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    Fantasy Picks for NFL Week 1 From Our Expert Eric Snyder

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    We talk fantasy sports picks for Week one of the NFL season with our expert Eric Snyder. He says:

    Aaron Rodgers who is facing a weak Chicago secondary

    Adrian Peterson who is playing with a chip on his shoulder and he wants to rush for 2500 yards this year.

    Dez Bryant is going up against a NYG Defense that is decimated with injuries.

    Seattle D even though they get a good game from the Rams most of the time.

    Listen in.

    This is a portion of our overall show for the preview of the entire week 1. You can listen to it also on Blogtalkradio.com/johndaltv

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    Week 10 NFL Season: fantasy woes; why so many injuries; College QBS to look at

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    It is Week-10 of the NFL. 

    This is the time of year -- the tough prove themselves.  So with Injuries piling up -- which team has the edge to survive the injuries?

    A lacerated kidney for Andrew Luck.  We’ve seen this before. Scary and too common?

    And should the Rams D-coach get the blame for the cheap shot on Teddy Bridgewater?

    Are injuries the reason for what appears to be some bad football teams?  Or is it parity?

    Could be Brady be as angry about playing the Giants as he was about deflategate?

    And what are the worst defenses in the league?            

    And we will give you some college QBs to look at -- over the next few weeks – who could be playing on Sundays next year.

    And other blow to fantasy sports.  This time in New York State.

    As always our expert is Eric Snyder.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

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    NFL Week 12: Panthers no respect; Pack back; Can Pats find players? USC Coaching

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    We will look at the Turkey Day games.

    The best team in football gets no respect.

    Could Pats actually run out of players?

    Injuries are getting worse it seems.  And some are non-contact injuries.  Is it hurting the fans too or helping the standings?

    In Denver, is Brock the new Peyton?

    And we will look at religion in football.  Is the NFL the No Faith League?

    And ESPN pissed at Johnny Football.

    And some coaches may be getting off on a Trojan horse or a Bayou Bengal.

    And what is up with the referees?

    As always our expert is Eric Snyder.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    Let’s play Fraud or Real or Pretender Contender?  Packers Texans Cowboys

    Pokes get the 10-0 Panthers but the Cowboys at 3-7 are favorites over the undefeated Panthers.  As I said in the beginning, has anyone watched this team?  I got the Panthers in a romp.

    Bears go to Lambeau to play resurgent Packers.  Plus they’re retiring Brett Favre’s number.  I have to go with Pack.

    A number of new injuries are affecting games this week.  Peyton is still out.  Flacco is gone for the season – and maybe longer.  Are these injuries hurting the fans or helping?


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    NFL Rule No One Discussing After Lions Fumble in Seahawk Endzone

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    Listen to what Eric Snyder says about the ruling on the controversial fumble of Calvin Johnson in the endzone that is being called a missed call.  Only the player who fumbled can recover his fumble in the endzone.

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    NFL Week 7: Horrible QBs or Great D?; LA update; Fantasy Legal Latest; Broncos

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    Are the Defenses taking over the NFL?

    Or are the Quarterbacks getting mediocre.

    We may have the worst 6-0 team in the league.

    But the tv ratings are still good.

    And more government probes into fantasy sports are coming.

    Joining me – as always -- is Eric Snyder, our NFL expert.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can also hear him on the Power Hour on Fox Sports Radio 1340 in Vegas.

    Boychic, welcome.

    Let’s begin with the fantasy controversy.  One of the greatest names is coming to football.  Preet Bharara.  He is the US Attorney in New York.  He is now opening up a new investigation into Draft Kings and Fan Duel to see if they are acting in violation of federal law.  Preet took down the Black Friday online Poker site a short time ago.  Here come the legal bills.  And there is pretty good arguments on both sides if you look at the laws.  What are you hearing this week?


    On field was as intriguing but not scintillating.  The Defenses are great and the QBs seem to be struggling.  And I look at the undefeated teams – especially the Patriots and Broncos – and they have flaws.  Give me your takes.


    Despite this, NFL TV ratings are still way up.  Last Thursday while 2 baseball playoff games going on – the Falcons Saints game still crushed baseball.  And you had the Mets and the Dodgers – New York and LA markets -- playing.


