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    Are Extraterrestrials real?

    in The Bible

    Are Extraterrestrials real? Who really created this planet "Plan-E.T." and for what reason? And the truth of how it all happened


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    E.T. extraterrestrials are they real and are they among us?

    in Spirituality

    Extraterrestrials are real and it's about time we open our eyes and stop being in denial.

    I am here today to help you see and know when, where, and why they visit our planet. Have you had something happen in your life where time has gone by and you do not know where that time went and you have no memeory of it? So many of us do not know that we have had E.T. interactions or a one on one personal experience.  

    Listen in and learr what the signs are and if we have a sign on our bodies that show we have a connection with an E.T.? Call in, tell your story let me help you figure out what happen and how to heal from it. Sometimes we hold on to pain that is associated to the experience find out the details on Karma Talk. 



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    Are Extraterrestrials real? Who really created this planet "Plan-E.T." and for w

    in The Bible

    Are Extraterrestrials real? Who really created this planet "Plan-E.T." and for what reason? And the truth of how it all happened

    CALL IN now & Join Todays Black Conversation and topic would love to hear your opinion 657-383-1566

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    Extraterrestrials: Are They Real?

    in Christianity

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus talks on Extraterrestrial life and gives his input on whether or not they really exist.  Recently, photos taken by the Mars Rover caused a frenzy among people who believe they saw in them artifacts and even the head of a statue.  Sacerdotus explains why this is most likely explanable via psychology rather than archeology.  



    Source of photos: Google images

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    The Red Pill podcast episode #24- "Extraterrestrials & Religion"

    in Pop Culture

    This week Kevin and Joe tackle the controversial subject of Religion, specifically the connection between Extraterrestrials, Gods,Lords, Angels and Demons and the reasons we have been programmed to worship these dieties. We discuss the ET influence on Society throughout the ages until present day and possible motivations for their cosmic interference in our Evolution. We go beyond the Rabbit Hole in this one, don't miss it!!

    Twitter: @Truth_is_Scary

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    UFO'S & Alien Presence In The World Today And What Is Predicted For The Future

    in Spirituality

     There are many different beliefs on the existence of extraterrestrials. Do you believe aliens are on Earth now? There has been an increase of UFO sightings in just the past few years. What agenda do aliens have with Earth?  How do they choose who they abduct? What traits do they look for in a person? What does our future hold with extraterrestrials? Listen in for answers to these questions and more! Have a question or story to share? Call in # 347-633-9648.

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    Jan. 28, 2016, 10pm (PST) - A Life of ET Experience with Jim Thomas

    in Paranormal

    Tonight's show is a follow up to the previous live episode with Rob Mercer from the Miami Valley UFO Society, where we discussed the research that Rob had conducted on Jim Thomas, regarding his life long contact with Extraterrestrials

    Jim Thomas had been experiencing alien contact since he was five years old. Then when he was 45, the contact and experiences with the extraterrestrials just stopped out of nowhere. Now, Jim still was sightings of UFOs, but according to Jim, they just seem less interested in him. That was until about 4-5 years ago when strange things started happening.

    Jim's home is also near the infamous Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Wright Patterson has been linked to the UFO crashes of Roswell, as well as experiments with time travel. Does the location of his home have anything do with his experiences? We'll find out.

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    Closer Encounters / Open forum anything goes.. / E62

    in Paranormal

    Hello and Welcome to "Closer Encounters" Where you the Listener is also the Guest.. I am your host Clarence Mitchell,,Tonight will be open forum night call in and talk about anything you wish...(347) 989-1008 is the number..dont forget to hit the follow button to hear this and all past shows...Also check out my new site and tell me what you think.. http://www.closerencounters.info Thank You All..


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    Closer Encounters / The Search Continues .. / E61

    in Paranormal

    Hello and Welcome to "Closer Encounters"..The show where you the Listener is also the Guest..I am your host Clarence Mitchell,,Tonight we will talk about how much is being done to look for the answers we all seek on the subject of Alien life,,Past and Present,,Call in tonight at (347) 989-1008 and talk with us ..Dont forget to hit the Follow button to hear this and all past shows,, Also take a peek at my new site at http://www.closerencounters.info and let me know what you think..Thank You All...

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    Zuni Elder Grandfather Mahooty - A Man of Two Worlds - Star Nation

    in Religion

    - A Man of Two Worlds - "I am an academic and I realize that main stream science dismisses this information....but I am also a Zuni Elder of the Sun Medicine Clan. I know what I have seen and I trust what has been taught by the Grandfathers & Ancients of Zuni Nation for many centuries. I speak from the truth of my eyes and heart. " Grandfather Ma'Hooty

    Grandfather Mahooty is a man of impeccable credibility. He walks in two worlds, as a credentialed ‘academic’ (He is a university-degreed civil & structural engineer who retired after 30 years heading the USA HUD as chief structural engineer) and as a revered Zuni Elder. This new recording of his live presentation at the 2014 Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Gathering in Arizona was his 2nd appearance with Earth-Keeper, and is the follow up to his 2013 presentation. He received an enthusiastic repeated standing ovation from the more than 450 attendees present. This is truly a ‘must -see’ video. Absolutely fascinating ! Totally credible and truly extraordinary from an accomplished academic man of integrity, humility and brilliance. In this newest video he shares, the utterly amazing personal accounts & sharings of his medicine elders in the alternative Cosmology of extra terrestrials 'Beings of Light' who factually interacted with the Zuni Nation. His sharing of Star Nation is absolutely stunning and unprecedented. Grandfather Mahooty is the ‘real-deal’. He was born on the Zuni reservation and ancestral tribal lands at a time when there was no electricity or running water. He shares his first hand knowledge of the grandmothers and grandfathers narratives given to him on a fascinating array of mystical topics and an alternative cosmology of the earth and mankind. 

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    "Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile" author Margaret Starbird

    in Spirituality

    Margaret Starbird holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Maryland, studied at the Christian Albrechts Universität in Kiel, Germany, and pursued further graduate studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, TN.
    Starbird lectures extensively about Mary Magdalene as the Lost Bride in Christianity and leads retreats worldwide. She has been interviewed for numerous TV documentaries, and is the author of several widely acclaimed books reclaiming the Sacred Feminine in Christianity. She and her husband have five grown children and live in the Pacific Northwest.  Starbird’s books include The Woman with the Alabaster Jar and The Goddess in the Gospels: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine, both mentioned as significant sources for The Da Vinci Code. Her latest book is Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile. Other titles include Magdalene’s Lost Legacy, The Feminine Face of Christianity, and The Tarot Trumps and the Holy Grail. In some circles, Starbird is considered the ‘grandmother” of the millennial movement to reclaim Mary Magdalene as Bride and Beloved of Jesus.  Her website is: http://www.margaretstarbird.net

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Also, Holly Bretschneider will be stopping by to tell us about her upcoming 7-day women's retreat in the sacred Rennes-le-Chateau valley of Southern France.

    Only a few spots left for the Pleiadean Line Up Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas, May 15-21!  Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for info.

    Thanks for tuning in!