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    Viktor Postol with KO Upset Over Matthysse, Broner Punishes Khabib Allakhverdiev

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    Cincinnati's Adrien Broner won a world title in his fourth weight division with an impressive 12-round technical knockout over Khabib Allakhverdiev in front of 5,932 hometown fans at the U.S. Bank Arena live on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING®. Broner (30-2, 22 KOs) put his fast hands, thudding power and love of showmanship on display in an exciting performance.
    Allakhverdiev (19-2, 9 KOs) took Broner's best shots without going down, but with an in-shape Broner upping the punishment in the last round, referee Harvey Dock decided to mercifully wave the fight over at 2:23.
    Broner looked sharp in his return to the super lightweight division. He landed 50 percent of his power punches with the right uppercut being his most effective tool.

    Viktor Postol (28-0, 12KOs) stunned a frantic crowd at the StubHub Center in Carson, California when he knocked out the Argentinian knockout artist Lucas Matthysse in the feature bout on HBO.

     Postol was a live underdog, to say the least, but if someone was going to score a knockout in the fight we thought it’d be the man with 34 of them in 37 wins. Instead, Matthysse received his 4th professional loss.

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    The "Donald" Meets with Prosperity Teachers & Zombie Preparedness Month

    in Christianity

    The "Donald" Meets with Prosperity Teachers &  Zombie Preparedness Month  

    Some of the things in the news are actually rather unbelievable.... like Governor Brownback signing a proclamation for Zombie Preparedness Month.  

    Donald Trump meets with evil prosperity teachers says The Christian Post. 

    12 are said to be dead at an Oregon College.... breaking news

  • Erica Castner The Queen of Results in The Business Spotlight with Dori DeCarlo

    in Social Networking

    The Business Spotlight shines on a special guest on September 29th. From climbing the corporate ladder to entrepreneurship, Erica Castner is not a stranger to the professional development world. She is the founder of Queen of Results Business Coaching & Consulting, a company dedicated to helping working moms become unstoppable in all areas of their business and life. Erica is also the host of the podcast series, Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals Guide to Triumph & Success. She is married to her husband, Ed. They have two daughters, Lauren and Brooke and a puppy named, Auggie.

    Join us, live or in archive, here on #WoMRadio - the show for mompreneurs, the new business woman.

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    Please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and email us at dori@wordofmomradio.com with questions, comments and information on how to be a guest.

    WoMRadio - sharing the wisdom of women!


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    Thom Reed~Photographer/UFO Experiencer

    in Paranormal

    Thom Reed is a South Beach fashion photographer, and the founder of MIAMI MODELS, w/clients: Polo Black Label, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. The historic off-world / UFO case of the Reed Family, was assigned a Vallee classification of "CE4" (close encounter of the 4th kind), with a Case Category of 3 (physical evidence).
    Thom will make public the details of the families UFO/Off-world Encounters. He will detail how and why their case became the 1st encounter officially inducted by a Massachusetts Township and Historical Society.
    The incidents’ involving the Reed’s made local news on WSBS Radio in the 1960’s. The incident and/or Disk shaped craft that was seen descending over the Reed farm in 1969, was issued a HYNEK classification; during the final months of Project Blue Book. Attorney Robert Bletchman, now the Reeds legally retained Attorney would mention their 1960’s encounters in support of 33/426, at the United Nations. Bletchman working in conjunction with Mohammad Ramadan, the President of the Parapsychology Society at the United Nations organized a symposium on the UFO subject in 1992.  Thom’s father, Attorney Howard Reed would lose his life under questionable circumstances, on that same day. Detective Steve White an officer with over 30 years of law enforcement experience, investigated the Reed case. White did document radioactive hot spots and magnetic anomalies associated with one of the encounters. Officer White would report, “Authentic encounter with an unknown powerful force”. Thom passed his first and only Polygraph test with a score of 99.1%. The test was administered by a veteran police officer at the Department of Defense, Polygraph Institute. It should be noted that this family of professionals have a City Proclamation in their honor, and a commemorative bench in the City Green. BOSTON GLOBE Feb. 23rd 2015.  www.tomreed.info reedufo@gmail.com

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    The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary on Rosary Radio

    in Christianity

    The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary~ said on Thursdays 

    1  The First of the Luminous Mysteries is the Light of the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan (Matthew 3:13-17).

