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    GCIS On Extremism

    in Culture

    Director Griffith discusses the pitfalls and perils of extremism.

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    The Deceitful and Deadly Fruits of Extremism

    in Religion

    What is it that triggers genocide done in the name of “patriotism” or religion?
    We’re honored to have Cherie McGinn, an extraordinary educator who has specialized in AP European History and Comparative Religions, join us during the first hour of the show.  Cherie will enlighten us about historic tragedies, with a focus on the Armenian genocide that took the lives of 1.5 million Armenians, mostly Christian.
    We will also identify the steps that allow people -- like religious practioners, homosexuals, intellectuals and other groups -- to become victims of genocide.
    In the second hour, we'll address the religious right's argument that marriage equality will lead to legalized plural marriages.
    Philosopher Troy Bowles grew up in a fundamentalist Mormon polygamous cult and because of his experience and education, is in a unique position to show why the gay marriage/polygamy argument is nonsense.  Joining us with a cult perspective is Rob Robinson.
    Due to space limitations here on BlogTalk, we cannot include the full bios and show information here.  Please visit GodDiscussion.net for more information.

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    Extremism Within Yourself, In Political Thinking And Between Nations

    in Psychology

    The world seems to be at a standstill. It is scary and the more frightened we are the easier it is to cling to extremism.Dr. Gary Penn explores this dynamic.  He tries to find a way towards a rational position, within individuals and nations. How we understand problems between our inner circle mirrors how nations deal with how nations deal with issues between other nations. and between.

  • What You Can Do To Dismantle Radical Extremism & Terror

    in Self Help

    Live on air! ADVICE & READINGS!

    At times we all need practical as well as inspirational advice or guidance. So whether its a mortgage question, a business start-up, a relationship, a child...whatever you are dealing with and need support for you are not alone!

    Looking for advice or answers to your greatest challenges?

    Carole Gold and Steve Clark have a remarkable and rich combined treasure house of professional and personal experiences that allow them to address whatever is on your mind and provide you with insights and solutions that can move you to the next level of your own genius or new depths in your personal relationships.
    Steve is a former Marine Officer, Wall Street International MarketsTrader and Lead Generation Marketer. Carole is a Lawyer, Mediator, Author and Intuitive. Both are parents and... both are here to not only take a higher perspective look at world events but also to bring things up close and personal by taking your questions on-air about difficulties or decisions facing you in your life at this moment.

    Take this opportunity to speak directly with Carole and Steve and receive guidance and clarity that you'd pay thousands of dollars for privately!!

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    I have only one question: "What the hell is going on in this world???"

    in Politics

    Thursday, 8 January and Friday, 9January the world was glues to their television sets, and all eyes were on France. Two extremist brothers and possibly a third person, carried out an act of terrorism, killing thirteen people and attacking a satirical magazine, simply for portraying the prophet, Mohammed. Will there ever be an end to this radical extremism in our lifetime, or in any lifetime??? The terrorists would have us all living under Sharia Law, but that is not the case in the world!!!  What is your oppinion...inquiring minds want to know!!!  Call us at 646-595-3275.

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    S07/E02: "A Little Bit Of Dis, A Little Bit Of Dat & A Little Bit A Everythin'!"

    in Politics Progressive

    A lot has been happening politically on Capitol Hill and all across America since November 2014. 

    We'll be speaking on a variety of topics ranging from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Republicans wanting to cut Social Security, the Keystone XL Pipeline Deal, Women's Rights, Gay Marriage and everything you can think of under the sun. The mic is yours friends. Call in and speak your mind as we take your calls and talk about burning issues of the day and how it affects us.

    What's been happening in YOUR State! What drives your passion for politics and what do you want to see happen as America moves forward into the 21st Century. Will Democrats be spineless or will they take the fight to Republicans? 

