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    Cherokee Legend & Caterpillar Butterfly Fable

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    Award Winning Author Carole P. Roman joins us to share some fables she remembers when she was a child.
    A Cherokee Legend
    A Caterpillar Butterfly Fable
    Great lesson stories!

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    Financial Grace Radio: Cultivating God’s Money Trees in Your Life Today

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    Today's Show:  Your Golden Goose

    There is a popular fable about a goose that laid golden eggs.  There are several morals and popular sayings that have come out of the story, one of which is, “ Don’t kill the golden goose”.  Jeremiah 17:8 says, “He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”

    The lessons we can learn from the fable and the verse in Jeremiah have many applications in finance today.  Earning your income is one, selling your assets is another.  Today on Financial Grace Radio, we’re going to explore what are your ‘golden geese’ today and how to decide when to sell them and when to keep them. 

    Links:  www.financialgrace.org/fg-radio

    www.facebook.com/God.Money.Real. Life

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    Deepertruth: John Carpenter Back To Medjugorie (8:00 Central)

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    John Carpenter is a convert to the Catholic Faith.  In his study and research, he has developed one of the worlds greatestest documentation on Marian Apparitions found any where.  Join John each week as he brings alive the message of Our Lady.  

    Since June 24, 1981 the feast of St. John the Baptist, more than 30,000,000 people have gone to Medjugorie. Despite the fact of the Government’s opposition. Even in 1988 when we were there the Government had plain clothed Military there to harass the masses. I noticed the military helicopters flying over head.

    Today, I know Catholics who are strongly supportive of Medjugorie and I know others who are not convinced. All you have to do is Google the subject and you can see all the pros and cons. Is it possible God can still work the miracles and things we have witnessed there and the whole thing be a fraud?

    For me, I will defer ultimately for Rome’s final verdict. The Bishop of Mostar does not openly support it, yet the Vatican seems to believe it (unofficially). Time will tell, but I must say that not only I was touched by this pilgrimage, so was my Soldier. As soon as we were back in Germany, he was Baptised and Confirmed into the Catholic Faith by Father Ryan! That was a trip that seemed so much like fable, what an experience this was for all of us.

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    Exposing Satan, The Filthy Truth How He Desires to KILL The 1 TRUTH that Saves

    in Christianity

    The truth is Satan is real, He is a real force in the world and he has a mission statement:

    It reads like this~ John 10:10

    I have evil plans for you declares the devil, plans to steal fro you and rob you of the one true power that can save you, thoughts towards adding so many distractions in your life that you grow weary and believe in fable and lies and devy the truth. To destoy you and cause you ruin devoted to causing confusion and chaos in your life, to add strife and bring forth sickness and disease and stress and worry, fear and death. The enemy is a murderer and His words are all dark and can lead you aay from the truth if you are not mindful of the truth.

    Tonight I am exposing the truth about Him and His evil plans, some personal experiences I have had with his demons and also the truth that if you believe will set you free and heal you of anything you have that is ailing you, plus open your ears to hear the LORD and restore you to a right relationship tonight with the One true living God.

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    Is That So? A Modern Fable of Awakening

    in Business

    http://blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow  Thomas D. Craig Life is a choice for Riley Porter. He flees in the middle of the night with his mother after years of abuse from his father only to find alienation, anger, and lies hiding out in a small town. It is here Riley finds himself and walks a path of truth, of integrity, of love with the guidance of his new mentor and friend Willy. This story is loosely based on the Zen story of the same name that tells of a Zen master, Hakuin, who is accused of wrong doing in a small village only to respond unmoved to a wrongful accusation. It is in this spirit that Riley chooses peace and love amidst the chaos around him. As Buddha told us, life is suffering, yet it is each moment that we choose our life.

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    Journey to Empowerment - The Visionary Book Club

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    October's Book of the Month Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles in Opportunities (Think and Grow Rich) by Sharon L. Lechter CPA, Greg S. Reid and Mark Victor Hansen

    A fresh, modern look at the core theme of Napoleon Hill's revolutionary best seller. In this inspiring contemporary fable, a young writer sets out to interview business leaders and other influential figures about the importance of persistence in attaining your goals. Through motivational real-life stories, Three Feet from Gold offers advice about having passion for what you do, finding your own Success Formula, choosing good counsel, and above all: never giving up.


    Dave Liniger, chairman of Re/Max  * Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies  * boxing champ Evander Holyfield  *  Symphony orchestra conductor Jahja Ling  * Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O'Meara, the Nobel-nominated founders

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    Dr Roger Teel-This Life is Joy ! Live with Scott Cluthe

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    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK HERE.


    Dr Roger Teel, Senior Minister and Spiritual Director of Mie High Church with over 30 thousand members is my guest. Dr Teel's new book is titled: This Life is Joy !

