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    Republican Establishment Still Clueless as Outsider Candidates Soar

    in Politics Conservative

    Does the Republican political establishment get it? Many in their "elite" group--from politicians to pundits--still spend their time downplaying Donald Trump, insulting him, or wishing he would just go away. These tactics have not worked. Nonetheless, the establishment does not seem to see what a multitude of Americans see in Trump and in other non-establishment 2016 presidential candidates, such as Sen. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson. We'll talk to regular, everyday people, who will discuss which "outsider" they support and why.

    In the spirit of Christmas, we will also talk to Mariah Huge, a high school senior in Cloverdale, Indiana, who has partnered with the Cloverdale Police Department to make Christmas special for needy families. During this event, called Clovers, Cops, & Christmas, which takes place on December 19, families will be able to select donated toys for their children and enjoy dinner, compliments of the police department. Mariah will tell us more about this charitable event.

    Tune in to The Right Voice with Adrienne Ross from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central every Tuesday. Become part of the conversation by calling in to (646) 200-3715 to comment and/or ask questions. If you miss the live show, listen to the podcast at any time.

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    Sole Establishment

    in Entertainment

    Randy Slovacek will join us today to talk about author Teresa Hardisters newest book "Sole Establishment". This poignantly beautiful book will still your heart and touch your soul.  It's incredibly moving and I'm honored Teresa is launching her book here on Blog Talk Radio.

    With incredible strength and grace Teresa bares her soul and lets us into her life. This is one of those books Oprah should have on her list. Join us as we celebrate this new book.

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    Pope In America, GOP Establishment Getting Nervous & Papal Impact On America

    in Politics

    Best Of Friday

    Bob Beauprez-Former Colorado Congressman, political analyst, banker, commentator and businessman discusses, The Outside The Beltway Advantage & GOP Establishment getting nervous as Trump continues to lead the field.

    Glenn Stanton-Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family talks about the Pope's American visit.

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    GOP Establishment Getting Nervous As Trump Continues To Lead, & The Pope

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    Best Of From Friday's Show

    Bob Beauprez-Former Colorado Congressman, political analyst, banker, commentator and businessman discusses, The Outside The Beltway Advantage & GOP Establishment getting nervous as Trump continues to lead the field, followed by Carly & Dr Carson.

    Glenn Stanton-Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family talks about the Pope's American visit.  Is The Pope igniting a spiritual awaekening amongst Catholics and Christians?


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    What happened to the antiestablishment movement?

    in Politics Progressive

    This topic is for those who where old enough to remember the 60's and 70's. To reminisce on the events of the decades and societal reaction to these event especially as it pertained to the antiestablishment movement who were primarily made up of those under 30. To debate the merits and failures of the anti-establishment movement with the looking glass of  hind sight.
    To debate what brought on the anti-establishment movement and question what happened to the antiestablishment movement, Was it a benefit to modern western society or was it merely a societal nuisance or inconvenient truth.
    To raise the question, has the anti establish movement really disappear or is it still part of our western culture and spiritual tapestry and if so why do we who where part of this phenomenon, or present during it, and as a witness to it, seem so complaisant and compliant with the establishment today. Where are the naysayers and challengers to the status quos today?
    To ask is everything all right today with our society, our governments, our religious bodies and the scientific  community...do we trust them now more than before, do we have confidence in these establishments more now than before.
    Do you believe we really have true democracy and  truly democratic forms of government in Western Civilization or are we really just still slaves to the elite and wealthy?
    These questions and thoughts were the embodiment of the anti establishment then in the 60's and 70's and I for one profess that we need and revival of the that phenomenon and influence today.
    I profess the anti establishment movement was truly a grass roots event and a spiritual consciousness of the common people for the common good of mankind and a check and balancing force to the elite and wealthy power class.
    Anyone one want to contribute to or debate these thoughts and opinions?

  • Beltway Disadvantage &GOP Establishment Nervous, Plus The Pope In America

    in Politics

    Bob Beauprez-Former Colorado Congressman, political analyst, commentator, banker and businessman discusses, The Outside The Beltway Advantage & GOP Establishment getting nervous as Trump continues to lead the field.

