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    Chris Alexander

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    A Bunch of B.S. With Brian Steward feat: Fangoria's Rebekah McKendry

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    A Bunch of B.S. With Brian Steward feat: Fangoria's Rebekah McKendry

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    Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat chats with director Rex Piano PT 5

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    Rex Piano, director, PT 5Upon graduating NYU School of the Arts , Rex worked as a 1st A.D. on dozens of commercials and films until he took a full time position at a NY Commercial Production Company. In 1985 Rex as Head of Production for O’Quinn Productions. he produced numerous videos for Fangoria Magazine. In 1987 Rex became Head of Production for Associated Television International.  Rex wrote, produced and/or directed several TV specials and numerous travel videos. Rex also co-wrote and line produced the feature film “Chill Factor,” starring Paul Williams, Patrick Macnee and Andrew Prine. Rex line produced “Severed Ties” in 1991 for Fangoria Films. In 1995 he produced the syndicated TV show “High Tide,” starring Rick Springfield. Rex became one of the series’ rotating directors. Some of the episodic shows Rex has directed  “Mike Hammer, Private Eye”, “Silk Stalkings”, “Born Free”, “Air America” and “Nightman.” In 2000 Rex produced and directed the multi-award winning romantic comedy  feature film “The Month Of August.” Rex followed that film with the highly viewed and critically acclaimed TV movie “Hope Ranch” for The Animal Planet channel. Rex then began directing TV movies that aired on PAX and Lifetime Television. Rex has directed or produced 21 movies. In 2007 Rex was the primary director on “ROME – The Rise and Fall of an Empire,” for the History Channel. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat for other great interviews, cast & crew listings, events, premieres & more at rexsikes.com Visit and subscribe to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat Blog at http://www.RexSikesMovieBeat.me for articles and more about the industry we love and work in.

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    THE DARKEST HOUR - Chris Alexander from FANGORIA

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    Chris Alexander, editor-in-chief of FANGORIA magazine, joins us to discuss his take on the horror genre, give us insight to what he feels is 'real entertainment', and talk about his Women In Horror Month editorial in the February issue and what backlash he has recieved from it.
    This is set to be quite a show so make sure you don't miss it!
    Bringing you the best show in horror, life, and everything in between, THE DARKEST HOUR podcast includes anything and everything that true horror fans and fans of dark comedy could want.
    Frequented by special celebrity guests and consistantly a fan driven show, THE DARKEST HOUR is a favorite of both industry favorites and those who love them.

    From the minds that brought you THE GASH and PODCAST FROM HELL, THE DARKEST HOUR is hosted by Dai Green, Nita Burson, and Matt Raub.

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    Activating Compassion In The Midnight Hour - Sacred Frequencies

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    Jesse interviews Victoria Vives -  Healing Arts and Spiritual Teacher, Martial Artist, and actress.  She is a Starseed focusing on her connection to Lyra in the 11th dimension to channel Sacred Frequencies and compose transcendental music.  Victoria is also a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and certified in many other styles of healing as well as being a student of Shamanism in cross-cultural and Zulu lineages.  She has worked as a professional model and progressed naturally into television – appearing on numerous shows including performances alongside Robbie Williams, Diana Ross, and The Platters.  Victoria became well known as the Glu-Glu Girl in “uno Para Todas” under the name of Anouk, and as the representative image of the film and music TV show “Nosolomusica”.  She has made appearances in Vogue, Rolling Stones, and major Spanish newspapers.  Victoria began writing and producing her own music with great success, debuting in a concert with Latin superstar Alaska (Fangoria) and 10,000 attendees.  Her success continued with a contribution to the writing of the Olympic rap; in cooperation with Latin superstar Nacho Cano (Mecano) to represent Madrid’s 2012 Olympic candidacy.  A spontaneous Kundalini awakening, brought her to her spiritual path and soon after started her healing practice at a Metaphysics Healing Charity group.  In addition she is the author of the popular audio series “The 5 Superhero Secrets”.  We will be looking at Victoria’s work in Sacred Frequnecies.  You can learn more about her work at:  www.victoriavives.com


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

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    Daren Turpinseed and the Crazy Clan

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    Join Fred and William as they welcome Daren N. Turpinseed the producer of "Confession and True Accounts of the Crazy Clan" audiobook based off the memoirs with the same name! The celebration of the launch continues be sure to join the fun!

