversify Your Life Through Franchising

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    On today's episode of Franchise Friday, we're joined by Linnore Gonzales, serial entrepreneur and Decor & You franchise owner. 

    About Our Guest

    Linnore grew up with her family being entrepreneurs so she always knew that she will own and operate her own business. In 1999, Linnore and her husband bought a paint-your-own-ceramics studio in Englewood,CO and converted this independent business to a Color Me Mine franchise. In a span of 10 years they owned and operated three Color Me Mine retail locations in Park Meadows, Boulder and Cherry Creek.

    In 2003, Linnore joined with the Decor & You® Franchise and opened a Decor & You® decorating firm in Highlands Ranch. Linnore employs a talented team of designers and design assistants who provide design services to the Denver Metro Area and Front Range communities.  

    Since opening the Highlands Ranch office, Decor & You® has been a phenomenal success winning numerous awards and accolades from “Best of the Best” in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Englewood to winning the “Award of Excellence” at the Colorado Decorating and Remodeling Show. In 2011, Decor & You® was chosen as an Interior Design finalist by the Homebuilders Association (HBA) Bar and CARE Awards committee for a sustainable home they designed and decorated in Elizabeth, CO. Decor & You® also participated in numerous successful TV promotion campaigns:9News Rescue My Ugly Family Room makeover promotion, the local ABC station’s D&Y Makeover contest and Fox 31 Space Lift. Linnore has also done twice a month segments as a design expert sharing her decorating and lifestyle tips and expertise on Channel 2’s Colorado’s Best television program.Décor & You was recognized in April 2014 as Small Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch.

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    Thats right folks it's Tell it all Friday with MUSTANGWALKER & BRIT NIC FROM THE MOSTWANTED RACING TEAM.....We got all the hot topics and we also got the governors minutes every Friday with Mr. Kevin Bass who is running for Govenor in the Great State of Alabama in 2014...Yes Mr. Kevin Bass loves racing. We got some good lock ups last week and lets continue to get more. Press the 1 button to speak to the host and get it all off your chest @ the Tell it all Friday talk show this Friday.