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    Coaching Scenarios: Executive Coaching

    in Education

    Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. “What happens when…” “How should you handle…” Today, the subject is executive coaching, and our guest coaching expert is Karen Cappello. What are the important things to remember when coaching the business executive?

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    Executive Coaching Series - Part I

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    BluPrint is excited to interview Steve Gladis, PhD on the value of Executive Coaching.  Executives and other organization leaders are tasked with leading tough conversations, evaluating performance, managing conflict and motivating teams - and sometimes, these roles can be challenging.   A 21st century approach, Dr. Gladis will discuss how investing in coaching strategies help organization leaders and leadership teams transition and more smoothly execute c-level and people decisions. 


    Steve Gladis, Ph.D., serves as CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners, a leadership development firm focused on helping executives and their teams achieve both success and significance through executive coaching, leadership development, and motivational speaking. Clients include executives and teams from publicly traded and private corporations, U.S. government agencies, associations, and nonprofits.

    Author of 18 books on leadership and communication, Dr. Gladis researches, writes, and works in all areas of leadership.  As part of the George Mason University faculty, he teaches both leadership and communication courses through the Office of Continuing Professional Education. Dr. Gladis is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation, teaches courses in leadership coaching, and is currently an executive coach for the University of Virginia Darden Business School’s Executive MBA program.  Previously, Dr. Gladis served as an Associate Dean and the Director of the University’s Northern Virginia Center, was a career FBI special agent, and served his country as a decorated U.S. Marine Corps officer.


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    Executive Coaching: Spiritual Principles in action

    in Spirituality

    Join me in another episode of astrodoc where I discuss executive coaching. With me will be Jay Katz, executive coach in Toronto, Canada for the last 7 years. Together we will discuss how executive coaching, a powerful business tool, is also putting spiritual tenets such as self discovery and self empowerment to use.

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    Executive Coaching for Business Owners

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    On November 26, at Noon, y guest will be Dr. Chloe Carmichael of Carmichael Psychology.  Dr. Carmichael attended Columbia University for a BA in Psychology, and graduated summa cum laude with Departmental Honors in Psychology. She completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University in Brooklyn; the LIU Clinical Psychology Program admits fewer than 10% of applicants and is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Carmichael completed her clinical training at Lenox Hill Hospital and Kings County Hospital, as well as other settings such as community clinics and academic centers. She has published work on issues related to psychotherapy through academic sources such as Guilford, and presented at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

    Dr. Carmichael has instructed undergraduate courses at Long Island University and has served as adjunct faculty at the City University of New York. In addition, she has been a certified yoga instructor since 2001; she has also completed coursework in Buddhism and meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction designed. She was recently named as the psychologist for the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. In her role at the NYCPM, Dr. Carmichael provides support to faculty and students in the form of individual counseling as well as the creation and delivery of stress-management and goal-attainment workshops. Dr. Carmichael has also been featured on VH1, Inside Edition, and other media.

    Dr. Carmichael is an active member and co-chair of a committee for the New York Junior League and provides volunteer services to underserved populations including the homeless, veterans, and poverty-level immigrants.

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    The Case for Executive Coaching

    in Business

    Coach Rick Forbus, PhD and Coach Elliott Robinson, JD explore the world of executive coaching. They will provide listeners with insight into: the coaching process, benefits of coaching as well as keys to finding a coach. They will also help listeners uncover ways to find employer funding for their coaching.
    Executive coaching is the one employee benefit that can have a direct impact on the trajectory of your career. Listen and find out why corporate executives and budding stars are requiring coaching as a part of their compensation package.
    "The benefits of coaching appear to win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks.” - Money

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    Executive Coaching Series Part III: "Coaching for Transformation"

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    BluPrint welcomes Ayana Coston, a certified Executive Coach and member of the Lockheed Martin Enterprise Learning Team.  At Lockheed, Ayana supports corporate leadership development and training initiatives and is part of the team that will determine how to most effectively coach Lockheed's leaders. 

    On this episode, Part III of our three part executive coaching series, we'll discuss with Ayana how coaching can be an organization change agent, increase organization engagement and accelerate organization transformation. 


