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    Awakening the Divine Feminine

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     The Divine feminine is the matrix of all creation. Without the feminine nothing new can be born, nothing new can come intoexistence. And while it’s true that the Divine feminine holds the keys to creation, this sacred force is so much more.

    Feminine energy is mysterious and intuitive. It heals, comforts, and nourishes.  It also unifies, bridging divides and bringing us back to balance and wholeness. Feminine energy is fluid and graceful, flowing effortlessly with the currents of life. Make no mistake though; this energy is powerful beyond measure!

    When aligned with the forces of the Divine feminine, life takes on a magical and mystical quality.  

    Join us Wednesday, May 21st, 2014, 12pm to 1:00pm PST (1pm MST and 3pm EST) on The Enlightened View as we explore the energies of the Divine feminine!

    Rebecca Grado, MS, MFT  http://www.rebeccagrado.com/

    Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT http://fengshuiyourmind.com/

    Betty Pegues, Psychic Intuitive www.bettypegues.weebly.com

    Michelle Dwyer, MS, CNC  http://healthcoachmichelle.com


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    Tap into Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles with our guest Alex Marcoux.

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    Join us as we tap into the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles with our special guest Alex Marcoux.

    Alex Marcoux is a mystery writer and bestselling New Thought author, scientist, intuitive, inspirational speaker and student of various philosophies and teachings, including the Science of Mind and Spirit. Marcoux is the author of bestselling and award-winning lesbian literature and a spirituality book which teaches how to identify understand and benefit from the Universe's signs.

    When Marcoux began writing her suspense novels, she discovered a fresh and innovative approach to boost her creativity and imagination. She discovered the Lifesigns Process which first helped tell her tales, and then she realized she could use it to communicate with Spirit.  She honed and studied this phenomena and technique for over 10 years while writing her novels until she put the process in writing and introduced Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles where she teaches how to harness the power of coincidence, intuition, psychic powers, dreams, life's hiccups, and even the rhythm of life.

    Alex regularly shares her insights on her blog, Living on the Edge (http://alexmarcoux.com/blog) as well as on Examiner.com as the National New Thought Examiner. Alex conducts workshops on writing, creativity and spirituality, all of which encourage people to take their creativity to a new level, and now she will share her insight and wisdom with you on the Enlightened View.

    Join us Wednesday June 11th 12pm to 1:00pm PST (1pm MST and 3pm EST).  To ask a question or leave a comment to our guest or hosts, or to listen via your phone, dial (347) 884-9567, and punch 1 to speak, and see how you can tap into the power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles.


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    Dive into the Divine Feminine and Discover How to Tame Your Alpha Bitch

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    This month of May is all about awakening the Divine Feminine and how to tap into that energy of strength, grace and empowerment. When I think of that beautiful combination of wisdom, joy, deep inner-calm, and true generosity of spirit, one of the first people who come to mind is our very own co-host Rebecca Grado.

    On this week’s show we will be talking all about her NY Times bestselling book Taming Your Alpha Bitch – How to be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!). With Rebecca’s guidance, we’ll learn how to shift into our powerful feminine energy, clear away all the limitations that have held us back, and claim our ability to manifest the life we want so that we can live our highest potential.

    Join The Enlightened View and the fabulous Rebecca Grado as we dive into the Divine Feminine and discover how to shift from Alpha Bitches to Femininely Empowered Women.

    As you know from the show, Rebecca is a licensed intuitive psychotherapist and a gifted writer with her work featured with bestselling authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, and Anthony Robbins. Rebecca has studied metaphysics since 1985 and is a true visionary in her approach to energy work and healing. For over twenty-five years she has raised awareness on the planet through her books, seminars, and in her private practice. Skillfully blending her intuitive gift with traditional psychotherapy practices, she helps individuals transcend their limitations, discover their innate joy, and awaken their greatest potential.

    Join us Wednesday, May 14 from 12 to 1 pm PDT (1 pm MDT and 3 pm EDT)  and see how you can tame your Alpha Bitch with Rebecca Grado.