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Actor Sal Sirchia

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    After 25+ years in the music business as a singer-songwriter, bassist, guitarist and frontman of the band, Crystal Eyes, Sal Sirchia began his acting career in 2001. His first television role was on the HBO hit drama series 'Oz' where he was known as 'Sal The Wise Guy' during seasons 4, 5 and 6. He has appeared on a VH1 promo along with being interviewed on two of their shows, 'Feedback' and 'Newlyweds and Rock N' Roll.'  Other appearances he has had have been on NBC's 'Law and Order' and 'Ed.'  Cable show appearance have included shows such as 'Life Together,' 'The Filty Rich Show,' 'New York Rocks' and 'The Realm of Never.'  His first movie role was in the independent horror film 'Nikos The Impaler.' Indpendent horror films that he has worked on as an actor as well as composed music for include 'The Tenement,' 'Sins of the Father' and had a starring role in 'Fairview Fall.' Presently, he can be seen in the independent drama 'How To Grow A Fig Tree' and the soon to be released 'Knock Knock.' If you have not seen enough of Sal, he is a regular at 'Chiller Theater' and 'Fangoria' conventions.For more information, visit www.themayorofrocknroll.com

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    Talking Terror Presents: Work Sucks (American Pyscho And Inhuman Resources)

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    Having A Case Of The "Mondays"? Join The Talking Terror Crew This Week As They Explore The Dreaded World Of The Workplace! With 2000's "American Pyscho" Starring Christian Bale, We'll Dive Into The Debauchery That Was The 1980's Corporate World! And In 2012's "Inhuman Resources", A Fangoria Feature That Will Show Just How Bad A Boss Can Be! So Come Join Us This Thursday At 9PM! And Don't Be Late Or You'll Get The Axe! Stay Scared!

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    Paranormal in Film with Fangoria's Chris Alexander

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    In the first hour, we will be joined by our good friend Chris Alexander of Fangoria Magazine to discuss the supernatural, paranormal and occult in film. Get his top ten films in this genres and more!

    In the second hour and by popular demand we will have part two of our found footage films discussions. Taking your calls and more!!

    Chris Alexander is a Canadian based, internationally published writer, filmmaker and editor-in-chief of such magazines as FANGORIA, GOREZONE and Full Moon Feature's house mag, DELIRIUM. As a filmmaker he is the writer, director and composer of the multi-award winning vampire film BLOOD FOR IRINA and its upcoming follow-up/sequel QUEEN OF BLOOD (which stars Skinny Puppy legend Nivek Ogre), due out in 2014. As a journalist he was a columnist for RUE MORGUE Magazine for 6 years before taking over as EIC of NYC based FANGORIA in 2009. He has written thousands of feature articles in various publications and periodicals, and is currently at work on his second book, THE TWILIGHT ZONE LEGACY.

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    Sal Sirchia "The Mayor of Rock and Roll"

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    Debbie Rochon 

    Indie actress who has been in 200 plus, mostly horror, films. Has been a host on 4 different radio shows from terrestrial to satellite, most recently finished a four year run on Sirius/XM hosting Fangoria Radio with Dee Snider and Tony Timpone. Has written for dozens of genre publications since 1993. Currently pens for The Phantom of the Movies' VIDEOSCOPE mag and has a column in FANGORIA mag called Diary of the Deb.

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    Whispers in the Dark - Episode 85

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    Thomas Deja has been writing professionally for almost twenty five years. Starting with a column and random horror serials in the seminal Brooklyn ‘zine Inside Joke, Thomas began placing stories in such independent magazines as After Hours and Not One of Us before becoming one of the contributing book reviewers and feature writers for Fangoria magazine, a position he kept for over fifteen years. He wrote stories featuring classic Marvel Super-heroes for such anthologies as The Ultimate Hulk and Five Decades of The X-Men. Recently, he had become known for writing stories in what he calls The Chimera Falls Universe, including tales in both editions of How The West Was Weird, and the Shadow Legion series, starting with New Roads To Hell. Along with his best friend Derrick Ferguson, Thomas co-hosts Better In The Dark, a (more or less) bi-weekly movie podcast. Thomas’ passion for film has extended to maintaining Damn Your Ears! Damn Your Eyes!, a blog where he publishes his notorious ‘10 Statements About’ kinda, sorta movie reviews. A lifelong Jets fan, he also writes and podcasts about football for Tricycleoffense.com. Thomas lives in New York City, something he hopes to rectify soon.

    People who are interested in learning more about the Chimera Falls Universe are invited to visit The Nocturne Travel Agency at http://welcometonocturne.blogspot.com/

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