    Let’s hit the games.  Tonight the Seahawks at 49ers.  Both teams done?  I would have said yes if the Cards won last week.  But Seahawks are only 2 games back.


    We got fantasy picks as well.


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    Fantasy Picks for Week 2 of the NFL Season

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    Our football expert Eric Snyder gives us his fantasy picks.

    QB Sam Bradford / Roethlisberger

    RB Adrian Peterson

    WR Randall Cobb

    TE Tyler Eifert

    Defense: St. Louis Rams 

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    Howard Cosell Take On Chiefs Blowing Game to Broncos... Kind of

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    Eric Snyder does a dead-on Howard Cosell impersonation after the Thursday night game.  

    The incredible ending to the Thursday night game – the fumble by the Cheifs Jamal Charles leading to a Denver touchdown – and a win for the Broncos in the final seconds – brought back some memories and a séance like call from my football expert Eric Snyder.

    After Howard left our show, Eric says this is as a devastating loss to the chiefs as it was the giants nearly 40 years ago.



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    Week 4 NFL Preview: Cards best team; Dolphins Drowning; Ravens finally win?

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    We have your fantasy picks.

    We look at some 3-0 teams.  Are they for real?

    And is the NFL becoming like Major League Baseball and the trade deadline?

    Eric Snyder, our NFL expert.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can also hear him on the Power Hour on Fox Sports Radio 1340 in Vegas.

    So, let’s begin with tonight’s Thursday night tilt.  Ravens vs. Steelers in Pittsburgh.  Ravens could go 0-4.  But the Steelers lose Big Ben for at least 4 weeks with a knee injury.  I got the Ravens in this one over Michael Vick and the Steel Curtain.

    Jets and Dolphins play across the pond early Sunday morning.  It’s a confusing time and a confusing game.  Jets gave the Eagles their first win last week.  I don’t know if Eagles were good or Jets sucked.  And the Dolphins get beached by the Bills in a trouncing last week.  Lots of talk of Joe Philbin, their head coach, may be gone soon.  I got the Jets.

    Giants go to Buffalo.  I think the Giants have turned the corner.  But I think the Bills are real – if Rex would stop obsessing over Belichick and the Pats.  I got the Bills.

    Raiders are 2-1 at the Bears.  What a gift for Oakland fans.  Although their Defense was a bit suspect vs. the Browns, I still love their offense.  And Bears are getting less talented.  I got Raiders.

    Let’s touch on something here with the Bears.  They are acting like a baseball team at the trade deadline.  They trade Jared Allen.  Now there is talk they may dump Matt Forte in a trade.  Is the NFL getting like MLB in this way?

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    FanUp with Kevin & Eric

    in Sports

    We are going over the past week in sports and talking about Thanksgiving football.

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    The New Spiritual Chakras and How to Work With Them with Elizabeth Joyce

    in Spirituality

    The New Spiritual Chakras and How to Work With Them with Elizabeth Joyce

    In order to know how to “heal consciousness,” we first need reliable means to know what it is to “heal” and to have “consciousness” or to become “conscious.” A new energy arrived on December 21, 2012 allowing all humans to access the higher dimensions through the NEW spiritual chakras. We need to understand that new energies are available to everyone on this planet to raise our vibration levels, and hence, raise our consciousness. How can this be accomplished? All the details are here, in Elizabeth Joyce’s new book The New Spiritual Chakras and How to Work With Them, for you to begin the work.
    Elizabeth has been a writer and columnist for thirty years and is currently writing Astrology columns for Wisdom Magazine and Toti Publishing. Her articles have appeared in the New York Daily News and the New York Times.  She is a spiritual healer and gives personal readings worldwide.  Elizabeth has studied with Margaret Stettner, Indira Ivey, Louise Hay, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Yogi Bhajan, Marc Tremblay, and Ammachi, the Hugging Saint. She has trained with Dr. Eric Pearl and is a Reconnective Healer. She is also a licensed minister.

    For more information visit: http://new-visions.com/

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    WBTH Lunchtime Hot Mix

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    12pm to 1pm Lunchtime Mix with DJ Eric Bell

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