    2 The Second Mystery of Light is Jesus at the Wedding Feast of Cana (John 2:1-12).             

    3 The Third Mystery of Light is Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:15).

    4 The Fourth Mystery of Light is the Transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9:28-36).                           

    5 The Fifth Mystery of Light is the Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper  (I Corinthians 11:23-26 and parallels).                                                                                                                                           
     Hail Holy Queen

    Sign of the Cross


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    NABWIC Talks with Deloris Moton Quaranta, 8.30am, September 23, 2015

    in Women


    Deloris Moton Quaranta
    Founder and Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc

    Deloris (Dee) is the Founder and Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc.  She retired from the US Air Force after 20 year of service and that career has taken her to places such as Italy, Philippines, Germany, Korea, Puerto Rico and several stateside bases. After retirement and returning home to Jacksonville to work for the state of Florida as a veterans’ representative, she was able to understand some of the challenges veterans face, especially women.  Answering to the call from women veterans, she founded the Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc.

    Currently, she is working to bring awareness to the needs of women veterans.  She was able to convince the Mayor to sign a proclamation to declare the third week of March each year, “Women Veterans Recognition Week”, she spearheaded a week-long celebration that culminated in honoring WWII female veterans, and she is actively engaged in various events highlighting women veterans..  Dee earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Limestone College of Gaffney, South Carolina and her Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Phoenix.

    Dee’s volunteer efforts resulted in her receiving the Commander’s Award for Public Service and the Air Force Angel Award for Volunteerism.  Having provided direct support for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1996, she received the Humanitarian Service Medal.  In addition to the Commendation and Meritorious Service medals, she recently received the 2014 Workforce Champion Award, 2015 HandsOn Jacksonville Celebrate Good Award- Military category,  and Wealth Watcher’s Homes for our Heroes recognition.  She has served at guest speaker on numerous occasions to bring awareness to the challenges of female veterans.


    in Religion

    WHAT TIME IS IT? How can we be "on assignment" from God not know THE APPOINTED TIMES OF GOD? It's like having a job interview and don't know what time the interview takes place. It's like having a project assignment from work and not knowing the appointed time to "Get er Done" -- Kingdom and Coffee this week falls on September 13 -15, 2015. Which is on God's Appointed Time, The Feast of Trumpets ( Rosh Hashanah ) one of the 7 Feasts of God a Divine Appointment. The Feast of Trumpets is apart of the Fall Feasts of God. Passover (Easter for the pagans lol) is apart of the Spring feasts, a time for sowing and the fall is for reaping what has been sown. Why did Jesus fulfill these feasts and are these feasts relevant today for us? How do we know God and don't don't know HIM?In this show we explain how Christ moved and fulfilled these 7 Feasts, the Appointed Times and how does this relate to the Believer, the Disciple the Ambassador today.

  • THE PRINZING SHOW : Promoting Your Business & Spreading Good-News !!!

    in Business

    Welcome to Dr. Alison J. Kay, PhD, Founder of The Charkra Flow Energy Medicine System. Dr Kay has a PhD as an Holistic Life Coach. Her Energy Medicine System was developed from her experiences living in Asia. She has an extensive array of healing techniques and modalities; including:  Chi Gong, Yoga, Clearings, Vibrational Upgrades, Mind-Body Healing, discovering your desires, and creating abundance.  Marlene Prinzing, M.A., Your Host of The Prinzing Show have a lot in common with Dr. Kay. Marlene and Dr. Kay both have backgrounds in Yoga, Holistic Health, Energy Medicine, Easter Culture, and Buddhism. If you questions for either Marlene or Dr. Kay, please call into Blog Talk Radio on Monday September 14, 2015 between 4:30 - 5 pm (MST). Call in # to Blog Talk : 347-857-1742  For all your healing and transformational needs contact Marlene or Dr. Kay. Dr. Kay at: www.alisonjkay.com and Marlene at: www.ThePrinzingMethod.com

  • Patrick Chouinard: Forgotten World's, Quest for Atlantis

    in News

    There is new evidence that a highly sophisticated civilization, (most probably Atlantis) once dominated the world over 10,000 years ago. Forgotten World's: 

