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    Fashion Moves

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    The Fashion Portal to provide a meeting place between Fashion / Garment and Textile Industries and the clothing desires of People with disabilities.

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    Let's Talk Hair Extensions, Women & Fashion! We are Material Girls!

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    Material Girl Hair Radio is a Professional Radio stations and we speak on the about the deep relationship between Hair, Women & Fashion. We are open with a Judge Free Zone! REAL conversation with REAL women!

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    Let's Talk Hair Extensions, Women & Fashion! We are Material Girls!

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    Material Girl Hair Radio is a Professional Radio stations and we speak on the about the deep relationship between Hair, Women & Fashion. We are open with a Judge Free Zone! REAL conversation with REAL women!

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    [FASHION HOUSE] - - "The Introduction"

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    Its time everyone. [FASHION HOUSE]  is now presenting their very first LIVE session for all to listen in. Feel free to call, and be sure to show support as listeners. You can also e-mail us to tell us what you thought about each episode at fashionh_101@yahoo.com.

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    Fashion Moves Introduction

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    Stop by and visit some of the groups introduced in today’s show. You can find them at:
    Amateur CatWalk www.amateurcatwalk.com

    Models of Diversity www.modelsofdiversity.org

    Sunshine King www.sunshineprojecthelp.com

    Ms Wheelchair America www.mswheelchairamerica.org

    Industrial Fabric Association International www.ifai.com

    Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) www.sath.org

    International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers IGODAP www.igodap.org

    Career Opportunities for Students with disabilities (COSD) www.cosdonline.org

    Over the years the Fashion Industry has successfully recognized the design needs of the Big / Tall and the Maternity customers. These well developed niche markets now account for Billions of dollars of sales each year. The Fashion needs of one group that is yet to be addressed is that of People with disabilities. As I write this, disabled Athletes from all around the Commonwealth have just finished competing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In 2012 the Paralympics will be held in London. Most of these world class athletes have a 'day job' as well and need clothing that addresses the use of prosthetics or wheelchairs ; single hand function and a wide range of other issues.

    Where do these athletes and others with disabilities find clothing designed for Fashion and to meet their needs? This is the goal of Fashion Moves. We will convene a conversation between Designers, Paralympic and Amateur Athletes, Business professionals, parents and kids. Through our Internet Radio programme we will provide design ideas and reveal the lifestyles of many active People with disabilities. Garment, Fashion and Textile Industry news and tidbits will lead at the top of the show.

    Drop in and have a listen. Let us know your thoughts about Fashion Moves and tell us about people you think we should interview.

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    Ladies and Gents grab your noebooks and get ready for some knowledge. Today is all about fashion and how to go about it correctly. There are some dos and don'ts to fashion believe it or not people lol! Call in and weigh in on your opionion!! 323-870-3392

  • It's About fashion talk show

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    International Fashion Style Academy

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    CEO and Founder  
    Sonya Barnes, CEO and Founder of Harris & Barnes Image Consultants is an innovative leader with nearly a decade in the image, style and fashion industry. Recently, Harris & Barnes has launched its training division, the International Fashion Style Academy in Charlotte, NC.
    Trained by the world's leading Image Masters in color, style, and wardrobe development, and with a keen eye for style and her love of fashion Sonya is known as the "go-to" consultant by her peers. She is a founding member of the Atlanta Chapter of Association of Image Consultants International; AICI where she has served on executive committees including VP of Communications, VP of Programs and Chapter President. She holds the coveted position of one of Charlotte's 25 Most Stylish, 2010 by Charlotte Style Magazine.
    In 2008 she was appointed to the AICI International Board as VP of Education, overseeing the education aspects of her trade association. In addition, she received her CIP, Certified Image Professional for which less than 200 consultants are designated worldwide..................Her passion is educating and bringing her talents, passion, experience, and love of empowering students to create their destinies… becoming the world's next Style Star and Doing it "Sonya Style".

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    "F.I.Q ( Fashion Intelligence Quotient)...What's Yours?

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    Think you know fashion better then the rest? Now is the time to put you to the test. There is 10,000 Credits on the line, and its up to you and your  so-called fashion Intelligence to win.

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    The Fashion Hero Model - Do you have any questions?

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    If you never thought you could be a model because you did not meet specific criteria or did not know the right people, chances are that you are at the right place.  If deep inside of you, you truly believed the definition of beauty to be much broader than the one of the fashion industry, then you are definitely at the right place.

    The Fashion Hero’s mission is to change narrow standards of the fashion industry, by bringing people who do not fit the traditional norms of the modeling industry, to the attention of some  International Brands. Girls & guys, any shape & size, single or married, any religion, nationality & ethnicity, as long as you are between 16-40 years old and have a great personality, The Fashion Hero is looking for YOU!

    By joining The Fashion Hero and creating your profile, you get the chance to become a model of this new era and to be part of the change.  Not only can The Fashion Hero make your long time modeling dreams come true, now your friends and family can help you make them a reality as their votes will play a major role in the selection process.

    In September 2014, a total of 3200 candidates will be selected based on the number of votes received: the top 40 profiles with the most votes for each of the 80 participating countries. These Fashion Heroes want to revolutionize the fashion standards and will move a step closer to their dream by getting the chance to represent our famous brands: Mexx, Planet Beach, Tocara, Laboratoire Dr. Renaud, Charmant Group, Da Vinci Dentistry, The Grand Sirenis Hotel & Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Al Shakour, Pajar, Karv and many others to come.

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    Fashion Moves - Special Announcement, be sure to listen

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    United Nations International Day of People with disabilities.
    "Keeping the promise: Mainstreaming disability in the Millennium Development Goals towards 2015 and beyond"

    I am pleased to share with you, a major activity, organized by Fashion Moves. One of the most common 'tools' for fitting into any given group or situation is the clothing you wear. People with significant disabilities currently do not have the freedom nor the ability to choose from an extensive wardrobe regardless of how much money they may have. Why? At the moment the Fashion/Garment industry is doing very little to respond to the clothing needs and wishes of People with disabilities, their families or caregivers. Fashion Moves is working to change this.

    Launched on the 2010 International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Fashion Moves will oversee a year long Fashion Design Challenge. We will work with new and established Fashion Designers and invite them to design a garment of their choice, to provide fashionable fit for a disabling condition of their choice. At the same time Fashion Moves will start to work with groups that produce Fashion Shows as fundraisers.

    These specially designed garments will be shared amongst Fashion Shows throughout the year. Some of these designs may also be made into paper sewing patterns for global distribution. More importantly Fashion Designers will learn of a new, vibrant community to focus their design skills toward and the Adaptive Clothing Industry can truly be launched.

    Well designed and well fitting clothing is a lifestyle issue and an employment issue as well as a health issue. The ability to feel good about how you look not only affects the individual's activities and emotional health but also those of the people closest to them at home and at work.

    We are pleased to have an opportunity to work with the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

    Ruth Clark

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