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    The Politics of Filmmaking: The Plight of the Filmmaker

    in Movies

    The art of filmmaking is to tell a story through film.  Films influence culture and societies.  How are stories developed?  What are the challenges of raising capital through such vehicles as Kickstarter compared to traditional means?  Has the power of the internet made it easier to market and distribute? 
    Guests:  Ryan Walker, New York & Regina Griffin, DC

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    Muhammad on Film interviewing Writer/Director Tony Clomax

    in Entertainment

    Will be discussing his latest film Broken Angels and his up coming projects and the stated of Indie Filmmaking.

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    Success With Creative Talents from Animation to Filmmaking Live Event

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori Wilk, Executive Producer at BYL Network on the Money Channel  welcomes students and faculty from the DMAC -Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton to share their creative talents . We'll be talking to students and checking out their portfolios to learn more about what types of jobs they are seeking as they graduate from the Digital Media Arts College located in Boca Raton, Florida. Aylin Tito of the DMAC will share with our audience details about this school which stays open 24/7 making it possible for students to attend school to learn and gain experience when many others are sleeping. The state of the art equipment and technology available for students at this college will be discussed and you'll get to hear from some of the students about what's in their future. Join the live call-in show 347.237.5638 .You can watch programming on BYL Network 24/7  http://www.BYLNetwork.com Check out Lori's social media presence and Follow on Twitter@Successipes. Connect with Lori Wilk, a LinkedIn Open Networker, Facebook.com/LoriWilkPresents.  

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    Conversations 50: Matthew Cherry

    in Film

    On the latest episode of the Conversations, we sit down with writer/director Matthew Cherry (The Last Fall) to discuss how he is sharing his knowledge of independent filmmaking through social media and how these platforms are constantly changing the game.

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    Documentary Filmmaking with Michele

    in Film

    Host Lori Wilk welcomes Michele, a documentary filmmaking of the most recent film called "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?" and she shares with our listeners about her latest film and her process of fillmmaking. http://www.filmat11.com Also joining us is Line Producer, philanthropist, and fundraising specialist Jennie Walker.

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    Good evening all you devoted, Indie filmmaker, Indie artist

    in Film

    Good evening all you devoted, Indie filmmaker, Indie artist 

    Welcome to hump day and the craziest rollercoaster ride that you will ever encounter on blogtalk

    It's Wednesday, and thank you for joining us, Christopher Nation and my wonderful and beautiful co-host Rebecca Mae Spaulding, as we help your week fly by!!! We'll be talking about the latest trending news stories what's going on in the Indie world. If there is something on your mind, or you would like to touch on something that the Rebecca and I might have talked about, you are invited to come into the studio, and join us; the number is (646) 716-5735

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    Filmmaker Amir Jaffer Discusses His Art

    in Movies

    Nicholas Snow welcomes writer, director, cinematographer and editor Amir Jaffer with producer Liz Grillo of the short film Mi Vida En El Baile / My Life in Dance.  The synopsis: At ninety Miguel Santos continues to share his love of Flamenco on stage and in workshops in San Francisco. In this short biopic, Miguel traces his artistic journey and shares events of his life that took him across the United States and to Spain, where he learned from the legends of Flamenco.  

    Amir began "exploring the world of filmmaking with his father’s video camera at the age of thirteen. He realized his childhood dream when he began working as an Independent Producer in San Francisco in 2005.  His earlier work focused more on content and subject matter than on a particular visual style. Influenced by filmmakers Rainer Ferner Fasbinder, Pedro Almodovar and Deepa Mehta, Amir focused on social issues that intrigued him and which ranged from gender identity to domestic violence to sexuality."

    Visit NicholasSnow.TV for videos, and NicholasSnow.com for everything else!  This episode's main sponsors are Desert AIDS Project and Lulu California Bistro.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: With action film producer, Art Camacho

    in Sports

    Film Producer Art Camacho is our special guest on the Dynamic Dojo Show, 9/20/2015, 11:00 am Pacific Time!

    Art Camacho began his film career as an actor, appearing in various action films and television programs. He then went on to producer and direct commercials prior to making films. His background in martial arts and fighting helped him make the transition to Fight choreography in martial arts action films. With over 35 action films under his belt as a fight choreographer he was dubbed "The Fight Master" by the leading martial arts publications. Camacho then became a successful feature film director/Producer. In most of his action films Camacho also choreographed the action. His latest film is "The Chemist" released in September 2015.

    He began his martial arts training in Karate but gravitated towards kung ku. On his way to getting his black belt under kung ku great Eric Lee, he trained in various other methods of martial arts including Kung Fu San Soo, Jeet Kune Do and he was also an amateur boxer.

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    Happy 40 years of filmmaking, Georgia!

    in Writing

    2013 marks 40 years of filmmaking, starting with the formation of The Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office in 1973, by Gov. Jimmy Carter.  The office is a division under the Department of Economic Development.  Various venues around Georgia will host screenings and festivals.  Get a chance to see "Zombieland", part of which was filmed not too far from me, here in Paulding County.  The Coca-Cola Festival and the Peachtree Village International Festival will also host events. 
    For more information:
    Like gafmde
    The Fox Theatre
    Peachtree Village Int'l Film Festival
    Dragon Con
    Amari will discuss Cartoon Hangover.  Come join us, Saturday, August 10 at 1:00 pm.  Hope to see you then.

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    I Have Been Everywhere, Man - with James Gelet

    in Film

    Co Host: Monica Valdes of DocMiami.org

    The past year and half, James Gelet has been traveling solo across the United States, telecommuting for work, living in hotels, and snapping photos at film and TV set locations as he goes.

    Tune in to hear more about his adventures and travels to famous film and tv sites.

  • Psychotics and Saints Radio Show - Look at All These Rumors

    in Entertainment


    Big news from Baltimore! The family of Freddie Gray reaches an almost 7-million dollar settlement with the city after both a local and national outcry for justice. The 6 officers indicted in Gray’s tragic death are still set to face trial. 


    #BlackLivesMatter has recently came under attack by conservatives calling it a "hate group". Thankfully Black thought leaders Dr. Cornell West and Marc Lamont Hill set the record straight. #BlackPanthersbelike: this feels familiar. 


    Filmmaking God and Fearless Black Woman Ava DuVernay’s film company relaunches creating new opportunities for diverse filmmaking. Guess its it’s time to get your Spike Lee on beloved. 


    The often replicated, never duplicated Grace Jones came for the children this week when an excerpt from her memoir was released READING the pop culture scene.


    Diaspora chats are always hard, but there is so much to say about cultural appropriation within our community. Blavity writer Orit provides an alternative point of view.


    Historically Black University, Howard University students and alumni demanded improvements to the school. #TakeBackHU continues the conversation though.


    Your third favorite tennis god (after Serena + Venus) James Taylor reports being tackled by police. Because as we know even Black Excellence faces state violence. 


    Charleston Massacre Shooter Dylann Roof will face the death penalty according to the South Carolina prosecution team. 


    A recent survey revealed that race relations are “worse” than ten years ago. S


    Hairline Magician Lebron James is holding it down for his hometown.

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