    Michelle Dwyer, MS, CNC  www.healthcoachmichelle.com

    Rebecca Grado, MS, MFT www.rebeccagrado.com

    Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT www.fengshuiyourmind.com

    Betty Pegues, Psychic Intuitive www.bettypegues.weebly.com


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    Transitions: One Door Opens As Another Closes

    in Self Help

    In life we experience so many transitions because the very nature of life is change.  The cluttered mind kicks and screams, resisting those changes the whole way through causing us to suffer needlessly. We offer you a delightful alternative today. What’s the New Enlightened View about transitions?  We welcome them!  Since transitions are inevitable, we find creative and joyful ways to go with the flow, not against it.

    On today’s show we’ll delve into this juicy topic, share some Big News with all of you, and guide you to move through transitions with total ease and grace.  When you know how to read the signs and respond to them from the high vibration of your Spirit, you are positioning yourself for a great destiny to unfold.  We promise that it is one that’s filled with boundless blissful blessings!

    For more information on your NEW Enlightened View co-hosts, please see: 

    Jill LeBeau, MFT and spiritual psychotherapist and co-author of the ground-breaking book, Feng Shui Your Mind

    Michelle Dwyer, Holistic Health Coach and Certified Nutrition Consultant

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    Astrology Made Easy!: Guest Karen Close Parrish

    in Self Help

    Have you been curious about astrology but felt somewhat intimidated by all of the complexity associated with it?  We have a wonderful treat for you.  Our special guest, Karen Close Parrish, is a gifted teacher who is great at simplifying what we need to know and the best ways to apply that knowledge to our life.

    Karen is fast becoming a Soul Path Coach for women. As a certified massage therapist, wisdom teacher, yogini and athlete, Karen has been creating her unique blend of healing mojo for thirty-four years. She is a delightful blend of traditional and innovative practices, weaving astrology, the healing arts, and communication into her unique offering.

    Currently Karen is a graduate student in Consciousness and Transformative Studies at JFKU in Pleasant Hill, CA. Her undergraduate degree is in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

    She is an avid hiker, swims with the Walnut Creek masters team, and is part of the Kundalini Yoga community. She lives with her beloved "Sweetie", a five year old Dachshund mix who rescued Karen when her mother died.

    Karen and Sweetie live in Walnut Creek, CA. Karen works part time at the Oakland Community Counseling Center and has a private massage practice.  Sweetie specializes in gentleness, compassion and forgiveness. She teaches the importance of love and joy on a daily basis.

    For more information about your New Enlightened View co-hosts, please go to:

    Jill LeBeau, MFT and spiritual psychotherapist and co-author of the ground-breaking book, Feng Shui Your Mind

    Michelle Dwyer, Holistic Health Coach and Certified Nutrition Consultant


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    Alchemy: Spinning Spiritual Straw into Gold!

    in Self Help

    As the beloved fable Rumpelstiltskin says, "Once upon a time in a distant land, a miller boasted to his king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. Intrigued, the king locked her up in a roomful of straw and told her, 'If you can spin this straw into gold by morning, you shall be my queen. If not, you shall die.'"  We are told that "the poor girl was at her wit’s end. She could barely spin wool, let alone straw, let alone into gold."

    What do we do when we are at our wit's end? When we feel overcome by exasperation and suffer from intense stress caused by external circumstances that show up as other people, life situations etc.?  We can either rise up and be, as Michael Beckwith says, "spiritually aerodynamic" or remain paralyzed in the suffering.  As he points out, it takes wind for the plane to ascend.  What's the wind you are currently experiencing?  Join us today as Michelle Dwyer and Jill LeBeau, co-hosts of The New Enlightened View, reconnect you with your inner alchemist so that you can respond to your challenges by spinning the "straw" into gold!

    Michelle Dwyer, Holistic Health Coach & Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Jill LeBeau, MFT, Spiritual Psychotherapist and Co-author of Feng Shui Your Mind

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    Everyday Enthusiasm: Transform the Mundane Into the Miraculous

    in Self Help

    “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm.” Aldous Huxley, famous writer and thinker, knew the power of carrying the spirit of enthusiasm with us as we grow older. The child is easily excited and enthused about life. Even the smallest thing—a little bug, the crunch of a leaf, a small treat—can brings squeals of joy and laughter from a child. The key to living a purposeful life is retaining that sense of wonder and joy about the world and our lives, even as we grow older. Or maybe especially as we grow older!

