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  • Why I pray for my best friend Carol Harrison?

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    Praying for my best friend Carol Harrison from pastor fran.

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    Why was Canada supposed to be the 14th Colony? Literary Viewpoints: Fran Lewis:

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    The 14th Colony: Steve Berry



    What happens if both the president and vice-president-elect die before taking the oath of office? The answer is far from certain?in fact, what follows would be nothing short of total political chaos.

    Shot down over Siberia, ex-Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is forced into a fight for survival against Aleksandr Zorin, a man whose loyalty to the former Soviet Union has festered for decades into an intense hatred of the United States.

    Before escaping, Malone learns that Zorin and another ex-KGB officer, this one a sleeper still embedded in the West, are headed overseas to Washington D.C. Inauguration Day?noon on January 20th?is only hours away. A flaw in the Constitution, and an even more flawed presidential succession act, have opened the door to disaster and Zorin intends to exploit both weaknesses to their fullest.

    Armed with a weapon leftover from the Cold War, one long thought to be just a myth, Zorin plans to attack. He’s aided by a shocking secret hidden in the archives of America’s oldest fraternal organization?the Society of Cincinnati?a group that once lent out its military savvy to presidents, including helping to formulate three invasion plans of what was intended to be America’s 14th colony?Canada.

    In a race against the clock that starts in the frozen extremes of Russia and ultimately ends at the White House itself, Malone must not only battle Zorin, he must also confront a crippling fear that he’s long denied, but which now jeopardizes everything. Steve Berry’s trademark mix of history and speculation is all here in this provocative new thriller.

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable With Eagles Draft Guru Fran Duffy

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    The Eagles made a big trade and now have the 2nd overall pick in next week's draft! On this week's Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable: Philadelphia Eagles Video Content Manager Fran Duffy, an NFL Draft guru, returns for a third year to discuss the trade, his view of quarterback prospects Carson Wentz and Jared Goff and the Birds' mid-round draft needs. Bill Furman and Jim "Chet" Chesko talk draft for the bulk of the hour with Fran, so listen in and feel free to give us a call with questions, comments or opinions at 929-477-2855. It's all brought to you by shopforkisses.org, the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.

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    Suicide Spirits leave my BRETHREN ALONE!

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    Everyday someone's looking with their own eyes and no one's paying attention to the fact they crying out for help as believers as clergy as brothers and sisters we need to come against the adversary the enemy has no power unless we give them power we have dominion over the enemy we have power and authority over the enemy and we need to come in agreement and command the enemy to leave my brothers and sisters alone according to Psalms 37 28 for the lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones they will be protected forever but The Offspring of the wicked will be cut off TuneIn and download this segment to someone who's struggling with suicide depression loneliness and just sick and tired of being sick and tired

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    PODCAST: Insights on SC&H Group’s New InstantEPM Offering

    in Finance

    Welcome to the SC&H Group podcast series.  Today, we are speaking with Fran Burns, Managing Director of SC&H Group’s Hyperion EPM and Oracle BI Consulting practice, who will be discussing the new SC&H Group InstantEPM service offering.

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    Spotlight JJ White: Deviant Acts

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    There are some people who self-destruct at the slightest change in their environment, situations and pasts. Some cannot handle the fall out from situations that were traumatic or serious. Some are haunted by nightmares, memories of the past and deaths that they had no choice put to take part in and remember. Vietnam changed many men and coming home some faced traumas and nightmares that would change them drastically and the way they handled the world. Jackson Hurst was one who was a victim of the war, a man who now lives his life in a haze, or daze using different kinds of stimulants, drugs, smack, coke, heroine and anything that he can smoke or snort to make him forget the realities of the real world and live his life in a dense fog. But, coming home meant getting some type of a job to support his habit but when he gets angry or cannot handle a situation he gets violent and the menial job at the movie theater became a thing of the past. What happens when Aunt Camille demands that he get her daughter back. Was she really kidnapped. Join me when I interview JJ white and learn more about just what kind of Deviant Acts these characters perform

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    Prostitution homelessness HIV depression how can we help?

