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  • 01:29

    Trucking and Safety: All about the drivers

    in Current Events

    Our first show post MATS and a lot went on there, and it was not just about "pretty trucks." There is also a great deal of news within trucking and it is affecting drivers in a big way:

    ELD's (EOBR's), New Entrant Testing, Increased Fuel Efficiency, and the infamous truck driver shortage!

    Tonight we'll talk about it all (time permitting), so call in and let's hear your voice to the topics on our Open Forum broadcast.

    Call In Number: 347-826-9170.

  • 01:56

    Medical Review Board on Sleep Apnea, EOBR's

    in Current Events

    Having attended the recent MCSAC/FMCSA meeting and listening to the recommendations from the Medical Review Board on sleep apnea, Richard Wilson, safety and compliance expert, and Todd Dills, senior editor for Overdrive Magazine, joins us as our guests. 
    Using Facebook and Twitter to provide "live coverage" of the meeting to thousands of professional truck drivers, our guests will discuss what took place and how social media is providing drivers the opportunity to have their voices heard at MCSAC meetings, even without being present.
    Discussion also included EOBR's and harassment issues and the long-haul trucking pilot project.