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    BYO Brilliance: The Brilliance of Exploring Your True Self

    in Lifestyle

    Who are you really?  Do you actully know?  Of course you do, but you may not currently be aware thanks to the stronger personalities you may have grown up with or that surround you.  Here's a wonderful free test to give you some guidance on your personality and your true self or nature: 16 Personalities Which One Are YOU?

    Now take a good look at the results and if you have time review my previous show about setting your Mission Statement.  Do you know what your life's purpose or goals are?  If you haven't already, now's the time to set your Mission Statement.  Take some time to figure it out then set it and place it somewhere prominent to remind you of exactly where you are headed!

    According to Advanced Life Skills there are seven things to consider to when discovering your true self:

    Find your values
    Understand your strengths
    Know your passions
    Identify your tendencies
    Acknowledge your limitations
    Set your goals
    Establish your direction

    Here's a fun Quiz: Which Wizard of Oz Character Are You?

    You are more than your personality though, you are your beliefs, your interests etc. and knowing these aspects of you may help you stand up for yourself in the face of other people's issues.  If not who will stand for you?

    Join us for a rousing conversation about YOU!

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    "Worlds Within and Worlds Beyond," with Dr. Ralph Metzner

    in Radio

    On Thursday September 12th, 2013 the Hermetic Hour's host Poke Runyon will introduce distinguished guest Dr. Ralph Metzner who will discuss his latest book "Worlds Within and Worlds Beyond," the seventh in his series of books on "The Ecology of Consciousness." All of Dr. Metzner's works are of special interest to students of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Check out his web site at www.greenearthfound.org. He was one of the original psychedelic experimenters and facilitators of that tempestuous era, an Oxford graduate, psychotherapist and a philosopher. His latest book will be of particular interest to students of Magick who may wish to compare his system of therapeutic soul travel to the Buddhist Six Worlds of the Wheel of Existance, the nine realms of the Nordic Yggdrasill World Tree, and the Octaves of Pythagoras with our own Pathworkings on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. Many of his insights are applicable to our venue regardless of technique. He refers to his method as Alchemical Divination. Although we may use different techniques, and different mythologies we can always learn from the insights and the visions of a master -- so turn us on, tune us in, and don't drop out.

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    FAMM LIve with Victoria Payne

    in Art

    Victoria, of Freedom to Stitch, joins Rebecca to chat about her work and creative life. Freedom to Stitch is a place for mixed media exploration, with stitching an integral part. She sensed other adventurous souls who were eyeing their supplies with new inspirations and I started to discover more and more artists who were fearless experimenters, and who sought new challenges and better horizons of technique and style. "I knew I could provide a road map for mixing media and stitch which would give both beginners and practiced artists the tools to push themselves in exciting ways," Victoria states.

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    Jim Miller

    in Energy

    KY electric motor repair shop owner talks about his ongoing interest in hydrogen and other alternative energy and fuel-saving technologies. Jim sells a rebuilt 60A GM single-wire-hookup alternator for experimenters for $55.00 Email:cmautoelec@insightbb.com