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    The spirit of the Belial operates through alcohol drunkenness homelessness depression drunkenness it is a way to break down the morals and open people up to lust, incest and perversion. We believe that spirits of alcohol and drugs operate under the strongman of the BELIAL It is a known fact that many children of addiction parents are often the victims of sexual abuse including incest, drama, mental episodes, alcohol, drugs and addiction can also open the door of spirits of rape including date rape. Today our prophets and the book of proverbs 23:31-33 warn us of the dangers of alcohol do not look on the wine when it is red when it's sparkles in the cup when it swirls around smoothly at the last bites like a serpent and stings like a Viper your eyes will see strange things and your heart will utter perverse things proverbs 23:31 tune in as we hear testimony of a woman who's hurting ,Cruisin The Streets, who's lost hope but through the grace of God God has divinely ordained on this day for a breakthrough for brothers and sisters throughout the world to pray for her as God says we need to pray for one another in the name of Jesus.

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    World Of Ink - Red River Radio - Promote Authors Party

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    It's Party time for World Of Ink Network and Red River Radio on April 19th at 4 EST 3 CST 2 MT 1 PST.

    Join the fun as the hosts, Dellani Oakes and Marsha Casper Cook talk to  authors about their work. The chat room will be open so feel free to call in if you have a question.

    Both World Of Ink and Red River promote authors and showcase their work. They have been doing this for years but on this day the two networks will share stories and guests and how they started with Blog Talk Radio years ago and continue year after year enjoying the shows and their guests.

    LIVE SHOW - OPEN CHAT ROOM  714-242-5259



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    How does Commitment, Respect and Descions prove what is in the HEART.

    in Religion

    Today many confess out their mouth that Jesus is Lord and confess that they believe in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead but the word of God is clear They who receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior are born again children of God and no longer His creation when were born again believers we no long longer live the way we used to our heart is and thinking is different decisions are different if you're experiencing this situation with someone that their words don't align with God's words that the way that display what's in their heart is not what's in God's heart then listen to this segment as we together mend the Broken Heart mend the heart that has been harden and behind the trials and tribulations of this life God is the only one that knows what you're feeling what you're going through and he is the only one that could take the best Vengeance against those that come up against his anointed God will do what he said he will do he said do not touch my anointed do them no harm it is finished there's no debate about what he's going to do when you touch his anointed tune in and download the segment for those you know that their heart has been broken or their heart has been hardened because they lean on their own understanding and not have really accepted Jesus as your lord and savior and have not really accepted in their heart totally that they wanted to live for Jesus and die in their flesh

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    Rozy Press and Voices4Justice Episode 12

    in Politics Progressive

    My Regular Guests: Dr. Richard Fine-Judicial/Election Integrity, Carl Petersen-Change the LAUSD, Fran Astin and you, the audience, with your calls!

    Special guests have included: Clint Feddersen, Steve Klein, Gary Aminoff, Steve Frank, Linda Paine, Michael Greer, Dorothy Pinkney, James Frantz, Lenny Isenberg, Marcina Cole, Polly Hughes and more incredible guests!

    This is our episode no. 12, which is also available at https://fccdl.in/iwgCloQeM as reference no. 41. Hear the broadcast at any time here at Blogtalkradio's "Human Rights Demand" channel or by calling (605)562-0029, Code 992212650#.

    We tape on Thursday nights at FreeConferenceCall.com at (605)562-0020, code 992212650#. Please join our live tapings with your questions and comments. We discuss everything from Rev. Edward Pinkney, Politics/Candidates, Injured Workers. LAUSD, Benghazi, Porter Ranch Gas Leak, Flint, MI Lead in the Water, Corruption/Death in the schools, courts, government, etc. Please join us! 

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