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    Welfare and or Food Stamps

    in Christianity

    Welfare and or Food Stamps where do we go from here. Are things getting better or worst? What should we do to assist the poor or those we believe in need.

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    Food Stamps

    in Christianity

    Food Stamps Government help.and working.Do you believer God has open a door for people to get Food Stamps or should people work to eat. 1039 1964 then 1970's to 2013

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    Are Food Stamps Fueling The Economy?

    in Lifestyle

    1 in 5 Americans are currently receiving food stamps (which has been relabeled SNAP Benefits).
    With so many people in the welfare line, how can our stock markets be hitting record highs again?
    Something is strange about this economic recovery.  Let's discuss the signs of another bubble and collapse, the new face of "poverty", and how publicly traded corporations are capitalizing on this trend.  

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    food Stamps and healthy regulations

    in Politics

    Food Stamps and healthy regulations

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    Scandal in the NBA; Should people be forced to take a drug test for food stamps

    in Entertainment

    With the controversy surrounding the comments made by L.A. Clippers owner David Sterling, what do you think the consequences should be? Also we will be discussing the food stamps situation!

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    Stephane Speaks will discuss food stamps or EBT as it is called now and the stigma associated with them. I will discuss how people react when standing in line behind someone using this type of payment, how the person is treated when applying for this benefit, and the cruel comments that are made about people who receive them. Hopefully we can dispell some myths and change our thinking towards this because guess what those who are on them have to eat too so what are they are suppose to do? Food pantries are limited in my area and their are few options if you can't afford to feed your family!

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    Cutting Food Stamps cuts jobs, 5% took $ 52 million per year from Philly

    in Politics

    A 5% cut in food stamps on Nov 1, 2013 will take $52 million out of Philadelphia's economy each year thereafter. In Philadelphia 1 out of 3 residents receive food stamps.

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    Food Stamps for Work; Prostitution Legalization; Keystone XL

    in News

    Chapter 1: Farm Bill and Food Stamps
    Another fight concerning the Farm Bill has erupted over reapplying more stringent work standards for those receiving food stamps. In particular, those designated able-bodied and work capable individuals between the ages of 16 and 59 are expected to either work or perform some kind of job training while they receive assistance. Those requirements have been largely relaxed since the beginning of the recession, but now some legislators want to bring them back calling it a fair deal for those who receive assistance for a longer period of time. However, critics of the suggestion note that, despite the improvement of the economy overall, the unemployment rate has not significant decreased and many who rely on the assistance still lack jobs.  We talk to Rachel Van Dongen , Congressional Editor for POLITICO.
    Chapter 2:  Supreme Court to Consider Whether Government Can Withhold Funding from Anti-HIV Organizations that Promote Legalizing Prostitution
    The United States Supreme Court today heard the case of USAID v. Alliance for an Open Society, in which they are being asked to decide whether the federal government can refuse funding to non-profits that promote strategies they disagree with. In 2003 Congress passed the United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act which included language that would rescind funding from organizations that promote the legalization of prostitution as a way of curbing HIV-infections. Such organizations filed suit claim this is essentially censorship, a ban of their right to free speech. We talk to Megan Brown, a Partner at Wiley Rein who wrote a brief on behalf of the Rutherford Institute.
    Chapter 3: Update on the Keystone XL Pipeline
    We talk to Joe Duggan, Reporter with Omaha World-Herald 

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    The Detectors Hosted NO FOOD STAMPS

    in Radio

    Tonight we  will discuss the growing crisis in America's Black Community as we are seeing the shutdown of cities like Detroit Michigan and in Ilinois with growing Latino Mexico Populations allowed to work under the past few adminstration polities we are seeing fewer and fewer Blacks haiving access to jobs. Even from within the civil rights communites we have no one as in the 60's fighting for rights it seems that these urban communities are now being forced into the drug sale industry, because there seemingly has been no commitment to these communities by President Obama whose concerns have been in worldwide government efforts. The problem now the solution is more lae enforcement  to be used against blacks as they are falling behind in education jobs and money. Whats worse there is no unity within the Black Community because of racism within and also the issue that it seems that the people themselves as in denial of the very issues which is  causing it to fall apart,    So in your opinion how did having a black president help the Black Community other than within using the word hei s black please call in and lets talk about it 1*718*508*9513
    Food Stamps not working in many states Saturday what will happen if they are no more on the 17th of Oct is this a check point for the future coming in the US?
    Lack of investigation is GA death of a black youth

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    Cutting food stamps cuts jobs, 5% took $52 mill per year from philly

    in Politics

    A 5% cut in food stamps on Nov 1 2013 will take $52 million out of Philadlphia's economy each year.  In Philadelphia 1 out of 3 residents receive food stamps.  Food stamps account for 25 to 35% of sales for grocers in Philadelphia's low income neighborhoods according to the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association. 

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    The Mismanagement of Food Stamps

    in Entertainment

    Classic Soul Friday on Blackonomics / Blackology.  Topic, the mismanagement of Food Stamps!  Tune in to blogtalkradio or Bloackonomics Radio - 8x10designs.com/community Call in via Skype-thedawl or 347-202-0773

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