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    Exorcism and Deliverance

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    The new book by Scott E. Hensler - Second Heaven Invasion - chapter 14 - Exorcism and Deliverance

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    LIVE Ghost Box Session With Exorcism Case: Anneliese Michel

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    Friday, March 13th   10pm ET / 9pm CT / 9pm PT

    In the year 1973, there was a case of possession and eventual exorcism so extreme that it left an entire country at odds with the topic of religious fanaticism and/or demonic possession. Fresh off the heels of “The Exorcist” being released, a real-life case of diabolical possession occurred, in which afterwards, both the parents of the possessed and the priests who exorcised her were brought to trial – and found guilty. This is the story of a girl named Anneliese Michel.

    What is the real story with Anneliese Michel? What was she going thru during the exorcism? Where is she now?

    Luci and Anthony will try and reach out to Anneliese and talk directly to her from beyond the grave and hopefully find the real answers. Join us as we lift the veil and uncover possible truth to possession and life after an exorcism in death.


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    Exorcism is derived from the Greek word exorkizein which means "to bind by oath".  There are exorcism rites all over the world to directly address willful possession.
    Tune in as we discuss some of these cultural practices, some outlandish claims, and what should be on the exorcist check list!  Exorcism Thread on paganspace.net:

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    American Exorcism-Ghost Hunters-Psychics-Oh My

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    The Ghost Hunters, Psychic  to the celebrity "Pat Oberlien" & American Exorcism?

    The diocese in Italy is training priests to meet increasing demand for exorcisms.

    Catholic churches in Italy and Spain are reportedly increasing the number of priests trained in performing exorcisms following a rise in occult practices.

    The diocese of Milan recently appointed seven new exorcists and the Catholic church in Sardinia has sent three priests to Rome for exorcism training to deal with the increasing number of people partaking in practices such as black magic, paganism and Satanic rites, The Daily Telegraph has reported.

    In Spain, the Archbishop of Madrid also selected eight priests to undertake exorcism training in May, according to the paper, to deal with an “unprecedented rise” in cases of “demonic possession”.

    Increasing the number of priests who can perform exorcisms also comes as part of efforts by the Church to tackle self-proclaimed exorcists who perform unauthorised exorcisms.

    Father Francesco Bamonte, the president of the Italy-based International Association for Exorcists told La Repubblica in December that there were not enough exorcists to help the number of people possessed. He said: “Diabolical possessions are on the increase as a result of people subscribing to occultism.We take you inside and you decide real or just bad acting

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    Apostle Emmitt overton Emergency Exorcism Episode 131

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    Episode 135 Live Exorcism Apostle Emmitt Overton

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    Episode 130 Apostle Emmitt Overton Live Exorcism

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    Christine Corda, Exorcism and Psychic Medium

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    Christine Corda is a Psychic Medium as well as a Psychic Paranormal Investigator.

    Considered one of the best Psychics in Connecticut Christine has read for hundreds of people.

    But what sets her apart from other psychic mediums is that she is a survivor of an extreme demonic haunting as a result of abuse in her childhood and teen years..controversial? 


    But she never shies from controversy.

    In the 80s and 90s Christine suffered severe demonic attack, so much so the Roman Catholic Church was called in and performed a formal exorcism..anyone who knows the RCC knows they do not grant formal exorcisms without very good cause.

    Her experiences with the demonic and the RCC were very real and very horrific..many people have heard her account of what happened and are educated both on the dangers within  the paranormal as well as the difficulties in obtaining help from Paranormal Groups and clergy.
    Her story is NOT just for "entertainment."

    Because of her experiences and in-spite of them Christine learned to empower herself through her own Psychic gifts, gifts that many people of different religions believe are the cause of demonic activity yet what Christine learned is that they are crucial in helping free one from activity. 

    Gifts that helped her learn to remove the negative entities from her life and become a highly respected reader and in demand speaker/lecturer in the Connecticut area.

    Aside from sharing her terrifying account of demonic attacks Christine also counsels people on empowering themselves as well as helping clergy to better understand the need for deliverance and intervention in many peoples lives.

    Her readings for people are extremely accurate and compassionate.


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    Your host, Paranormalist & Grindhouse SuperstarJOHN LINK ("Road Hell"), will examine Rites of Exorcism and the Banishment of Spirits, as depicted in horror movies and compared to real-life accounts. He is joined by co-hosts, Horror Genre Actor/Makeup FX Artist EDWARD X YOUNG ("Road Hell," "Mr. Hush" & "Emerging Past") and Horror & Sci-Fi Film Historian DON FELLMAN (The Monster Times) -- and s...pecisal guest, Grindhouse movie producer, WARREN F DISBROW JR., (of "Hate's Haunted Slay Ride") who lends personal insight into the subject.

    If any listeners have personal experience with this paranormal phenomena, we urge you to call in and share your story!

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    Possession and Exorcism: Are They Real?

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    This week on Conundrum with Cougar and Slider we explore the areas of possession, obsession, infestation and exorcism.  Are the phenomenon real or mental illness?  We'll look at two famous cases and discuss how they could be real and how they could be manifestations of disease or psychosis.  Join us this Thursday at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central, and 10:00 PM UK!  Call-ins welcome, chat room available!  See you there!

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    Alexandra Clair: Christian Writer, Deliverance, Exorcism

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    I grew up in Winchester, MA and currently live in a small town in West Tennessee. I've always been drawn to study history and like many writers, began writing poetry and short stories while still quite young. The defining event in my life was becoming a Christian at age twenty three. The Wood's End Series juxtaposes world events with end-times Bible Prophecy in the context of how these dynamics impact the lives of individuals.

    Alexandra wrote the Book Discerning Spirits as a simple overview of how one may facilitate Christian ministries of Deliverance, Exorcism, and Intercession; and the three classes of demonic possession. The last chapter looks at four movies and the narcissistic characters in those films as we seek to identify a protocol of evil for purposes of deciding what ministry response is needed. She's been influenced in her nonfiction writing on these topics of Exorcism and Deliverance by foremost, The Bible. Secondly by the work of Erich Fromm, M. Scott Peck, Ken and Sylvia Thornberg, Francis MacNutt, Malachi Martin, and Joseph Lumpkin.

    Clair is currently working on a screenplay and the third book in the Wood's End Series: The World in the Wood.

    People can reach her via Face Book or through my blog: www.alexandraclair.com
    I'm available for book readings and conferences. I very much enjoy hearing from readers. Your questions can also be answered via her author page at the Goodreads website.

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