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    FICO Re-calibrates Its Credit Scores, What Does that Mean for You?

    in Finance

    Fair Isaac Corp. recently announced that it will stop including in FICO credit-score calculations any record of a consumer failing to pay a bill if the bill has been paid or settled with a collection agency, and it will give less weight to unpaid medical bills that are with a collection agency. On today’s episode of Your Money, Your Matters, we will talk about what these changes mean to you.

    We’ll also discuss what goes into a credit report, what types of behaviors influences your credit score, and what measures you can take to improve your credit score. And we will explore responsible use of credit, how to pay down debt, and build wealth.

    Your Money. Your Matters is a weekly show broadcasting every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon Central Time. The program features radio personalities Linda Webb-Mañon and Rick Grady, Cornerstone Credit Union League; Courtney Moran, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, and Todd Mark, Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

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    CreditHavins | Social Media Interaction for ROI

    in Business

    In this episode I am going to go through and explain how I handle my social media marketing and through interaction be able to generate a ROI or return on investment. It is important, no matter what your industry, that you take the time to educate your clients and potential clients. This will be a great podcast if you are looking for that extra push going into the new year!

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    CreditHavins | Financial Planning & The 3 Buckets

    in Business

    In this episode I will be discussing, with special guest Andy Noble, proper financial planning and how the 3 buckets work. Income, assets, and insurance. Everyone can benefit from this type of knowledge. If you are wanting to understand how to properly plan for your future, this is the episode you will not want to miss. Insurance is something that is easily over looked or under explained. Many people are under insured, and this is due to not understanding the proper uses of insurance for your future and protection.

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    CreditHavins | What is Credilife?

    in Business

    The credit repair industry is growing but what is the most consistent message you see from these companies? Well without you even realizing it, they are promoting dispute services. Disputing potentially inaccurate or no longer valid information being reported by the major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian or TransUnion. Now this part of the credit repair path is important but there are so many people who still fail to hit their goals. Why is that? It is because they lack the education on what they need to be doing proactively to improve their FICO credit scores based on the FICO algorithm while also positioning their credit profile in the right light to achieve their credit related goals. This includes money management, student loan consolidation or refinancing, lowering interest rates, paying down specific revolving accounts, etc. THIS is why we believe in providing education to approach your credit improvement process holistically. We need to encompass all aspects of your current situation, what needs to be done to improve it, and ultimately hit your goal. Credilife is about improving your life through credit & financial freedom! Through informed decisions! Coaching! 

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    "Credit Reporting & the Home Buying Process" - Donna M. Stallings

    in Lifestyle

    Donna Stallings serves as the Housing Program Manager for Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation (SCDHC)..In her role at SCDHC, she is responsible for administration of the Housing Program, as well as facilitating Financial Literacy and Homebuyer Education classes, providing one-on-one credit/budget counceling, and pre-and post-purchase homeownership counceling. She also oversees the Virginia Individual Development Account (VIDA) Matched Savings Program for the Dept. of Housing and Community Development. .

    Don't miss this very informative broadcast.    

    Listen online, or call in at (347) 324-5727


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    CreditHavins | When you think Credit..... Think Prosper!

    in Business

    In this episode I am going into detail as to why anyone in the financial services, real estate, or mortgage industry would refer their clients to Prosper Law Group. Prosper Law Group has multiple divisions. Bankruptcy, business litigation, foreclosure avoidance, debt negotiation, credit improvement, student loan relief, and small business credit building & funding, while also offering help with money management. In this episode I will discuss our two divisions. Personal Credit Improvement through our Credilife Improvement Program and our Real Student Loan Help division. If you have a client who is in need of help to either improve their financial and credit position for lending opportunities, a client who has excessive student loan payments, or a client who is in a hardship due to student loan default and is being garnished. These are all clients who may be qualified but need help or proper guidance to get back on track. That is why you would refer a client to Prosper Law Group. Allow us to help your clients improve their position so they are able to come back to you, or the referrer, so you can help them with the original reason why they connected with you. Whether that be a mortgage loan, real estate purchase, or financial services.

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    FICO Credit Scores

    in Education

    In this episode we're going to break down the FICO credit scoring model to help give you an understanding on how you score is calculated.

