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    Concerns of Islam, Immigration and Executive Orders, and Equal Pay (9.24.14)

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    Shane Krauser, the host of Liberty Storm, drives homes the point of freedom and America the idea. Don't miss this show! Shane talks about the following issues:

    1. Shane moderated the debate between Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Dr. Carl Goldberg in Arizona. They debated the religion of Islam, what our concerns should be in America, and what the solutions look like. See the debate by going to www.freedomfires.com. 

    2. VP Joe Biden makes it clear that President Barack Obama intends to move forward unilaterally to deal with the immigration problem. 

    3. Women and equal pay. What about the lies spewed by the media? What's the truth anyways?

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    Twitter: Shane Krauser

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    SERIOUSIDE: Equal Pay for Women, Assault on the Black Vote, Davontae Sanford

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    Welcome to the Seriouside of the jril show.  We will be discussing the following topics this morning:

    The numbers are staggering!! Women only make 77 cents for every dollar that is earned by men.  How can the GOP continue not to support the Lillie Ledbetter act?

    Requiring people to show ID to vote…nothing wrong with that right?  It is when the main purpose of the law is to suppress the black vote!! We will discuss.


    Four people were gunned down in a suspected drug house in 2007. A 14-year-old, partially blind, learning-disabled boy named Davontae Sanford confessed.   But a month later, a convicted hit man told police he was the real murderer. We have an update on this story..


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    Equal Pay Day; FEC Vacancies Mean Lax Electoral Enforcement

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    Equal Pay Day 2013: Women Still Making Fraction What Men Make
    Today is Equal Pay Day, the day in which advocates say women must work until to make the same amount as men made last year. Nearly 50 years after the passing of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, full-time year-round female employees make only as much as 80 percent of what their male counterparts make. Those analyzing this look at various factors such as occupational preferences and differences in the degree that men and women differ in family activities, but many studies still point to discrimination as being at least one factor. We talk to Fatima Goss Graves, Vice President for Education and Employment at the National Women's Law Center in Washington, DC.
    FEC Vacancies Mean Lack of Electoral Law Enforcement
    Beset by a long-term vacancy and ridden with deadlock, the Federal Elections Commission has become seen as mostly dysfunctional, unable to carry out its task of enforcing rules regarding elections and electoral finance. A recent column in Roll Call referred to the FEC as a lame-duck, a reference to the fact that the terms for every remaining member are about to expire, and it goes on to point out a growing backlog of work and even the ability to even determine when violations occur. We speak to the author of that column, Eliza Newlin Carney who is also a staff writer for CQ Roll Call covering lobbying and influence.

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    Should women strike for equal pay? Games people play...

    in Lifestyle

    Lang & Wilburn will dsicuss one the hottest topics of the genrations- Equal Pay For Women.

    Today's show is based upon the perspective of two women that had careers for 20+ years, have raised a family, have expereinced a multitute of life situtions and still managed to achieve multiple degrees and today remain in the workforce. 

    Experts in the feild of psychology, business & education will share advise.


    Social Psychology



    Business Leadership

    Human Resource Professionals

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    Almost Famous Friday's

    in Entertainment

    Norma Yaeger the author of "Breaking Down the Walls.Says  It is my story of how I broke down the prejudices against women during the last century.  In 1962. I was the first woman stockbroker permitted to walk the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.  I was unstoppable. I received my license, walked the floor of the exchange and fought for and got equal pay for equal work. Young women today have many choices but to keep moving forward, it is important to understand from where we have come.My story puts it in perspective

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    Equal Pay, ACA, and more: Don't fall for partisan election politics.

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    Tonight show will be about the current headlines about equal pay, ACA, Paul Ryan's budget, ect. This years election is shaping up to be democrats pitting republicans as having a "War on Women" and a "War on Poverty" while republicans are basically claiming the ACA, position on abortion, and gay marriage stance is a "War on Liberty", War on Christians", and a "War on Business" It's time to wake up a realize these individuals only care up us when it comes to votes. These are all issues that take up significant time and tax payer money for our congress to discuss and give speeches. Instead of working on real solutions to the problems that plague our nation they focus on things theyh have no control over and things that don't necessarily have a large effect on the whole of America.

