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    The Boston Globe just ran a story about a little girl who, for five years, was forced by the courts to live with the father who she said was sexually abusing her.  The girl’s mother believed the child, and took her to the doctor, then to the psychologist, and everyone believed the girl. Then they got to the courts and that’s where the child’s life hit a very sad bottom.

    Even sadder:  this is happening all the time. Thousands of times. Thousands of children.

    What is going on with a court system that forces children to be exposed and at risk by those who are abusing them?

    Maralee McLean is a child advocate, protective parent, domestic violence expert, and author of PROSECUTED BUT NOT SILENCED: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children. Her work has been published in the ABA Child Law Journal, Women’s E-News and other publications on the problems of family courts not protecting abused children. She organized a National Rally of Mothers at the Colorado State Capitol and has been involved in legislative work that spans over two decades.  She testified before Congress to promote judicial accountability to better protect sexually abused children’s rights in our courts. Maralee’s story has been covered by many media outlets and internationally on CNN.

    Join us as we talk about the courts’ response to sexual abuse of children in custody disputes.

    Call in to share your opinions and questions at (646) 378-0430.

    Live at 11 am Pacific time, or go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    Murder and Mayhem in the Family Court - Is the KKK Managing YOUR Courts?

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    Are KKK leaders in control of YOUR local government. Many people believe that the effect of the KKK goes away once they put away the robes and cone hats. Unfortunately, these people become the police, clergy, judges, public pretenders, social workers, business owners, politicians and others well woven into the fabric of America. They can create havoc and injustice. They have power and stealth. In this episode we will explore how a pattern of killing young black kids exists in Georgia and the black and white activists that are battling them. Already, one judge has had to leave the bench following strong action by Jill Jones Soderman and the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court. In Stone Montain, we have a city in the shadow of a huge Confederate momument with a pattern of young black people being murdered by law enforcement. Stone Mountain is the place where the KKK was revived in 1917. Join us as we explore Murder and Mayhem in the Family Court and you can make your own conclusions. Are the killings of these young people coincidence or part of a more sinister plot carried out by people holding on to animosity and hate...and bringing it into their halls of justice...or..injustice. Could this be happening in YOUR area? Who is behind the black robes on YOUR benches? Do they change into white ones when the sun goes down? Learn more about the foundation at http://www.fcvfc.org and Citizens Demanding Justice at http://www.CitizensDemandingJustice.org.

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    The Foundation For Child Victims of the Family Court: What You Need to Know

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    Jill Jones Soderman discusses the mission of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court, what an ideal client looks like and what clients should do to obtain the best outcomes. If you are considering hiring FCVFC, this broadcast is a must listen to segment in order to better understand how you can best prepare your case and win. Jill has a long history of getting kids back from abusers and put back into the loving custody of the supportive parents (both mothers and fathers). She has also been effective in getting corrupt court officials removed from office. Her expert, no nonsense approach is the most effective asset parents have in combating vicious officials that would place children in danger.

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    TS Radio: No Justice in Cook County Family Court

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    Hosted by Marti Oakley

    Join us as "Lisa" talks about the abuses she suffered at the hands of Cook County Family Court in Illinois. Facing unsupported charges, and an onslaught of mind numbing motions by her ex-spouse, Lisa has continued on in her efforts to reconnect with her son whom she has not been allowed to even speak with.  In a court where any court connected agent can levy any charges they please without ever having to provide any evidence to support the charges, and, where the defending parent is not allowed to refute the charges with any provable evidence, the deck is stacked agaisnt her.

    Cook County, already infamous for its less than ethical or moral handling of lucrative guardianships of the elderly, enabling the plundering of estates while the elder is neglected and isolated by the court protected predators, is now in the spotlight for its mishandling of family matters including custody.












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    Introducing: The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court

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    Meet Jill Jones-Soderman: 866-553-6931 The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court. See their mission statement below. 

    Our goal is to aggressively fight for justice on behalf of the CARING PARENT involved in contentious custody battles. We try to promote love, loyalty, safety and inter-generational cohesiveness within families, so that adults and children thrive and are empowered individuals.