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    Talking Bankruptcy and Your FICO Score with Imrul Hassan

    in Finance

    Dear Listeners,
    We will speak again with Imrul Hassan, a Senior Credit Specialist with Credit Servicez, in New York City.
    Today we discuss your FICO Score - this time honing in on bankruptcies, charge offs and other issues regarding the payment to creditors and the expediency with which accounts show "paid as agreed" on your reports and their impacts.
    The big question is "Can I buy a home with not so great credit and a bankruptcy ?"  Hopefully today's show can give us some insight into this question.
    Please call us or chat with us with your questions LIVE at 11:00 AM.  
    Follow my shows so you are alerted to upcoming topics that may interest you !!
    Bob Skinner

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    CreditHavins | Small Business Credit & Funding

    in Business

    What is one of the biggest problem for most small business owners? The ability to fund their company in order to grow and pull the trigger on opportunities that present themselves for marketing, additional employees, etc. In this episode I will be discussing in detail how to properly build business credit while also positioning yourself for business funding. Keep in mind there are a lot of different avenues for business funding and it is essential to understand how these approval requirements differ between different types of business loans.

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network November 24, 2015

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA and Chief Randy Bruegman of Anaheim CA discuss: current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA on ESPN and NBC Talk Radio

    Ron and Chief Randy Bruegman Discuss: Are there really less than 1% of Fire Departments that are Accredited; Station Relocation; New Equipment; El Nino Preparations; Wear Your Helmet Like a Pro; Free Home Inspections in Anaheim; Millenials, What FICO Score is Needed to Buy a Home; How Reverse Mortgage Lenders Can Forge Relationships with Financial Planners; 3 Perks to Ask for Instead of a Pay Raise; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; and so much more

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender with VIP Mortgage, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at               

    ·       800.306.1990 

    ·       Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       Award Winning www.SiegelLendingTeam.com at VIP Mortgage

    ·       www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio

    ·       Comp Home Valuation: Text “PEAR” to “79564”

    ·       Comp Area Trusted Prof: Text “ATP” to “79564”

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    Nov 30 ~ Charlotte View en Español: Carta Astral. Tu Propósito, Misión y Karma

    in Science

    Charlotte View en Español se complace en presentar a Gabriela Quintero Escalante e Ileana Castelazo Sala con el tema: Carta Astral. Tu Propósito, Misión y Karma desde el punto de vista de la Cosmobiologia. 

    Gaby Quintero es Terapeuta, Cosmobiologa, Conferencista, Instructora, Facilitadora en Balances PSYCH-K. Su especialidad es guiar a las personas en base a su potencialidad utilizando herramientas como la carta astral y balances de PSYCH-K. Imparte cursos en Diplomados de Cosmobiologia, Talleres de Conciencia Emocional, Kábbalah, SupraConciencia, Conocimiento Superior,  Meditación y Ciencias Antiguas.

    Ileana Castelazo tiene mas de 20 años de experiencia empresarial en mejora de procesos, manejo de proyectos y auditoria interna. Su propio camino de identidad la lleva al estudio de la Cosmobiologia, Conciencia Emocional y Kábbalah. El estudio de las Cartas Astrales se ha vuelto una pasion personal que la ha llevado a hacer ésta una de sus herramientas para ayudar a clientes a lograr vidas plenas en armonia con su propósito y misión. 

    LA CARTA ASTRAL es el mapa de nuestra ALMA, nos muestra el camino que nuestro SER INTERIOR se ha propuesto realizar.

    La Carta Astral nos da una guía para cumplir nuestro propósito de vida, alcanzar nuestras metas y realizarnos como individuos. Tu proyecto de vida es único, individual y específico. La Carta Astral nos describe la forma de alcanzarlo y encontrar respuestas a:

    1. QUIEN SOY: cualidades, potencial, abundancia, talentos, habilidades, metas, etc.

    2. KARMAS: cuales son y que hacer con ellos. 

    3. MISIÓN: El compromiso adquirido 


    E-mail Gaby: gabysirius@gmail.com   E-mail Ileana: ileanacastelazo@gmail.com