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    Social Media Marketing, Equal Pay Day, and Author Earnings, oh my!

    in Writing

    Join Kori as she tackles the question of using social media to market your brand, Equal Pay Day in the US, and how authors really make their money.

    Oh, and don't miss her update about the Orange Berry Book Blog tour. Did it work? WOuld she do it, again?



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    Easy Speed Pay Weekly Update with Jim Moore and Peter Mingils

    in Business

    Easy Speed Pay Weekly Update with Jim Moore and Peter Mingils from The Mobile Concepts Network.

    Want to Virtually Eliminate Merchant fees and Chargeback risks in your business? 

    Share ESP with others and get paid!

    The newest way to send and receive money. Check out http://esp.rocks for more details.

    ESP is looking to expand our market share and offers incentives for qualified people!  

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Janet Kessenich

    in Spirituality

    Creating a Spirited Life with Janet Kessenich

    Topic: The Consumer Has a Soul: The Whole Person in the Marketplace


    When you shop, do you ever feel like you have to leave your soul at the door?

    The consumer in our culture is traditionally viewed by marketers as a statistic and a demographic to be analyzed and manipulated. But, marketing expert and author Tracy Carlson understands the consumer is a whole person - one with feelings, intuition, integrity, and an artistic sensibility.  

    She's identified what's missing from most marketing campaigns and what creates an approach that respectfully treats the consumer as a whole being. We'll discuss how we, as consumers, can recognize the businesses that are bringing the soul into the marketplace on the broadcast of Creating a Spirited Life: The Consumer Has a Soul: The Whole Person in the Marketplace.


    Tracy Carlson is Founder & Principal of Right-Brain Brands. She is a seasoned marketing strategist, speaker and advisor who helps companies develop brands that people care about and that inspire loyalty.  Tracy has led some of America’s best-known brands (Dove, Hellmann’s, Wisk) and consulted to many more (including General Mills, Rubbermaid, and Pepsi), and has extensive experience advising startups and small businesses as well. 

    Tracy’s non-traditional background combines equal parts Wharton MBA and unrepentant Yale humanities geek. This hybrid expertise, integrating human-centered right-brain thinking with left-brain analysis and metrics, forms the basis for her new book What Great Brands Know: Unleash Your Right-Brain Genius to Stand Out and Make Customers Care.

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    Just Sayin

    in Politics Progressive

    Hosts Mimi Kennedy and Judy Hess are joined by progressive leaders to discuss progressive politics, American politics, culture, faith, demographics, social justice, economic justice, justice, social change, candidates, elections, policy, Congress, and more!

    Guests are Trent Lange, PhD, President and Executive Director, California Clean Money Campaign, David Braun, Director and co-Founder of Americans Against Fracking and Elizabeth Warren, Director Communications and Campaign Outreach for People Demanding Action.

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    Yes I Care Ministries International with Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams

    in Religion

    What's Going On?  Are You Ok?. . .
    You Tired Of Being Tired?   Ohh!. . . You Sick Of Just Being Sick?. . .

    Well Come right on in!  And be freed,  delivered, and healed by "THE DOCTOR",  through the "Medicated Word Of Life"!  No appointment is necessary nor needed!  THE DOCTOR,  with His arms open, accepts ALL walk-ins "24-7" daily!  No FEES!  NO CO-PAY!  And NO PAYMENT PLAN!  Absolutely no worries about your Insurance  Plan covering your  services.  He is your  INSURANCE PLAN & Health Care Provider!  Now that,  is what you call "GOOD NEWS"!!!  A perfect Health & Life Insurance Plan with FULL OVER-LOADED  BENEFITS!!!

    Come,  and let  Dr. Jesus Saviour,  "hook-you up",  and get you going and running in the right direction;  and a brand  "NEW YOU"!   Come on in,  and welcome!  We've been expecting you!

    "Yes I Care Ministries International with Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams 01/07 by MKSPCG | Religion Podcasts

    Mon./Wednes./Friday@8:30am (pst); 10:30am(cst); and 11:30am (est).
    Call-in:  (347) 539-5669.

    Yes I Care,  LOVES YOU!  And there's nothing,  you can do about it!. . .

    Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams

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