    • Explores unexplained mysteries such as the Caucasian mummies of China, the pyramids of Caral in Peru, and the genetically unique X-woman of Siberia 

    • Examines evidence of lost, ancient civilizations in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, including extensive investigation into Atlantis 

    • Shows that Siberia and the Amazon may have been cradles of humanity before Africa 

    Viewing Atlantis and its many related myths as a metaphor for a long-lost global civilization, Patrick Chouinard explores the mythological, cultural, religious, and archaelogical evidence for many forgotten civilizations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He addresses unexplained mysteries from around the world, such as Caucasian mummies found in China, the pyramids of Caral in Peru, the “hobbit” remains on Flores Island, the giant heads of Easter Island, the lost legacy of Lemuria, the ideology and occult mysticism behind Nazi theory, and the genetically unique X-woman of Siberia. He also examines evidence of ancient alien visits and other supernatural phenomena in the distant past. Using recent archaeological findings, he shows that Siberia and the Amazon may have been cradles of humanity millennia before Africa. Sounding the call to continue searching ancient, remote, and formerly forbidden regions for lost cultures and genetic root races, Chouinard offers a new chronology for the emergence of human life and civilization as well as a new mechanism for how and why societies and species change over time. By finding lost peoples and their forgotten worlds, we can truly begin to understand the human race and learn from its long history.

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    in Current Events

    Old Government, they organize a new Government, to which they transfer their allegiance.

    The President of the United States, finding that the combinations of men " have grown too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, or by the power vested in the marshals by law," issues his proclamation, under the act of 1795, commanding the persons composing these combinations to disperse and return peaceably to their homes, and at the same time calling forth the militia of the several States, in such numbers as the public exigencies require, in order to suppress the re-^ bellion, and to cause the laws to be duly executed. Now, when this army of the militia gets into the territory of the insurgents what has it to do? Just what the marshal, in his own strength, attempted to do and failed; just what the marshal, aided by his posse, undertook against the rioters, and again failed. It is to reduce the rebels to submission; to scatter them to their homes, and enforce the execution of the laws. It is only the necessary amplification of the marshal's power, and invoked by lawful authority to do the marshal's work. If, after the army of the insurgents has been driven from the field, the people still continue in revolt, the President may organize either military or provisional governments over them, and may protect these governments in the enforcement of the Federal laws by the Army and Navy of the United States. These temporary expedients for the government of men in rebellion will only cease when the insurrection is suppressed, and then the conquered rebels, having returned to their allegiance, their State governments, not dead, but only in abeyance, will resume their suspended functions, and the authority and power of the General Government will be vindicated in the restoration of its gentle control over all the States of the Republic. WRITTEN IN 1862

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    Rights Responsibilities &Religion...What about that Respect?

    in Spirituality

    We are suppose to live in a nation that uplholds liberty, justice, and equality for all. Lately, it would appear as if the rights of some supercede the rights of others. Christians are crying out for their religious rights and freedoms which always, up until now, were respected and valued. Now with the rise of mockers, scoffers, and people determined to fight for Freedom FROM Religion, vs Freedom OF Religion.  Athiests, who claim they have NO belief or religion, fall into the category of belief even though it is a LACK of knowledge and courage to say "wedon't know, we have no proof to know for sur,e they get mad and want to continue in their sin- so they take their anger and rejection and emotions out on Christians because we believe in God.

    The rights of every person, is that they can be free to choose what to believe, what to think, what to feel, what to do- provided that their rights do not infringe on anothers! Tell me mr and mrs Athiest, How does your choice to not believe in God, give you thr right to take away MY right to believe in Him? To have it removed from history and school from my children- saying what about your children? Well, If you do not believe there is a God then why does it bother you to hear about Him? I do not see Athiests pissed off about Santa Clause. He is a sham and a blatant lie. How about the easter bunny? You know full well, that the bunny did not pay for those chocolates you decietfullly hide for your poor misinformed children. I guess you really do have a belief. I guess even your children do. But have I ever taken that right away from your child or you? no. We have carried on in peace for severa years. But now, we find ourselves in the Later Days propheied in the Holy Bible, better known as "the end." The Lord said these things would happen as a sign of the times and his second coming!

    Let's discuss shall we #RESPECT #LOVE #FAMILY