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    Frater Osiris -- Seven Gates Festival in Georgia

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    On this Thursday's Hermetic Hour host Poke Runyon will welcome Wor. Frater Osiris, P.M. from Georgia, one of our Associate Members who recently staged an O.T.A. seasonal rite there. Mike will tell us just how he went about it, and how it was received. We have another Associate Member in Texas, Frater Heracles, who has also staged a seasonal, and will call in with his comments. This warms the cockles of my heart!  We've been putting on these delightful pageants four times a year, on the solstices and equinoxes, since 1974, and we are so happy to see the tradition spreading out across the country. Mike and John have been able to do very effective rituals by following the scripts and details in our Seasonal Book, and using their own ingenuity in the staging. This is very important because we have gotten more elaborate at Montsalvat and Rivendell over the years, and we need fresh talent to do it their own way -- like Wagner in modern dress. Same words and music, but a fresh, new look. Mike has even translated our musical theme, scored in the book, on a synthesizer, which he will play for us. This will be a fun and inspiring evening. Tune in and find out  how you too can turn your back yard into a Sacred Grove and honor the Lord and Lady in the most ancient of modern seasonal rites.

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    Nu Ankh Radio Cultural Forum

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    Join Goddess Trey Brother Haru and Brother Kedar as we discuss our-tory, spirituality, and the esoteric knowledge of the ancestors. We hope you can join us in this gathering of minds. May we rekindle the greatness of our ancestors in everything we do.

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    Across the pond

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    We will welcome Our SiStar from across the pond in the United Kingdom, Phemy Williams. A Nigerian born UK resident who will open some eyes about life in the UK. This will hopefully be the first of a series of conversations with OUR FAMILY in different parts of the world. Please join us with open ears and an opportunity to hear for yourself the real deal. Call in number 646-564-9840 or log into Chat room to comment

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    The Helios Biblios (the book of the sun) Hour / Osiris Device -CERN

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    The world's biggest and most powerful particle accelerator, credited with discovering the so-called God particle in 2012, is getting rebooted for what scientists say could be a big second act. the ancient Egyptian object named Ta-Wer aka “Osiris” device, was a stargate machine capable to open wormholes or dimensional openings used by Seth and Osiris to “travel across the underworld.”Is CERN the new “Osiris Ta-Wer”? A modern stargate machine based on ancient technology?

    When work at CERN's Large Hadron Collider is completed in 2015, the collider should have twice the power and be able to help unlock more of the universe's mysteries and to explore an entirely new realm of physics.It is known that the secret societies are obsessed with the raising of Osiris and maybe they already know what they are looking for and was the placement of a Shiva Statue outside the CERN Hadron Collider a hint?Is there some occult ritual being carried within the LHC facility and is Shiva the one they are attempting to bring to Earth?I find it highly interesting that this ‘wormhole’ he is emerging from is an 8-rayed symbol (the galaxy) that precisely matches the 8 rayed or 8-spoked Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the behemoth designed to search for the unseen, unknown God Particle.There is an occult agenda behind the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Some believe that it is an attempt to open inter-dimensional gateways (wormholes) to allow evil beings, dark spiritual forces.

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    Location, voice, and tone in creative nonfiction with writer Soo Na Pak

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    This episode of Behind the Prose features an interview with writer and artist Soo Na Pak. 

    Soo Na Pak lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her essays and prose appear in The Butter; TheRumpus.net; AlterNet.org; “Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption” (South End Press); Hamilton Stone Review; and Digital Artifact Magazine.

    On Sunday’s show, we’ll analyze her two pieces “Woman” - a tribute to Amy Winehouse and “Osiris.”

    We will discuss Soo Na's use of voice and tone in her narrative. She's also skilled at adeptly mixing abstract and concrete elements in nonfiction, and we'll get to the bottom of how she does it!  Or at least close to somewhere in the middle.

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    The Helios Biblios (the book of the sun) Hour / OCCULT THEOCRASY

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    In offering this book to the public, I have endeavoured to expose some of the means and methods used by a secret world, one might almost say an underworld, to penetrate, dominate and destroy not only the so-called upper classes, but also the better portion of all classes. The word temple is derived from the Latin word tempus, time ; and, therefore, the ancient structures called temples were in reality intended to be records of time and archives of human knowledge. Such institutions would have been a great benefit to mankind but the veil of superstition was thrown over them; it was deemed politic or profitable to the few to deceive the many.the mahabone The Complete God. The Hermaphrodite (Man is completed by the degree of Master, 3rd degree). In the secret society-occult jargon this means " the Christ force " or Sex force — not Jesus Christ. the Widow Means the Synagogue, also Isis. The Egyptian Fable of Isis. Typhon, having killed Osiris, shut him up in a coffin, then, having cut his body into pieces, threw it in the Nile.Hebrew. —The initiated Candidate who had passed through all the degrees of the mystery. Teleios. — The adept, or perfected. Israelite. — God-seer, purified from all guile. Jew .— The God himself, or the mysterious perfection and deification of the human character.The Sirius being The Dogon peoples of Sudan, Africa believe that they received their vast  knowledge of the stars from visitors to Earth, called Nommos - who are amphibian beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of humanity. The Sumerians depicted their gods as half human/fish and claimed these gods fell from the sky. Sirius reptillian This is an aquatic reptilian species supposedly from our neighboring Dog Star Sirius. They have been described as bipedal, average in height with webbed hands and feet with gills, and others believe they are associated with the half human, half fish .

