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    Energy Clearing Meditation

    in Spirituality

    This energy clearing and chakra balancing meditation is pre-recorded.  It was created in part for the Angels Touch healing energy class that I am teaching online (more info at AngelsTouchTherapy.com) as a way to prep participants for the class - balancing chakras and gettting our energy centers strong and light.  It may also be useful for others who are not part of the class so feel free to use when your spiritual energy needs restoring.  I hope you find it uplifting and peaceful.  

    You may also join me on my facebook fanpage:  "Seeing MIracles Every Day: A Course In Miracles"


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    Andi's 'SPIRITUAL TRIAGE' - Energy Clearing with Andi

    in Spirituality

    How do you know what you need if you really don't understand your choices?  This show wants to present how choices work... and What they can DO for you.  Step into our Amphitheater of Healing…  This new platform lets you meet  *Practitioners, learn about what they do, then experience “sitting in” during a LIVE Session.

    This Show - Mary Canady is Hosting and I get to be 'The Guest'...For all of you who have asked me what I do.... I'll take you with me as I do one of my particular Energy Clearing Sessions! This is a perfect way meet your Host and see what kinds of things get cleared...how it the process works!  Andi is a Specialist: Trauma, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing & Energetic Coaching with 22 years of experience. She's a Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker, Author, & Radio Show Host.

    Then it’s time for:   SPIRITUAL TRIAGE!....NEED HELP?  Our HEALING PANEL is Ready to Help our Callers!

    From your Show Hostess, Andi Feinberg: “I have personally screened each guest, investigated their product or service and bring you only those people and Practitioners that I can vouch for with respect to Ability, Integrity and Walking their Talk.  PLEASE tell others - especially those whose Abundance and Health are not flowing!  We are HERE to Help...We are HONORED to Help…and This IS JOY for Us --We’re Trusting it is JOY for you too!”          Namasté!   ~Andi

    www.EnergeticAdvantage.com   Office: (480) 442-6349

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    Intuitive Angel Messages and Energy Clearing with Dr Jenn

    in Spirituality

    Intuitive Angel Messages and Energy Clearing with Dr Jenn is back this week to bring you support, encouragement and spiritual guidance. Do you have a question for the Angels? Be sure to tune in, call in or write in your requests. We have so much going on in our lives everyday, why not let the angels help you and walk along side you in your everyday experience. There’s nothing like the comfort you feel when wrapped in their wings of Divine Love they share with us in unlimited ways! We only have to ask and allow ourselves to receive this beautiful Gift of Love from the Divine.

    In this episode, Dr Jenn delivers intuitive Angel Messages for all of humanity and to callers during the live show and listeners that sent in questions prior to live broadcast. Dr Jenn will also lead the listeners in a guided invocation and meditation with the Angels to help clear away toxic energy and connect the listeners with Divine Healing energy.

    *This episode has been pre-recorded. Original air date: 6/5/14 on Transformation Talk Radio and 1230am WBLQ

    Want Join us for upcoming live shows? Subscribe to Dr Jenn's weekly newsletter for the latest upcoming show listings and receive a FREE GIFT. Learn more about Dr Jenn Royster at JennRoyster.com

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    Open Your Mind to Receive ! It's Mercury in Retrograde Again! And Readings Too!

    in Spirituality

    We do alot of asking for a lot of things but are we Open to actually Recieve what we are asking for?

    Well on this show we are going to talk all about what it really takes to get what we are yearning for! 

    We will take the mystery out of the process and I will give you the 3 top things you need to have in place to receive what you want.

    We have a New Moon and Mercury in Retrograde this week too so we will discuss just how to use this special combo of energy

    to the highest advantage. 

    And of course we will be doing a few readings so be sure to call in early!

    Call in Up to 15 Minutes Early at 347 215 9485

    This Show is Sponsored by Soul Life Times Magazine!

    Did you take the Aha! Quiz - Are You a Special One? It's Free! www.ahamomentsworld.com/specialonequiz



  • Reset your life ~ Celtic Mystic

    in Spirituality

    Are you ready to release and reset your life? This short broadcast by Caithe, The Celtic Mystic from Celticai Studio. provides a free group healing message as part of the Adventure into Ascension subscription. Tune in and receive the information your body needs to begin ANEW! Click HERE to learn more about the Adventure into Ascension Individual Message Subscription.

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    Mind Blowing Energy Clearing that will change your life. FREE CALL-IN SHOW!

    in Health

    Tim Janakos, certified Emotion Code practitioner and student of many healing modalities, such as Quantum Touch 2.0 (QT2), 3 Dimensional Therapy (T3), Access Consciousness, Body Code, and more, will be taking your calls as he does twice a week to do live healing on you and your ancestors and decendents. 

