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    PSL To Flushing Podcast Episode 1

    in Baseball

    The launching episode of The PSL To Flushing Podcast with hosts Joe DeMayo and Ben Yoel. 

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    Flushing Twp. Sound-Off!!!

    in Politics

    Join Jean Shingledecker tonight as she discusses the Twp. meeting.  Call in or join the chat room.  

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    Township Sound-OFF

    in Politics

    Join host Jean Shingledecker tonight for a re-cap of the Flushing Twp. Board meeting.  We have a live chat room from BTR, or call-in (347-324-3752) 

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    Ep. 124 - An Fun, Strange and New Spring Feeling for the 2016 Mets

    in Sports

    The Rising Apple Report returns for the 124th episode at 9pmET! Sam Maxwell hosts, with staff writers Rich Sparago and Mike Lecolant, as well as Faith and Fear in Flushing's Greg Prince as we continue to countdown to Pitchers and Catchers! (We're at 15 days away...)

    It feels strange, it feels like a new sensation, but the anxiety level for this New York Mets team must be at its lowest point in years, if not the lowest point ever...The fans, the players, the coaches, the front office and ownership all seem to be on the same page...and that is ultimately a World Series victory. Even outside of the main goal generally for every team going into a baseball season, the Metsian conversation is strictly baseball related, and it is utterly fantastic. We will explore the dicotomy of all of that, and talk the roster as we head into Spring Training.

    And as always, we'll discuss the players who have worn number 24 in the history of the New York Mets, as well as a bit of New York National League History from 1924.

    So, join us at 9pmET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

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    Soul Cafe- Chocolate and Flushing Toilets; What a Time to be Enlightened!

    in Spirituality

    Suffering is for schmucks! Remember all those lives hiding in caves with out running water, electricity, clean laundry or cable TV just so we could find ourselves. Well thank God/Spirit/Our Aspects that those times are over!

    Join me and Jann Morgan for our annual laugh at all things spiritual and of course ourselves. Today we take time to give thanks for choosing enlightenment in the comforts of the modern age. Now our caves have flushing toilets, a chocolate stash, pizza delivered to the door and Game of Thrones.... and we can share every detail on Facebook!

    What a time to be alive! What a time to be enlightened! What awesomely delicious and dramatic distractions we have created to make the journey so much more rewarding than the simple silence and solitude of being alone with soul!

    *Kuthumi will return for our next show- June 20th.*




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    2016 is an extraordinary time: A global scale of awakening!

    in Spirituality

    The Dimensions of Light that have been waiting patiently for eons of time are now activating their energy codes! They are being dispensed in specific cycles, which are ensuring that those who hold the "truth codes" in their heart remember their journey, their role of service, and reunite rising as the powerful tidal waves of change washing across our planet, flushing out every single part of darkness, every shadow, every dungeon, every dark place harboring disease, evil, and negativity. Nothing can every hide from the Light ever again as a result of what is happening right now! 

    There are four years left before the gargantuan shift occurs, before the final blueprint of the Golden Age settles, which is when the Piscean Age closes and the full essence of the Aquarian Age is activated; this happens in December 2020.

    We're being asked to lay down our weapons of mass distraction and to cease fire upon our own self, our life, and all of those who have challenged us in this and past lifetimes.

    This is our year of completely deconstructing every false grid; every false belief, idea, and thought, every false attitude and addiction that keeps one believing that they are less than lovable, less than magnificent!

    Join me, Michelle Manders, with my co-host, Faith Parent Hendrickson, as we discuss the importance of being attuned to our Higher Self. If you can't join us live, please email your questions or thoughts to Faith at Faith@FaithParent.net. We hope you enjoy our broadast!

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    The 2015 Wrap-up Edition of the Rising Apple Report!

    in Sports

    As 2016 veers in, The Rising Apple Report waves goodbye to an exciting (albeit ultimately disappointing) 2015 New York Mets season! 

    Sam Maxwell, Rich Sparago and Mike Lecolant get together on the eve of the eve of the eve to discuss their favorite moments from this past season, some underappreciated times less talked about, and their thoughts on where the Mets are going from here.

    So, make sure you join us at 8pm ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

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    Royal Flushing with Amazin' Mets Aces: World Series & WWE Hell in a Cell Preview

    in Sports

    MLB News, NBA News, New York Knicks, NFL News, New York Jets, New York Giants, WWE Hell in a Cell, WWE News and Rumors, Monday Night Raw Preview and Recap, WWE World Heavyweight Seth Rollins, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Dudley Boyz , WWE Tag Team Champions New Day, New York Mets, LA Dodgers, Jacob deGrom,  Noah Syndergaard,  Steven Matz, Yoenis Cespedes, Matt Harvey, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals... Plus Much, Much, More on the Brand-New Episode of Sports Urban Legend Starring William Rameau and trusty sidekick Maccorley Mathieu...Exclusively on BlogTalkRadio!!!!

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    Rising Apple Report: 2015 Winter Meetings Report Number 1

    in Sports

    The 2015 Winter Meetings are upon us. Coming off of their fun and improbable run to the championship of the National League, the Mets have several decisions to make that will impact the look of the 2016 team. How will they replace Yoenis Cespedes and Daniel Murphy? Is Ben Zobrist the answer? Is it wise to put everything else on hold, pending Zobrist's decision on where he will play next year?

    How will the Mets handle center field? Is Denard Span the answer as the left-hand hitting part of a platoon with Juan Lagares? Should the Mets target a non-platoon option, such as Dexter Fowler? And then there's the bullpen. Having lost out on Darren O'Day and Joakim Soria, who is the current target? Jerry Blevins? Tony Sipp?

    There are so many more decisions to make, with whether or not to bring Bartolo Colon back among them. So, let's try to sort it all out. Please join me, Rich Sparago, as I host the Rising Apple report tonight, December 7th, at 9 pm. I'll be joined by Sam Maxwell, Danny Abriano, and possibly Mike Lecolant. Greg Price from Faith and Fear in Flushing will be our guest, and we may even have another surprise or two.

    You can access the show by the link below. Or you can give us a call at 646-929-0337.

    We look forward to talking Mets Hot Stove Baseball with you!


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    The Town-Ship Sound-Off

    in Politics

    Join Jean Shingledecker, from Flushing Towndhip,  If you have too work or just can't make the time too go to your township meeting, no worry Jean will tell you the good the bad and ugly that goes on at these meeting.  You can call or even e-mail Jean at faxer1st@aol.com Join her at 9p.m.

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    Township Sound-Off

    in Politics

    Join Jean Shingledecker, tonight as she recaps the Flushing Township counsel meeting.  If you are from Flushing you do not want too miss this show.  

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