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    Revolution Class 101 ( Excessive Force )

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    On Power 144.0 , your Ancestors Radio , we explore the word Excessive Force , we will look at who is using this tactic , and what can be done to prevent them for using it on you.

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    Was the cop wrong to used excessive force on a teenager in school?

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    On a special Monday night edition of The Absolute Truth, we examine the case of the South Carolina teen that was violently accosted by a police officer in a high school. Was it necessary? And how can this be looked at as racist? We will look at the new reports about processed meats and it's link to cancer. How worried should we be? All that and more this Monday at 9pm on The Absolute Truth Show right here on blog talk radio  with the host with the most, The King of kings himself The  Hot Rod, The one and only  Sean Black and  The lovely Anitra B!

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    Who cuffs the cops? Police excessive force 1.5 million judgment in California

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    What happens when a CHP officer "goes postal" and starts beating down a citizen with a display of excessive force?  Are we lead to believe this is a one-time incident or is the problem of assault & battery by police officers a bigger problem than we think?  

    Here is the police beatdown video, you can see the brutality and for yourself.  

    The incident was reported on fox news website:

    "When this incident occurred, I promised that I would look into it and vowed a swift resolution," Farrow's statement said. "Today, we have worked constructively to reach a settlement agreement that is satisfactory to all parties involved."

    That's great, there is a swift settlement, but this settlement agreement is NOT to MY satisfaction, as someone (who as a kid) was harassed for no reason by an officer in Upland, California, I would respectfully request that each CHP officer, and commanding officer, submit to 5 addtional excessive-force training videos PER YEAR so that this type of incident won't happen again.  The cop should also be cuffed, arrested, and read his rights.  Join Vondran Legal Civil Litigation Attorneys and Frontline Liesee as they examine the legal issues surrounding personal injuries caused by brutality of law enforcement officers.



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    Greensboro PD Allegedly Used Excessive Force On 87 Year Old!

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    The Justice For All Show has been notified that at least two citizens have filed complaints alleging that at least one Greensboro Police Officer assaulted and or used excessive force on an 87-year-old woman.  We have notified the Greensboro Police department and are awaiting a response from police officials.
    There has been a litany of serious allegations of misconduct filed against officers and officials of the Greensboro Police Department during the past two years, including discrimination.   The Chief of the Greensboro Police Department, Ken Miller, allegedly placed a ban on officers taking complaints or interviewing witnesses at the Beloved Community Center.  The investigators tasked to investigate allegations of misconduct did not interview some complainants.  How could this happen?  Is Police Chief Ken Miller a racist presiding over a police agency plagued by systemic corruption?  Apparently the city administration cares more about trees than investigating allegations of misconduct and discrimination.
    Join us on Thursday January 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM eastern time for a detailed discussion of the numerous and serious allegations of police misconduct against members and officials of the Greensboro Police Department.

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    Tonight we will discuss the exact meaning of what it is that the black masses are seeking in their attempt at arena sports.  Could our behavior be linked to the violent nature in which Malcolm and our other leaders died have awakened a  primeval stance in our minds? As a people have we lost the ability to see humanity has gone far astray because we have not really achieved justice for our fallen? Have we really turned a blind eye to the Murder of our Beloved leader? “In America, we give maximum  expression to our blood lust in the mass spectator sport of boxing. Some of us are Roman enough go admit our need of the sport.  Others pretend  to look the other way.  but when a heavyweight champion fight rolls around, the nation takes a moral holiday and we are all turned in some of us peeping out of the corner of our eye at the square jungle and the animal test of brute power unfolding there.

    Every institution  in America is tainted by the mystique of race, and the question of masculinity is confused by the presence of both a white man and a black man here.  One was  the master and the other was the slave until a moment ago when they both were declared to be equal men; which leaves American men literally without a unitary, nationally viable self-image.  Whatever dim vision of masculinity they have is a rough and ready, savage mishmash of violence and sexuality, and dichotomized exercise and worship of physical force/ submission to and fear of physical force which is only one aspect of the broken down relationship between mean and women in America.  This is an era when the models of manhood  and womanhood have been blasted to dust by social upheaval, and the most alienated males and females at the bottom of society move out of their place and bid for their right to be man and woman on an equal basis with the former masters and mistresses." SOUL ON ICE,  Eldridge Cleaver.

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    Florida Automated Vehicle Summit

    in Technology

    Gene and I will touch on the FAA Registration Task Force and get the scoop on the upcoming Automated Vehicle Summit from representatives of Gulf Unmanned Systems, Florida Atlantic University and Pickett and Associates. 

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    Kimberly McDonough

    Mom of 3, kids ages 21, 19 and 18. Former NY Foster Mom for teen Girls. Presently in process of becoming Foster Mom in State of SC Marine Corps Veteran, Served US Marine Corps 1992-1998 Graduate of Briarcliffe College NY. Formerly of Long Island NY, Recently Moved to Beaufort SC Director of Operations and Board Secretary of Marines and Mickey Foundation

    Haley Warwick event manager for Carry The Fallen, a program developed by Active Heroes. Whose mission of helping veterans, active duty military and their families. She guides volunteer Team Leaders from all parts of the nation to construct Carry The Fallen ruck promoting three main goals: to raise awareness of an epidemic of 22 veteran suicides daily, to raise funds to help support all of the charity’s free programs, and to encourage camaraderie between the communities. Haley serves as a point of contact or reference for Team Leaders, handles most of the public relations for the program, and interviews and writes for the weekly Active Heroes Features as well. She holds an associate’s degree from Jefferson Community College, and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. Haley is a recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award, is a Kentucky Colonial and is Hootsuite certified. In high school, she helped develop a pet therapy program at a local nursing home, training her dog and receiving certification from the Delta Society. She also developed an art therapy program for Harbor House of Louisville, a safe haven for adults with developmental disabilities. During her time in college, she interned and worked with many non-profits and public relations firms, while having her writing and photography published She was editor and a designer for her college paper and news website.

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    RELOADED: Prophecy Flashpoint - Syria, Russia & the Fall of 2015

    in Christianity

    Back on September 8, 2015, we looked at the Bible prophecie surrounding the military build-up over Syria and the coming war in the Middle East. And in light of Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet today, we will revisit that episode.The Bible foretold these flashpoints of end-time prophesy over 2,000 years ago. We will also look at the new meeting called by UN Secretary General Ban KI Moon on September 30, 2015 to address the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Sec. Gen. Moon has also invited some Arab countries to join the discussion. Also, we must prepare for a major attack on America in the days ahead...the global elite are stirring themselves to force Satan's global agenda. Don't miss this episode. To listen by phone without using your data call 347-884-8566.

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 15 with guest Candyss Bryant

    in Military

    Candyss Bryant is a board member of Gallant Few and has dedicated her life to working issues within the Tactical community. She is a major force behind Best Ranger Competition, has run other major events like International Sniper Competition and is a Team Captain for the Run Ranger Run event. http://www.runrangerrun.com/

    Tune in and learn more about her and the efforts of The Gallant Few