    Call in for Dr. Teel at 347-308-8478

    This Life Is Joy is an extraordinary new book by one of the most admired spiritual teachers in the country. In this book, Dr. Roger Teel shows us how every moment, experience, and person can be an opening for our soul. Separated into three easy-to-use parts, this book will:

    Tell a fable that puts our spiritual journey into context
    Discuss the seven spiritual principles that are universal to the world’s wisdom traditions
    Show how nine specific challenges and difficulties (such as fear, illness, and change) can be transformed from stumbling blocks into stepping stones

    Filled with advice that can come only from a lifetime of practicing these traditions, this book will be an indispensable guide to people who want more from their lives.

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    Real Men Don't Cry: A Cultural Fable

    in Culture

    Although crying is natural, there are still many signs and messages that strong men don’t cry.
    Many parents raise their sons to cry privately, if at all.  It has been ingrained in many men, at an early age, that masculine identity means holding back the tears except during times of extreme grief.
    With many men who hold back the tears or curtail their emotion, is it any wonder why  many may be  suffering from mental, physical, and spiritual health issues ?
    Well, on this episode, in the first hour, we’re going to discuss this very topic with the cast of “THE THINGS THAT MAKE MEN CRY” which opens in Los Angeles on November 1, 2013.  We will discuss this powerful new play, which deals with the complexities of men who internalize their emotions.
    In the second hour, we are honored to have one of the nation's leading clinical psychologists, Dr. Gloria Morrow, who will discuss the parallels of her work and being co-producer of “Things That Make Men Cry”.  Dr. Morrow will provide information that is sure to help many men who suffer in silence when it comes to their emotional well-being.
    Please join us on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, for “Real Men Don’t Cry: A Cultural Fable”
    9pm Pacific/ 11pm Central/ 12 Midnight Eastern
    To listen and comment live from your phone, call (646)200-3148.  Or listen live from your computer and join the chatroom discussion.   We also invite you to download the HTTR App, to listen On-the-Go at: www.blackvibes.com/hottopicstalkradio
    “Real People, Real Issues, Real Talk” 

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    Jesus Unmasked: A Conversation with Todd Friel about His New Book

    in Religion

    On this edition of Cross Encounters Radio.

    1. Listen to a conversation between Tony and Todd Friel about Todd's new book, "Jesus Unmasked."

    From the Publisher:

    Jesus Christ is the most famous man in human history, but exactly who was He? Some say a fable; others think just one option among many good teachers, or even a nice guy who taught morals. Do any of these descriptions capture the totality of who He was? Jesus Unmasked goes directly to the world’s greatest expert on Jesus Christ, Jesus Himself:

    - Who Jesus said He was and why He said it the way He did
    - What historical accounts and Biblical details reveal versus what we assume
    - Why 4000 years of history, prophecy and chronology force every human being to render their verdict about this one man.

    When you encounter Jesus Unmasked, you will not be ambivalent. Jesus gives us clarity and insight into the nature of God. Interact with what Jesus taught about Himself and draw your own conclusions to the world’s most important question: “Who is the real Jesus?”

    2. Witnessing Tip of the Week

    Listen as Sye Ten Bruggencate and Mike Stockwell witness to Jehovah's Witnesses outside of an abortuary. Learn how to use a few verses out of Revelation to completely unravel the Jehovah Witnesses false and blasphemous beliefs about Jesus.

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    Demonology, The Doctrine of the Jews, Pt.4

    in Christianity

    http://www.jewishbeliefs.org/                                                                            1 Timothy 1:14

    Fables - Mythos, Mythology is a legend, folklore, folk tales, folk stories, lore, plot, tradition handed down through oral translations. The Bible warnes us serveral times of this Doctrine or Speech that is deceiving the whole nation & the so called Church in which has embraced these false stories of Demons to mislead the Church off of the road of truth. My study on this subject has opened my eye's to a lot of deception that is communicated orally & written that we has excepted for centuries because of our loved & trusted of the one that was distibuting the story or Myth. In 2 Timothy 4:4 it hit to the heart that the people or Church will not want the truth any longer but rather here a Fable or Myth, this scripture is amazing, It lets us knowb that what the church is interested in hearing is a made up stories that sound like a movie or a play on stage. WAKE UP CHURCH!

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    Alchemy: Spinning Spiritual Straw into Gold!

    in Self Help

    As the beloved fable Rumpelstiltskin says, "Once upon a time in a distant land, a miller boasted to his king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. Intrigued, the king locked her up in a roomful of straw and told her, 'If you can spin this straw into gold by morning, you shall be my queen. If not, you shall die.'"  We are told that "the poor girl was at her wit’s end. She could barely spin wool, let alone straw, let alone into gold."

    What do we do when we are at our wit's end? When we feel overcome by exasperation and suffer from intense stress caused by external circumstances that show up as other people, life situations etc.?  We can either rise up and be, as Michael Beckwith says, "spiritually aerodynamic" or remain paralyzed in the suffering.  As he points out, it takes wind for the plane to ascend.  What's the wind you are currently experiencing?  Join us today as Michelle Dwyer and Jill LeBeau, co-hosts of The New Enlightened View, reconnect you with your inner alchemist so that you can respond to your challenges by spinning the "straw" into gold!

    Michelle Dwyer, Holistic Health Coach & Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Jill LeBeau, MFT, Spiritual Psychotherapist and Co-author of Feng Shui Your Mind

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