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    Study Questions Fish oil Brain Claims

    in Health

    The article questions brain benefits of fish oil. The author Dr. Jennifer G. Robinson from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, senior author of the new report goes so far as to say...
    "There's nothing really convincing, (in) one direction or the other," she said.   Tune in to find out the TRUTH.  The link to the article is below:   http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/Health-News/fish-oil-omega-3-brain/2013/09/25/id/527702#ixzz2g1ItUaTy  

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    Fish Oil

    in Caregiving

    Every week we discuss the latest in wellness science, and how this effects your health. The keys to wellness are related toxicity and deficiency. Optimal health can only be achieved by eating well, moving well, and thinking well. This week the doctors will discuss the health benefits of fish oil. Did you know there are over 2000 clinical studies showing the effectiveness of this substance. Learn how taking fish oil can improve your health

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    Do you need fish oil?

    in Health

    The industry behind the consumption of fish and fish oil is quite strong. They have quite alot of resources behind studies that show that that fish oil will benefit you in some way. Yes, when you think about it, does it really make sense to introduce another source of fat into your diet? And when you strip a component away from a traditionally eaten food, doesn't that make it act more like a drug? We also speak with Susan Powers, who is a bit of a renaissance woman and is truly inspiring! She runs the website Rawmazing, visually beautiful and gastronomically practical with great recipes! Susan is also a talented photographer and we will talk about how each of her businesses came to be. 

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    Episode #2 Alcohol, Gluten, and Fish Oil

    in Fitness

    We answer your questions....  How bad is alcohol for me and why? I've heard a lot about gluten but honestly have no idea what it is, Good Fats vs Bad Fats...  Will fish oil make me skinny??  

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    Your Daily Dose with Dr. Len TRUST ME I'M A DOCTOR..TAKE THE FISH OIL!!

    in Nutrition

    Tune in at noon to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of http://thenutritionshoppe.net discuss today's hottest health topics and new from a complimentary perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len can offer honest advice that makes sense. 

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over 35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and happy. 

    Call in today to ask about your most pressing health concerns!  REALLY?? DOES IT TAKE A DOC TO CONVINCE YOU??

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    #139: Dr. Oz, fish oil, nose blowing, what’s missing from my Paleo diet

    in Health

    1.  Liz’s updates [4:00]
    2.  Diane’s updates [9:37]
    3.  “gluten-free” doesn’t always mean healthy [17:04]
    4.  Dr. Oz and saturated fats [28:32]
    5.  Mucus, mucus, everywhere [33:37]
    6. How can I get good nutrients in if I avoid superfoods? [40:56]
    7. How to transition from a low-fat to a higher-fat diet? [48:02]
    8. The difference between fish oil and cod liver oil, and what tests to get at the doctor [53:57]

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    Fish Keeper's Unite: Aqua Alex and Slashmaster1989 Jeff

    in Pets

    On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex will be doing his 3rd episode of Fish Keeper's United. Our first 2 episodes in this series were awesome! We had 2 awesome guests. Tony Gai and Brandon King were our first 2 awesome guests. Now for our 3rd guest, we have found someone who is a very loyal fan of the Aquatic Wetline! Today's guest is going to be Slashmaster1989, aka Oscar Jeff.

    Aqua Alex and Jeff will ask each other questions and answer them! The questions will of course be aquarium related. Plus we will have an awesome fish discussion!





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    Fish Bait Radio "LIVE" with guest Bill Pool

    in Sports

    Tuesday night, join us live@7 p.m.eastern ,
    Our guest will be Fish Bait Radio teammate and angler Mr. Bill Pool,  Bill will share some tips and techniques for fishing some of his home waters in Georgia. Great guy, fun to chat with.

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    Top 10 Reasons to Be in Fish Hobby

    in Pets

    On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and Wednesday Co-host Slashmaster1989 Jeff will be discussing the top 10 reasons why you should be in the fish hobby. The fish hobby is a fun relaxing and enjoyable hobby that people can enjoy. Find out why we reccomend you join the hobby. Plus, Aqua Alex and Jeff will discuss the 5 reasons you should listen to the Aquatic Wetline which is the original fish keeping podcast here on Blogtalkradio that started it all, no matter what anyone says! 





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    Oil prices and Russia, US-Cuba issues PLUS Battle of the Bulge 1944

    in Politics

    Jim Yardley joins me for a chat about oil prices and the world economy, from our gas pumps to Russia to Venezuela.....

    Check out our new sponsor:   AUDIBLE.COM  (www.audibletrial.com/cantotalk.)

    Looking for a good book?  Check out my book: 


  • Exercise in Consciousness with Jen Briese ~ December & Falling Away

    in Spirituality

    As you've navigated through most of the month of December today's show is going to talk about what the energy of now & what Falling Away means for you!  We will also go into an energy balancing/meditation/ or other process that we are divinely guided into.  The essential oil guidance and divinely guided group message will also be discussed as well.  Thank you for tuning in and I wish you all a fabulous holiday season.  Blessings for a bountiful joyous new year!  

    For more information on Jen Briese~ catch her on FB on her business page Happy Peace Reiki posting daily guidance.  For any energy balancing or other services ~ you can get more information on how to connect with Jen on her website www.happypeacereiki.com .   From now until January 1st ~ Jen is running a 30 minute energy session via Reiki for just $30.  

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