    Glenn Stanton-Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family talks about the Pope's American visit.

    Jen Horn-From the entertianment capital of the world, the cultural crusader reports on the latest Enews, TV, Emmy's, and the weeks best movies.

    Bruce Stewart-WORRIED ABOUT YOUR ENERGY COSTS? DON’T SWEAT IT! Texas-Sized Tips And Resources to Help Consumers Make The Most of Their Energy Choices.

    Stephen Moore-Heritage Foundation's chief economist, an American economic writer and policy analyst writes, "What the pope should tell America-A left-wing pontiff has the opportunity to inspire the renewal of the nation."

    Mary Claire Kendall-Washington-based writer, with a special focus on Hollywood and has been published in Forbes, Breitbart, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Times, San Francisco Examiner, NY Daily News, New York Post, National Catholic Register, Catholic New World and Our Sunday Visitor. The discussion centers on Oasis: Conversion Stories Of Hollywood Legends.                        

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    Is Door Open for Biden,Trump & The Establishment Plus Middle East Refugees

    in Politics

    Replay Of Wednesday's Show

    Pat Caddell-He has worked for Democratic presidential candidates George McGovern in 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976 and 1980, Gary Hart in 1984, Joe Biden in 1988, and Jerry Brown in 1992 and he's talking about the front runners problem's for 2016 and possible Biden entry. 

    Raphael Michel-The co-founder and CEO of EarTech discusses hearing Loss and how hearables are the new wearables and are changing the game in treatment. 

    David Paul Kuhn-Writer and political analyst asks, "Will the Political Establishment Be Trumped by The Donald?" 

    Neil Munro-The former White House correspondent reports on Germany making a "de facto" surrender on refugees, saying come one come all."  Is Europe committing suicide?

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    Anti-Establishment is on the rise: Trump, Sanders and Newton are here to stay

    in Lifestyle

    The preliminary rounds are over. After 6 months of waiting for the bombastic Donald Trump to fall, he is still leading the polls, driving TV ratings and scaring the Republican establishment. The Iowa Caucus is Monday. After that, its a sprint to the general elections. 

    As far as the Democrats, Hillary Clinton isn't quite the sure winner we've been lead to beleive she is. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist of the race, is "gaining on" Clinton poll-by-poll. Is this a good thing for the Democrats? Can he beat the GOP in the General. 

    In sports, Super Bowl Sunday is a week away and all we've heard is the reasons why a quarterback who's lost 1 game all year, celebrates touchdown's by giving balls to kids and is revered by his teammates is a so villified by much of the NFL's fanbase. 

    This week we are talking about the rise of the "anti-establishment" figures in our American pop culture, sports and politics. Join host Miguel Lloyd and Orlando Hughes live here on Blogtalk and live on Facebook. 


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    Constitutionalists Conservatives vs Today's GOP Establishment

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    Today's GOP Establishment has Rejected the Constitution of the United States of America......Just like the Progressive Democrats!

    It is Time for the GOP to Go the Way of the Whig Party!

    How many ways does the GOP reject our Constitution?

    Rejection of God and Country
    The Elected are Above the Law - They assume the Role of God over the rights of the People
    Work for Corporations - Not the American People
    Reject National Security - Refuse to Secure our Borders
    Support and Promote Amnesty
    Reject States Rights
    Surrender Rights of Congress to Empower A Dictator NOT a President
    Support the Patriot Act which is totally Anti-Constitution
    Support NSA Anti-Constitutional Envasion of Privacy
    Support So-Called "Free Trade" and Sacrifce American Jobs and American Workers
    Support Federal Control of Education
    Reject Limited Government
    Promote Government Control over Property/Land
    Support Media Control over Elections

    Face the truth.....The GOP has become part of the DNC Progressive/Communist Party that rejects the rights of the individual and the principles of our Constitution.  

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    Trump vs Establishment

    in Politics Conservative

    Trump vs Establishment - Advantage Trump

    George Soros buys coal mines - What's up with that?

    State Dept loses more e-mails.....are you shocked?

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    Is Talk Radio an arm of the Republican Establishment?

    in Politics Conservative

    Is Talk Radio a Wing of the Republican Establishment?