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  • 03:01

    Quagmire America Radio: Reasoning With Maniacs 101

    in Politics Conservative

    Be sure to tune into night at 10:00pm EST for Quagmire America Radio, our topic; reasoning with Twitter Maniacs, the things you should know. What to do and what not to do.

    When you have a full on social media nutcase following you well, we are going to let you know the best way to handle these fruit loops. It is sure to be a fun show, with some light hearted banter thrown in the mix.

    “I want my legacy to be that they know that they screwed with the wrong guy.” ? Andrew Breitbart

    Please follow me, Jason Wade Taylor on Twitter and be sure to check out my website Quagmire America.

    Call in and speak with the host (347)989-1665

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    The Power & Reach Of #HahnNation

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join the one and only Jason Wade Taylor aka Randy Hahn For an action packed Wednesday night show, in the words of JWT “I have had enough of these liars and fools continuing to spread evil with their HATE filled rants.”

    We ask for your support, and prayers that these anonymous (for the most part) merciless, deceitful and flat out dishonorable people be called out for who, and what they are; lonely losers getting their jolly’s attacking innocent men, women and children.

    Enough is enough, “I can’t do this alone” JWT is right, we must stand not only with him; but speak out on these venomous individuals that revel in the pain they have and do cause many good Conservatives on social media.

    Quagmire America

    Join us LIVE @ 10:00pm EST 

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that
    something else is more important than fear.” 
    ? Ambrose Redmoon


  • 03:21

    Wrecking Crew 2.0 Part III: The End Game

    in Politics Conservative


    What in the world is going on in the political realm of Conservative social media? I have witnessed more red on red attacks than I have ever seen.

    This, or at least most of this, is being brought on from a handful of some colorful characters, which hide behind anonymous accounts on Twitter seemingly attacking Conservatives twenty four seven; non-stop. When one account goes to sleep the other two wake up; now it’s their turn to take over where the first left off. The seven day a week hammering that is directed at like-minded Conservatives, both men and women; but women seem to get a bigger share of the aggregative harassment coming from these attack accounts. 

    Who are these people? Well, for the most part your guess is as good as mine; on the other hand I have a different theory of what is really happening here. Let me be crystal clear about something, there are prominent social media Conservatives that have befriended these people in the hope of saving their own ass from getting the attack wagon sent to them. Let me give you a list of all that seemed to be part of this red on red attack group.

    _AmansPatriae - CaliAzona 

  • 01:30

    PolitiBunny On The Attack

    in Politics Conservative

    After a week off with Mr. Bunny and the mini foo's, Bunny is back with a very special show. Well, all shows are special for the Bunny but this one is super extra special because I'm covering a variety of topics including the "Equal Pay" for we poor, victimized-by-the-evil-rich-man women media push from Obama to the very real issue of mental illness. 

    My special guest FireC0re, aka Becca, will join me to tell her story and what she's doing to support and help those around her. Mental illness is becoming more and more prevalent with the struggling economy and vets coming home from the Middle East, this topic is more than timely.

    Add in traditional bunny goodness like the dbags of the week and you're in for a real treat. :) 'Talk' to you then!