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    What Can Elected Officials Do To End Police Abuse of Citizens?

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    Tuesday April 7, 2015 is Election Day in Ferguson, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois and a number of cities across the U.S.  Police brutality is a major issue in communities where racism has run rampant throughout the criminal justice system and police have operated as enforcers in an ongoing practice of criminalizing African Americans, Latinos, and low income whites. When will it stop? Many citizens say it's time to change the people in City Hall. But the question is, what can elected officials really do to end police abuse of citizens? Fire the entire police force and start over with new hires? Develop a rigorous retraining program that involves racial sensitivity? Create a Citizen Review Board with the authority to fire police if found guilty of using unnecessary excessive force? Require that police who serve a community must live in the community that they police? Have body cameras on all officers, which must be on and active during all interactions with citizens? Theodore Daffin, a victim of police abuse and a subsequent cover up, shares his story and his hopes of one day receiving justice.



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    Questioning our elected officials

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    Charlie In The Box! Fridays *9:00pm/Est *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ This week on the Charlie In The Box radio show we got to start with questioning our elective officials, at our city halls, state capitals, and even Washington D.C. What's the best way to do that? E-mail, phone call, how about even walking in? Telling them what's on our minds. If you ask me...government is tyranny. What did our founding fathers say about government tyranny? That's what we will cover on the second half of this week’s show. Thomas Paine said, "It is the duty of a patriot to protect his country from its government” and that's what I intend to do. So, if you’re down with that tune in this Friday....hollow point lyric's I'll be spitting at your ears. Giving my perspective to the American public about everything, including government and things that we all deal with in our everyday life. We all could feel it in our guts that there’s something wrong. You can feel it in your heart when your kids ask you, “Is everything going to be alright?” and you don’t have that answer for them. So if you would like to start looking at things differently, maybe in a different perspective…please tune in week after week for this adventure that we will be going on., and I promise you at the end,. Things will start looking a lot more differently. Tags: Charlie In The Box, Politics,newbies, Prepper Broadcasting

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    What Are We Really Paying Our Elected Officials To Do?

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    We are the employers of the Mayor, the Governor, the City Clerk, the City Treasurer, the Alderman, the States Attorney, the State Representative, the State Senator, and all the elected officials on the ballot. Our tax dollars pay their salaries. But what are they really supposed to be doing? Most citizens who vote really don't have a clue as to the job description of each elected office. Most public schools stopped teaching "civics" long ago. So, we give a lot of power and control over our lives to people and we don't even know anything about them, or the kinds of decisions they make that affect our daily survival. Bill "Doc" Walls, currently a candidate for Mayor of Chicago, has studied and even run for, a number of elected offices. Today he'll help us move closer to totalpolitical literacy with detailed explanations of the duties, responsibilities and hiring powers of those people running for public office who are asking for our vote in the upcoming election.

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    How Can Elected Officials Create Jobs In Poor Neighborhoods?

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    Citizens are frustrated with the absence of economic growth in drug infested, crime ridden communities. The easiest way to get elected as alderman in such areas is to promise to bring "jobs". But is that a realistic promise? What does it really take to convince businesses to move into a high crime area? How does an "entrepreneur" generate revenue among the unemployed? How does one compete with the ever thriving drug business run by well financed street organizations that are propped up by a hidden hand that no one seems willing to expose? This week we'll talk to candidates that are promising to change such frustrating conditions and we'll give voters a chance to ask hard questions and determine whether they are getting real answers. Today's guest, 15th Ward Alderman Toni Foulkes, explains her vision for the struggling Englewood community.




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    Trust in Elected Officials, a Requirement

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    Trust in elected officials is a requirement people. We should send only people we trust to represent us and US. When those who are not trustworthy are proven to not be trustworthy we need to put in place a solution to replace them immediately. We need journalist to seek facts. We need journalist to be unbiased. Journalist need to be independent thinkers not special interest mongers. We all must learn to trust and verify.

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    Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness 03-05-15 - With Jon & Ira

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    This week we ask "Do you Love America?"

    More threats from ISIS, but the response is not what they expected.

    One state has decided to legalize Prostitutes for Elected Officials

    One way to stay in power, Kill the competition.

    What are other ways to use your cell phone? Other than making calls or sending texts.

    Some Obama supporters are regretting their decision....Can you guess who now?

    More states looking to reduce their budgets, by cutting waste. But liberals wont like what they are doing to save money.

    Anyone want Fried Duck for dinner? Well then perhaps you should hang out around a specific power plant.

    Don't miss our Bonehead of the week, and who made the cut for Hero of the week?

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    Political Prisoners: Do Elected Officials Use Jail To Silence Opposition?

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    Rev. Edward Pinkney, Pastor of God House of Faith in Benton Harbor, Michigan and President of BANCO, is a hard working activist who found himself in an unexpected place. Jail.