    This week’s show will be all about the importance of living our life with love and purpose and enthusiasm. How can we bring joy and excitement to the every day things of life?  How can we authentically live each moment with enthusiasm and purpose? How can living this way lead to a truly meaningful, fabulous life? How can we transform the mundane into the miraculous?

    Join us Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 12pm to 1:00 pm PDT (1pm MDT and 3pm EDT) on The Enlightened View as we get excited about sharing our genuine enthusiasm for life with you!

    Michelle Dwyer, MS, CNC http://healthcoachmichelle.com

    Rebecca Grado, MS, MFT http://www.rebeccagrado.com/

    Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT http://fengshuiyourmind.com/

    Betty Pegues, Psychic Intuitive www.bettypegues.weebly.com

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    Living in Absolute Freedom

    in Self Help

    Imagine yourself free of all concerns and limitations; free to be, do, and have all that you desire.

    Imagine rising to heights that surpass your wildest dreams. We’re talking about experiencing your life in a way that exceeds all expectations and moves you beyond self- imposed restrictions.

    This month on The Enlightened View we are exploring Freedom. Join us Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 from 12pm to 1pm PDT on The Enlightened View as we look at new ways to experience ultimate freedom by moving beyond the confines of our limiting thoughts and beliefs.

    Rebecca Grado, MS, MFT  http://www.rebeccagrado.com/

    Michelle Dwyer, MS, CNC  http://healthcoachmichelle.com

    Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT http://fengshuiyourmind.com/

    Betty Pegues, Psychic Intuitive www.bettypegues.weebly.com



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    Davidji- Secrets of Meditation: a Guide to Inner Peace and Transformation.

    in Self Help

    This month on the enlightened View our theme has been on Freedom. One way to experience freedom through inner peace and transformation is with meditation. But if you’re like most people meditation can seem daunting and intimidating need less in this busy world finding the time. Now if there is one person that could help you chance that view its Davidji, who we are delighted to have as our guest on the show.

    Davidji is an internationally recognized meditation expert, stress-management counselor, corporate trainer and author of the award-winning Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace & Personal Transformation. He created the 21-day meditation challenge, and his voice can be heard on more than 300 guided meditations, including his best-selling CD, Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full, and his latest release, the critically acclaimed Ayurvedic opera Journey to Infinity with sound healers Sacred Fire.

    As the Lead Educator of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Davidji apprenticed under Deepak Chopra for nearly a decade learning and ultimately teaching the profound timeless wisdom of meditation, Ayurveda, emotional healing, and conscious choice making. With more than 200 guided meditations to his credit , more than 100,000 students around the world, and  certifying more than 1,000 meditation teachers, Davidji has made the ancient science of meditation practical, easy, fun, and rewarding.

    Join us Wednesday July 23rd 12pm to 1:00pm PST (1pm MST and 3pm EST) as we welcome the amazing Davidji. To ask a question, leave a comment or to listen via your phone, dial (347) 884-9567, and punch 1 to speak. Come hear how you can find freedom, inner peace, and transformation with meditation www.davidji.com





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    Enlightened Indigo Child

    in Books

    Authors Diandra Brand and Dr. Idelle Brand; Mother and Daughter speak about the book they wrote together "Enlightened Indigo Child".

    The book is written from the perspective of a mother raising an Indigo Child

    and a daughter rising to the occassion.

    You will hear how they overcame their challenges,  and now they share their story to let you know that you can too.

    click here to find out more about Idelle and Diandra www.enlightenedindigochild.com

    What it means to them as a parent and child, and how you can triumph with the Ingido gift.

    If you think you may have an Indigo in your family, feel fre to follow me right here above, leave a comment below and go to the mother daughter link to find out more.

    The blessing is in the journey!!!

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    Choosing Raw: Making Raw Foods Part of the Way You Eat

    in Environment

    As health-conscious Americans shift their focus away from dieting and towards whole, nourishing foods, vegan and raw food diets have been moving into the spotlight. But can you embrace raw foods without breaking the bank? Is it possible to get the nutrition you need on a plant based diet? Will you be able to juggle food prep with everything else in your hectic life? Can raw and vegan foods still taste satisfying and delicious? In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Gena Hamshaw, author of “Choosing Raw: Making Raw Foods Part of the Way You Eat”.

    Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com

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