    How does it get even better than that? 

    Are you ready for the new you? 

    Tim is also an award winning singer song writer and a world renown inspirational writer, who is giving away some free proxy healing session to anyone who buys one of his 4 CDs or 5 Books and does a review on Amazon, Lulu, Itunes or CD Baby. 

    For each review of each product, Tim will do a free 30-minute healing session by proxy and send you an MP3 of everything he was able to clear from your body.  

    How did we get so lucky? 

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    Exploring the Transformational Power of Ethann Fox's "Energy Transfer" Process!

    in Spirituality

    Discover • Manifest • Transform!

    During this episode our guest, Ethann Fox, will discuss his powerful Energy Transfer process.  Ethann is a spiritual teacher and founder of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution and the Awake And Empowered Expo. 

    From an early age and through his adult years in the business world, he had an intense knowing that he could help people. Simultaneously, he walked the spiritual world, and became an accomplished astrologer and numerologist. Ethann is able to accept the karma and negative emotional energy from others without any adverse effects to himself. He is able to do this while raising the consciousness of entire groups of individuals at once.  Now Ethann uses this divine gift to help others to live happier more fulfilling lives and to aid in the transition to a new world consciousness.

    Ethann is offering our listeners a $25 discount off of his 90 minute Astro-numerology consultation, simply email him at info@ethannfox.com, and mention our show. This discount is good until December 6th at midnight EST.

    He is also offering a $50 discount off of the Awake and Empowered EXPO Weekend!  Use the discount code, "EMPOWERED", when registering at the EXPO web site, Awake And Empowered Expo. 

    Ethann can be contacted via the following links:  www.facebook.com/ethannfoxenergytransfer / http://ethannfox.com/contact

    Please do call in with your questions and comments for Ethann!

    Together we create the Shift!  One Love!

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    Positive and Negative Energy: Vibrating on a Higher Frequecy

    in Religion

    A conversation with Host Raven Nightclaw, Fae Sky Wolf and Abigail Love about energy in the home and how to make it the best environment that you can. Join us with questions and answers on what you could do to make your home feel better all the time.

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    in Spirituality

    Practical Spirituality. Our everyday life is the vehicle we should be using to help us integrate spiritual knowledge and values into the way we are in our daily life.

    Our natural inheritance is LOVE. When we choose to learn how to respond 24/7 to life’s many challenges, situations and events from one the many faces of love: compassion, wisdom, tolerance, understanding, kindness, grace, gratitude we raise our frequency, we work from an intuitive state, and we begin to open to true abundance.

    When we do this, we teach ourselves, through awareness and practice, how to utilize our thoughts and emotions rather than have them rule us. As our daily actions represent our developed consciousness our relationships become deep and rich and we are able to make life decisions that speak to our higher good, not to our momentary wishes.

    It is then that we find we are not just talking about spiritual principles, we actually live by and become them.

    There is nothing more practical than that!


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    Transformation Via Orgone Energy Batteries, Meridians, Chakras, & Meditation.

    in Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone & welcome to Happy Hour , www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful

     Tuesday ,Jan.27th, 2015 at 3-4 p.m. eastern. 347-205 9957 & chat room.  Transformation Via Orgone energy Batteries, Chakras, Meridians & Meditation.

     My guest is Mari Morena Torres. She is well known as a Master Healer, who works with various Modalities of healing as in Crystal Healing, She’s founder of Orgone Energy Batteries  & a practitioner as well.  She does sacred sexual healing, sound Vibrational   healing . Teaches Sacred words of power of Manifesting through orgasmic focus and so much more. Yes she’s  a gift to all of us for healing in such a time as this. She’s doing readings so call in.

    Thanks for joining. Love & light Vanda Maria Guzman

    The Life is So Beautiful radio show with Vanda Guzman. I will have many wonderful Guests every Tuesday at 3pm eastern time. Please join us!

    Call in Number is 347-205-9957.

    Visit www.LifeisSoBeautiful.net to leave prayer requests, sign my Guestbook, Buy my Music. All Donations are appreciated!

    Follow me on www.Facebook.com/VandaGuzmanMusic. Guests can email me at VandaGuzman@yahoo.com .

    Click the link for this show to listen LIVE or to listen to later, or right click to download it.



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    Daily Focus- Leaking Energy

    in Spirituality

    When you focus on anything other than what you can control 100% of the time, you are leaking your engery. 

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