    Honorable mention & greetings go out to the following who are doing a STAND OUT job representing their constituents:

    Senators: Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Al Franken (Minnesota), Corey Booker (New Jersey), Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin), Bernie Sanders (Vermont), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Bill Nelson (Florida), Debbie Stabbenow (Michigan), Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) and Ed Markey (Massachusetts)

    Congress: Nancy Pelosi (California), Linda & Loretta Sanchez (California), Alan Greyson (Florida), Kathy Castor (Florida), John Lewis (Georgia), Tammy Duckworth (Illinois), Donna Edwards (Maryland), Steny Hoyer (Maryland), Sander Levin (Michigan) and Nita Lowey (New York)

    They effectively lead the way against Right Wing extremism. 

    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"
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    Hard Starboard Radio: Terror In Paris

    in Politics Conservative

    Jihadists massacre Charlie Hebdo; When it comes to “religious extremism,” religion matters; Intolerance of free expression is rooted in classical Islam; Europe has an Islam problem; Boehner’s opponents waited till the last minute to marshal an attack on his leadership; and why one Tea Partier sat out the latest anti-Boehner coup attempt,

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    Je Suis Charlie

    in Politics Progressive

    Liberal Dan Radio returns to Thursdays at 8pm Central this week, January 7th, 2015. 

    A terrorist attack in France at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has caused shockwaves around the world. Muslim extremists attacked the paper for some cartoons it has done. Can one really claim to have faith if one is effected by simple drawings mocking ones religion? Shouldn't ones faith be able to overcome such feelings if ones faith is strong? This story also revealed another item that Conservatives like to harp on. Conservatives believe that Liberals are soft on Muslim extremism and would allow so called "Sharia Law" to be enacted in the US. I will explain how that is absolutely untrue. 

    It is not just Muslim extremists who want to attack free speech. Kirby Delauter doesn't seem to quite get that simple fact. I will talk about his claims and the hiliarious response to them as well. 

    Finally, I will be discussing the Steve Scalise scandal that continues to run through the media and explain why his choice to knowingly accept an invitation to speak given to him by a person known to him to be a racist is the biggest problem here. 

    Those stories, headlines, tweet of the week and more this week on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That's Right. 

    You can support Liberal Dan Radio by going to the gofundme page. 

    If you are listening to the podcast after the live broadcast, please comment on LiberalDan.Com. 

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    The Sunday Show - violence IS breaking news

    in Politics

    Join Gwendolyn H. Barry, Jack Jodell and Wayne Johnson with weekly guests and news covering the conservative to the radical side of our human condition as the breakdown of this world offers us the possiblities of reformation.  We will discuss politics, personal journeys, the near future.  Join us!  Sundays at 6pm eastern.  

    Today we continue to explore the event spin offs from Je suis Charlie ... violent protests, the co opting by global leadership, etc.  

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    The Druth About... Libertarianism

    in Politics

    Tonight on "The Druth About..." Dru and Brandi will explore what it means to be libertarian.  Topics will include the Libertarian Party platform, libertarianism in general and different types of libertarianism.

    Libertarianism comes in several different forms just as any other form of political ideology.  Republicans have their own version of libertarianism as well as authoritarianism, conservativism and extremism.  Democrats have their Marxism, Communism and Liberalism. 

    Libertarians are not exempt from their various factions.  Libertarians have the anarcholibertarians, right and left leaning libertarians, libertarian socialism and just plain ol' libertarianism. 

    Join us tonight and be part of the discussion. 

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    Domestic terrorism...right-wing extremism, Fox fueled hatred

    in Current Events

    The new right-wing extremism that FoxNews not only doesn't report but fuels with the lies, half-truths and partisan rhetoric...and that's news?  The terror threat from the right is far more dangerous than the pantie-waists on the left will ever be able to muster.  No, really, Bush REALLY is the reason that Iraq is blowing up...not really, Bush was too stupid it was the 3 stooges of evil; Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfson.  Addicted to gambling...wanna bet.  And finally, the idiot that overs-tayed her welcome, Michelle Bachmann speaks out against Elizabeth Warren...are you kidding.

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