    Our core goal is to protect the rights of caring families to raise their children, express their culture, beliefs and lifestyle within the privacy of their own homes. We believe that this is an inalienable right protected by the Constitution of the United States.

    It is our responsibility to speak out, publish and file complaints against those who intrude upon these rights or act in an unethical or improper manner when dealing with our clients.

    Respect for our clients' confidentiality, and our willingness to aggressively defend their rights is an integral part of our work.

    We offer solutions to high conflict divorce by providing alternatives to litigation, when that can be achieved:

    Therapeutic mediation
    Parent coordinator support

    When there is NO alternative to litigation:

    We aggressively provide non-attorney consultation, forensic legal evaluation of your case, and Court submissions, filings and presentations, to help you gain custody!
    We go where others fear to tread. We protect client confidentiality, dignity and your legal & civil rights.
    We provide on-going therapeutic advocacy while supporting our clients through the Family Court litigation process.
    We also support Civil Court and Federal Civil Rights actions on behalf of clients, to ensure they receive legal justice and appropriate compensation for their families!

    http://www.fcvfc.org/index.html Share and be there! 

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    Family Court Drops The Ball . . . Again! Special Guest: Lonna Anderson

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    During The Pregnancy Of Her Son - The Father Became Abusive Both Mentally And Physically.  He Was Also Adamant About Her Aborting Their Child - She Thought Otherwise And Broke Away To Became A Mother

    When She Filed For A Restraining Order Against Her Sons Father, In Fear Of Her And Her Sons Life -  The Court Awarded The Abusive Father Custody Of Her Son And Was Then Taken Across States Lines

    Lonna Hasn't Seen Her Son Since  

    Hear How, Yet Again, America's Family Court System Has Dropped The Ball - Get Informed And Get Involved!  Your Life Depends On It

    That’s Tonight!  8pm Eastern  (7/C)  To Listen To The Show - Log On To:  www.blogtalkradio.com/thecapt  Or Call-In:  646-716-7978


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    Murder and Mayhem in the Family Court Plus: Dark Web - You Need to Know This

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    The depraved actions of Judge Christy Little have a long and sinister history of cases eluded to in the annals of court records, prison records, police records, newspapers and the whisper campaigns of Face Book and Social Media. It appears time for the forces of social outrage to combine and come forward and announce their clarion call.

    See full story here: http://www.citizensdemandingjustice.org/2016/01/cannibal-courts-murder-and-mayhem-in.html

    The Dark Web

    Description of what the “Dark Web” is –

    Marketplace for Child traffickers, child , identity thieves, hackers, terrorists, drug dealers, weapon dealers, and anything and everything illegal

    – Basically the Black Market online - a collection of websites that are publicly visible, yet hide the IP addresses of the servers that run them.

    That means anyone can visit a Dark Web site, but it can be very difficult to figure out where they’re hosted or by whom. See Full Story Here: http://www.citizensdemandingjustice.org/2016/01/the-dark-web.html

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    Special guest, Susan Carrington: The REAL abuse Family Court DOESN'T see

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    Hear My Very Special Guest: Susan Carrington

    Abused Mentally And Physically By Her Ex-Husband - Susan - Because Of Her Ex's Family Prominence - Was The One Actually Accused Of The Abuse

    Hear How Family Court Rulings Are Determined By The Highest-Bidder . . . And Not The Facts

    Susan Has Not Seen Her Children In Over 4 Years Despite There Has Been No Evidence Of Abuse Or Neglect

    Susan Just Wants Her Children Back Where They Belong And Away From Her Abusive Ex-Husband



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    President and Founder of The League of DADs and host of The League of DADs Talk Radio is coming at you yet again with a classic. Many of you men are forfeithing your right to be a family because the women took you off your game .... let me explain!

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    This going to be a good 1!

  • Family Court

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    We discuss the current issues with family court and the seemigly anti male bias that takes place.