    Toni Meekey Stith, Chicago community activist working with Families of Those Wrongfully Convicted and candidate for Alderman of the 34th Ward, found herself also in an unexpected place. Jail.

    Both recognize trumped up charges placed against them which seem to originate from those whose positions of authority they are threatening with their public activism.

    We like to believe that America is a democracy where people are treated equally under the law but recent events have made it clear that this is not so. Many are outraged that those in "low income" communities tend to be arrested and jailed more often than those from affluent communities. But what about the injustice against those working people who are targeted simply because they dare to challenge those in authority? Sometimes those in power will become cruel and ruthless if threatened with the loss of a political position. Is jail being used as a tool by some in authority to silence their opposition?

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    Elected Officials Live in Prosperity

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    Do you like what you see our elected officials doing and not doing for America? Have you seen the best side of the GOP, Republicans, Democrats? Or are you seeing the bad side, the back end of US elected officials? Do you realize it only takes a massive organized collective out pouring to get the attention of elected officials.
    Why do we need their attention? We need JOBs, ACA, Veteran services across America, Unions to protect US worker rights, end US CEOs outsourcing of US jobs.
    Elected officials live in prosperity while growing numbers of Americans are living in, or one paycheck away from poverty.

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    Jobs Numbers Smacks of Institutional Racism: Whites 4.7% Latinos 6.6 Blacks 10.5

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    Government workers, elected, appointed or hired are to provide services to we the people. We the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Elected officials are Government workers who  come from amongst us.Their purpose seem to be only to get paychecks. They talk and act on the goods of Business owners while treading on the welfare and liberty of we the people. Over $3trillions in tax revenue for 2014 is more than enough for congress and senate to pass jobs to get America to a full workforce. America's 50million businesses, 10% of which are foreign owned, should hire 50 million people in 30days. Working class, be wise. Consider the ant! Unite. Speak as one. Jobless numbers 5.5% smacks of racism. Blacks-10.5%. Latinos 6.6%. Whites 4.7%. Asians 4.0%.

  • Clemency For Those Who Has Been To Prison

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    Come aboard a trip after the release from prison and the things to become a part of society once released. The first thing the state ask is each person returning outside from prison is to register with the ploice department or sheriff office. Many returning inmates never register some because they have forgotten to excited to be free again. Some because they are afraid another change may come up.

    The clemency function is an act of mercy that absolves an individual from all or any part of the punishment that the law imposes. This is a power to grant full or conditional pardons, or commute punishment. There are rules for these lengthy procedures, and these powers are vested in the Governor only with the agreement of two Cabinet members who are also statewide elected officials.











    I. Types of Clemency

    A. Full Pardon

    B. Pardon Without Firearm Authority

    C. Pardon for Misdemeanor

    D. Commutation of Sentence

    E. Remission of Fines and Forfeitures

    F. Specific Authority to Own, Possess, or Use Firearms

    G. Restoration of Civil Right

    s in Florida

    H. Restoration of Alien Status under Florida La

  • Black Reconstruction #LaShawnAllenMuhammad 323.927.2913

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    Hosted By: LaShawn Allen-Muhammad

    Who were the first Black Elected Officials? During the month of November, as the country gears up to re-elect or vote in the next wave of politicians, Black Reconstruction will revisit the Reconstruction era to pay homage to the Black Men who came before Obama.  During this tumultuous time, Blacks not only established townships, they also positioned themselves to be an integral part of government.   

    At a Glance.. In 1855, Brownhelm Township, founded by Col. Henry Brown,  gained notoriety throughout the U.S, when the township elected an African-American to government office.  The NY Syracuse Daily Journal, May 31, 1855 reported that John Mercer Langston was a fugitive slave who had been elected clerk.  Brownhelm's early residents had long been known for their strong anti-slavery stance; and Col. Henry Brown's home on the Lake Shore was often a final stop on the Underground Railroad, before reaching Canada by boat.    African-American Firsts: Government

    Local elected official: John Mercer Langston, 1855, town clerk of Brownhelm Township, Ohio.

    State elected official: Alexander Lucius Twilight, 1836, the Vermont legislature.

    Governor (appointed): P.B.S. Pinchback served as governor of Louisiana from Dec. 9, 1872-Jan. 13, 1873, during impeachment proceedings against the elected governor.

    U.S. Representative: Joseph Rainey became a Congressman from South Carolina in 1870 and was reelected four more times. 

    U.S. Senator: Hiram Revels became Senator from Mississippi from Feb. 25, 1870, to March 4, 1871, during Reconstruction.  

    There have only been a total of five black senators in U.S. history: the remaining two are Blanche K. Bruce [1875-1881] and Barack Obama 

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