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    Old Testament Pseudepigrapha - Melchizedek & Solomon

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    On Thursday January 29th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will present a discussion and review on a newly published collection of
    Old Testament pseudepigrapha (apocryphal works) edited by Bauckham,
    Davila and Panayotov from Erdmans. What makes this 800 page doorstopper
    of particular interest to us is "The Legend of Melchizedek" and
    Solomon's Hygromancy which is very similar to the medieval Greater Key
    of Solomon and may be a later version of the Key's original source. Poke
    will be joined by Biblical scholar Frater Solomon who first discovered
    this very interesting publication and brought it to our attention. So if
    you want to hear about some strange old magical manuscripts that have
    just come to light, tune in and we'll delve into this collection.

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    Action Adventure Novels and Stories by Poke Runyon

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    On Thursday January 15th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will present a review and reprise of the host's own writing career as a
    novelist, short story writer and screenwriter. After three years in the
    Army most in Special Forces, Poke started off in 1965 with Night Jump -
    Cuba 1965 followed by Commando X in 1967 and a series of underwater
    adventure stories in ARGOSY magazine, on to Hollywood and a short stint
    as a screenwriter before getting a real job as a designer and technical
    illustrator for Shelby American and on to a career as an industrial artist.
    Eventually publishing his own fiction with Drell Master 2001 and From
    the Tower of Darkness in 2002 So if you enjoy macho action adventure
    stories or ever did, tune in and find out what old Frater Thabion writes
    about other than magick.


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    Working in the Theban Necropolis - a vast conglomerate of ancient tombs and mortuary temples that faced the ancient Egyptian city Thebes (modern Luxor) - archaeologists have uncovered an ancient tomb on the west bank of the Nile, made in the likeness of the the mythical Tomb of Osiris.


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    Melchizedek was the first priest mentioned in the Bible. (Genesis 14:18-20) Melchizedek pre-dates the Levite priesthood---Levi wasn't even born yet. Melchizedek is a mysterious dude who shows up and gives communion/mass to Abraham. Bread and wine. He's the first one to make the use of bread and wine sacred. He is mentioned as having no parents, no origins, he just came out of nowhere. Melchi-tsedek means King of Right-ness, and Genesis says his other title was King of Peace, as in the father of the Prince of Peace.


    MEL = 
    CHI = 
    ZEDEK = 

    Genesis 14:18 states that Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine.

     Of course this process was later found in the religions of Osiris and Dionysus. Osiris was bread and beer and Dionysus was bread and wine.

    But Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine, and in many Christian religions that represents Christ's last supper ,or the body and blood of Christ. So  we have a connection between Melchizedek and Christ, namely bread and wine.

    Now let us tie the connection a little tighter.

    Hebrews 5 we see a reference to Christ.

    Hebrews 5:6 says about Christ. You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.

    Hebrews 5:10 Called of God a high priest after the order of Melchizedek.

    So then Melchizedek is a form of Christ and vice versa

    Both bringing bread and wine. There are those who have written for years that Melchizedek was actually Christ. Not a physical person. But the universal cosmic God power coming to the earth.


  • Books and Films that Inspired the O.T.A.

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    On Christmas night December 25th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke
    Runyon will present a special program in which Frater Thabion, your host
    and the founder of the Order of the Temple of Astarte, will trace the
    books and films that influenced and inspired him to create and develop
    his unique American system of Magick. I grew out of the Oz books and
    graduated to the Mars books (John Carter) then into a teenage
    fascination with Richard Shaver's hi-tech Lemurian survivor stories. I
    will go to my 1950s early college days watching films such as Jean
    Cocteau's Orpheus, and Orson Welles Black Magic (on Cagliostro and
    Mesmer) and move on through to a study of Voodoo in line with my
    Caribbean adventurer-fiction writer persona. The Saragossa Manuscript
    for Kabbalah and mirror magick, Graves The White Goddess. Then my
    illness which I tried to cure with self-hypnosis. This led to a serious
    study of hypnosis along with Tibetan Tantra (Evans-Wentz) and finally
    Western Magick. Mastering the Goetia with the mirror method led to
    Jungian psycho-philosophy and the study of anthropology culminating in a
    Master's Degree in the subject from California State University. During
    this program I created the modern Hermetically oriented Neo-Canaanite
    Seasonal ceremonies for our magical order The Temple of Astarte, The
    main purpose of our Goetia was to bring up and reestablish the Secret
    Goddess of old King Solomon himself. We use the 1770 Hermetic-Masonic rite of Crata Repoa as a structure for our system and I will discuss the sources behind this. Perhaps some of these books and teachings will help others to understand our perspective on the Western Tradition and what we expect to
    accomplish by what we call The Great Work.

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