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  • Federal Sales Sherpa Show

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    Repeat of Show #1: Registering on Sam.gov

    Are you ready to take on the mountain of opportunity that is the federal government? Then join Eileen Kent, "The Federal Sales Sherpa" every Tuesday at 5pm CST here on Linked Local Network.

    Although the show is a year old now, Eileen likes to repeat some key episodes to remind new contractors how to get started. The first step is to register your business at Sam.gov and Eileen will walk you through some of the nuances of getting registered including defining DUNS, NAICS, CAGE Codes, Small Business Size Standards and much more.

    About the Federal Sales Sherpa: Eileen Kent has traveled the country over the past 11 years training over 10,000 executives on the game of how to win federal contracts and they've come back to her time and time again with success stories of winning millions in federal business. Besides training, Eileen has "street smart" knowledge as she, too, has lead sales teams to capture tens of millions in federal contracts.

    Eileen has a personal motto: "Educate the New, Motivate the Frustrated and Validate the Experienced," so if you're brand new to federal contracting or you've been at it for years, Eileen and her personal portfolio of experts will be here - every week - happy to keep you informed, motivated and winning!

    If you have a question, a topic idea for the Federal Sales Sherpa Show or would like one-on-one coaching on how to sell to the federal government, contact Eileen Kent, the Federal Sales Sherpa, at 312-636-5381 or visit http://www.federalsalessherpa.com.

    Thank you for listening!

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    NABWIC Talks Radio - Rekha S. Jadala

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    Rekha S. Jadala is the president and owner of SRR International which provides
    ·         IT and GIS solutions for Industries like Construction, Health Care, Aviation, Engineering
    ·         Provide Engineering & Construction Staff Augmentation Services
    ·         Construction Inspection and Material Testing Services.
    Ms. Jadala holds degree in Alternative Medicine and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.Ms. Jadala has a broad background in engineering, construction, environmental, health care and forensic systems, integrating data for applications, planning, operations and decision support. Because of her combined professional background in industry, science, engineering and technology, Ms. Jadala can translate between providers, scientists, operations managers, decision makers, and information-systems staff to define common goals clearly and implement specific solutions.