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    A whole show about EVil

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    The Evil Magician GUITAR SHOW

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    Evil Magician is a lifelong magician, musician and composer, and has produced and edited original music and also corresponded with established acts.

    The Evil Magician guitar show takes an inside and most personal perspective of what it is to be a musician in this field of creativity.

    Evil Magician has recorded and performed original jazz/fusion, rock and classical music for many years. All guitar, keyboard, drums, bass and midi were performed by the maestro.

    Evil Magician is a practitioner of the occult sciences, magician, radio show host, network creator and motivational speaker.


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    The Axes of Evil series returns under the helm of J. Ellington Ashton Press and WetWorks. After the howling success of the first Axes of Evil anthology; Axes of Evil 2 and Axes of Evil 2.666 continue the heavy metal madness with the addition of fresh talent.

    Author and Editor, Alex S. Johnson, will discuss the Axes Series along with authors from all three books ( Stuart Keane, Essel Pratt, Mary Genevieve Fortier, Jeff O'Brien, Deb Hoag, Jim Goforth ) and Artist Stephen Cooney who created the Headbangingly Horrific covers for the Axes Series! But, hold on to your head! It might just FALL OFF!

    The entire series will soon be found on Amazon.com in paperback and on Kindle! And visit their website at: www.jellingtonashton.com

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    Fearmongering Corrupts! Drop Evil Communication & #SAVEUS

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    As a man thinketh he is. Constant negative talk of media and politicians spreads and negative talk turns into negative actions outside borders and at home. GOP headed by Boehner broadcast to the world their respect for leaders of other countries and in the same breathe it is made clear they have no respect for President Obama. Surely this political tactic is capable of bringing down our nation. Would it be an act of evil to pay tribute Coca Cola internationally while Pepsi pays your salary? Be not deceived: Evil communication corrupt good manners. America's communication systems shouts fearmongering, from weather, to stocks, to entertainment, to sports, to  all the fake news 24/7. Media is paid well to distribute fear and many people, who lack knowledge accepts what they hear via media as truth. People listen to what media regurgitates and people regurgitate what they just heard. Within little time and effort, regurgitated lies and backbiting takes over conservations and becomes political reality.

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      Throughout History Satan has used mankind to start wars and murder the innocent, but it is sad that mankind has took on the name of God or religion, The Crusades, The Inquisition, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, 9/11, infact the list is far to long to list here, so I will just say that God loves all his children and for any nation or people to start a war in the name of God is just plan wrong, but please understand what I am about to say, as while war in the name of God is not right, I feel that throughout History God has seen innocent nations and people come under attack from other nations being used by Satan to attempt to destroy another nation or people and so God has used other nations or peoples to stand up and defend , those who were not able to defend themselves....Today we are all under attack by forces linked to Satan himself (ISIS, Taliban, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, just to name a few) and they claim to be fighting a Holy War in God's name.

      Well I have spent many years in Afghanistan and Iraq and I have witnessed the evil some of these terrorist group have inflected upon the citizens or Afghanistan and Iraq and I fail to understand how anyone could justify murdering someone and then put God's name or his stamp of approval upon their acts of terror and outright murder, so today I will open the telephone up to everyone who would like to call and share their thoughts or anger on this issue.....the number to call in to talk to the American Patriot is 516-590-0146.

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    Host, Joe discusses the topic, "Evil" with Co-host, Gerry and John - a channeled perspective.

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    Spirits Entities and Demons ~ The Evil Side of SEX!

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    Spirits can be drawn to us. Entities can live inside us and Demons can control and kill us!! Tonights topic of The Evil Side of Sex explores the other world and dimensions of how we can be and are sexually abused, raped and traumatized! And how this causes chaos, confusion and demonic lives exsisting here on earth. Join Rev. Goddess for an eye opening, spiritual understanding of how this can happen to us and how we can remove these beings and take back our power! Goddess Blessings 



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    Resist not Evil

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    Gregory reveals the secret of defeating evil in all forms.
    Why did Matthew record Christ's words "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil..."?

    Was he giving us a key to stopping evil in its tracks and even repelling it away from us?
    What draws you to the dark side?

    And what draws you to the light?

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    Good verses Evil ~ Private verses Public w/ Machette Van Helsing

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    Good vs Evil ~ Private vs Public with Machette Van Helsing

    In this episode of Evolvequest we have return speaker & demon hunter Machette Van Helsing return to talk about law and freedom and what it means to be on the private side of law putting out of reach from the statutory public jurisdiction~!

    Please share ~! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2015/03/05/good-verses-evil-private-verses-public-w-machette-van-helsing





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    welcome  to the special show     with my  co host diana beth   and special guest  tonite the battle of good and evil

     we are continuing the show after amishap  and good example of that  tonite   we didnt let satan win   and w back    join us  on this special hour



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    Why Evil will never go away

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    For quite some time now I have been trying to convince you to pick up the Bible and read it for yourself, to determine how you think God wants you to live.  I have been trying to tell you that God’s will is not that which others tell you but that which you figure out yourself.  I have tried to let you in on a well-kept secret that no one knows the will of God except when it comes to their lives and only their lives.  My truth is my truth and all you have to do is respect it.  You do not have to agree and you will never be able to change it.  You may influence others to think about it and you may make a really good argument toward it but the final decision of change will not be yours, it will be theirs.  For quite some time I have tried to educate you on how important it was for you to take back that power you have given away to others to make you feel bad, to ignore your own feelings and to accept their truth.  Because of this, some have begun to assume that it is about control but what it is truly about is them not happy with who they are.  It is about them missing something but not quite knowing exactly what it is.  It is about them thinking that as long as they have others traveling in the same boat as they are, they will not have to suffer alone.  My how they are wrong.

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