    Ayana is a Life and Executive Coach and her company, Sharp Corners Coaching, focuses on helping clients with career development and career satisfaction. Ayana is an active member of the DC chapter of the International Coaching Federation  and has over a decade of Human Resource Generalist, Learning & Development, Talent Development, and Recruiting experiences. She has a Master's Degree in Organization Development from American University and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and has earned ACC credentials from the International Coaching Federation and her passion is helping people to become their best selves.

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    Welcome To VIP Executive Coaching Radio With Grant Fairley

    in Business

    This is an introduction to VIP Coaching Radio with Grant Fairley for executives, managers, leaders and senior sales people who wish to benefit from the coaching experience.
    Practical tips and discussions about leadership, team building and personal development.

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    Is Executive Coaching Right for Professionals?

    in Lifestyle

    Patricia interviews Andrew Elowitt (PCC pending), who has over 25 years of experience as a lawyer and executive. Though executive coaching has gained wide acceptance, professional service firms have been markedly slower in embracing coaching as a way to improve performance, profitability, and satisfaction.

    One reason for this is the tendency of many coaches to treat professionals as though they are executives. Does this approach make sense, and more important, does it serve the best interests of professionals?

    As a former lawyer and executive, Andrew Elowitt brings a unique perspective to this question. Drawing on his experience coaching countless lawyers, accountants, doctors, and other professionals over the last 18 years, he will explain how coaching can and should be tailored to meet the specific needs and temperaments of professionals.

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    Executive Coaching Series Part II: "A Business Tool for Women Leaders"

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    BluPrint is excited to interview Rythee Jones, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Washington Adventist University.  Today's episode will focus on Executive Coaching for Women Leaders.  Rythee will discuss with us how women leaders can use coaching as a tool to help women advance in business and in the workplace. 


    Rythee is Associate Vice President of Human Resources at Washington Adventist University.  She earned her bachelor of arts degree from Hood College and her Master of General Administration from University of Maryland University College.  Rythee has 25 years of human resources experience, including seven years at the executive level.  Her background includes assignments in talent development, employee relations, organizational development, compensation, and human resource information systems.  During this time, Rythee leveraged her in-depth knowledge of human resources and of team and leadership development to coach mid- to senior level leaders and teams in higher education, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. 

    Rythee has consulting expertise that includes planning and facilitating teambuilding retreats, conducting needs assessments, and designing and delivering training programs in topics such as communication skills, harassment prevention, teambuilding, conflict resolution, and presentation skills. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, the American Society for Training and Development, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

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    Executive Coaching: What It Takes and How I Do It

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    Welcome to Mindful Change Exchange!  This radio show is dedicated to expanded awareness, powerful action, empowered results!
    Through dialogue, guest interviews and caller input, we’ll discover new ways to have balanced, congruent and fulfilling lives.
    I’m your host, Billie Frances, founder of Guiding Mindful Change and Employee Wellness Coaching, and I’m honored to be a guide on this journey of discovery, joy, and transformation.
    My guest today is Lou Cator.  Lou is a diligent, seasoned and solutions-oriented professional coach with expertise in coaching individuals to achieve their goals by improving different actions necessary to take control of future plans.
    Lou is certified with Guiding Mindful Change and is certificated with Coaches Training Institute, is certified as a practitioner using the Ned Herrman Brain Dominance Assessment and is a Board Certified Coach. Says Lou, "Business and executive coaching is the process of engaging in regular, structured conversation with a "client": an individual or team who is within a business, profit or nonprofit organization, institution or government and who is the recipient of business coaching. The goal is to enhance the client’s awareness and behavior so as to achieve business objectives for both the client and their organization."
    Lou's process includes:  Aim to enhance the performance of an individual, team, project or organization, especially to establish and accomplish desired goals. Thrive as leader in a team environment. Possess talent to motivate and work with people at all levels of a company through established credibility, trust and respect. Promote commitment to high standards of excellence. 
    Contact Billie at Guiding Mindful Change.com

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    Life Coaching: Spiritual Surrender & Letting Go and shift our of fear

    in Self Help

    You host Life/Soul Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski and Co-Hosts August Shilz & Munni Visco join forces along with weekly featured guests to host "Coaching Conversations". Each week various life topics are discussed to help others connect, empower and create shifts for higher level of living.