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    Earth Changes, Eclipses and Blood Moons Foretold

    in Spirituality

    2015 will bring changes to everyone's life, two Blood Moons, lunar eclipses and many earth changes to happen. Is this biblical prophecy?  We are evolving mentally, emotionally and physically.  The light codes from the streams of light are changing us and the consciousness on the planet.  We will cover many of the reasons for these changes and point out some of the areas that will be most affected by the earth changes and blood moons.

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    Awareness of Galactic Influences and Earth Changes

    in Spirituality

    We are living in a time of expanding consciousness.  The planet, cosmos, sun and even we are all going through major changes.  It is a period of time where we are rapidly evolving spiritually.  Our beliefs are being challenged as we consciously grow into higher levels of awareness.  Join us fpr this exciting show as we talk about the many changes happening to the planet, cosmos and ourselves.

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    Part One of: Red Elk - Earth Changes and Making End Time Preparations

    in Religion

    Part One

    Prerecorded June 5, 2004

    Red Elk was the first guest elder on Prophecykeepers Radio and we are very grateful to him for his wisdom!

    URGENT! ALL visitors .... READ THIS:

    Due to the upcoming Earth Shift, there is an event that has recently started that, if you are unaware of it, may cause you mental distress ... even Madness.

    Our inner Earth's plates are grating, creating a vibration that is now opening, or thinning, various "veils". All will be experiencing mental/body "shifts" due to this.

    The veils will get thinner and much more frequent as time goes on. These veils will reveal phenomena, such as visually seeing Angels, Demonic Beings, various Inner Land Beings, more UFO sightings, etc.

    Parallel Time Shifts will take place as well. We are made of the Earth, and are thus attuned to it. What has already started, and will get stronger, is as natural as breathing. By BEING AWARE that these things are before you, you will not be as anxious. We serve an awesome Heavenly Father.

    This knowledge alone will allow you to accept and understand. BE NOT AFRAID!

    Again, THIS IS NATURAL, and happens at each earth flip.

    Bend like a green reed

    and you'll be safe.


    Red Elk


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    Earth Changes I AM AMERICA MAPS: Lori Toye - Author of ​ "A Teacher Appears"

    in Religion

    Prerecorded... no call-ins please

    PLEASE keep Prophecykeepers on BlogTalkRadio by making a tax deductible offering at http://NativeAmericanChurch.US... a new 28th-of-the-month deadline approaches.

    I AM AMERICA Maps author Lori Toye is our special guest, talking about her new book A Teacher Appears

    For well over 20 years Lori Toye's prophetic wisdom and insight has led the contemporary Earth Changes movement and explored its relationship to human consciousness. Her work continues to enlighten and inform those who seek the truth as to the spiritual, cultural, social and climatic breakdown we are experiencing due to what is happening now on our planet.

    Make sure to check out Lori's NEW Book,
    A Teacher Appears! 

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    Planet X and Earth Changes

    in Self Help

    Major Earth changes are already underway. Have you heard of Planet X? It may be coming near and causing disturbances, including storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. It is wise to prepare for survival NOW.

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    Stan Deyo - Current Events, Earth Changes, UFOs - Leak Project

    in News

    Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance. He was part of an exclusive "black project", specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology".

    The coming global economic collapse
    Developing solar-related crises in the Earth's climate
    The "UFO" deception and its real intent
    Suppression of badly needed technologies
    The coming destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion
    High voltage physics of "cheaper" energy

    Website: www.standeyo.com

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    Earth Changes in an Electric Universe: Is climate change really man-made?

    in Science

    This week on SOTT Talk Radio we’re interviewing SOTT.net editors Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who recently co-authored a book called Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.

    While official science portrays the crazy weather, more frequent sinkholes, increased meteor fireball activity, and intensifying earthquakes as phenomena that are unrelated, research put together by Pierre and Laura strongly suggests that all this (and more!) is intimately connected and may stem from a common cause.

    In times past, people understood that the human mind and states of collective human experience influence cosmic and earthly phenomena. How might today's ‘wars and rumors of wars’, global ‘austerity measures’, and the mass protest movements breaking out everywhere play into the climate ‘changing’?

    Join us this Sunday 15th June from 2-4pm EST (11am-1pm PST, 8-10pm CET) for a dot-connecting discussion you won’t hear anywhere else on the planet!

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    SitPrep Situational Preparedness

    in Education

    This week we are joined by Starr from PoleShift.ning.com discussing recent Earth Changes.

    #SitPrep will explore all the recent events that can change your situational awareness and your family emergency plans.

    Hosted by Madtown Preppers

    FB: Madtown Preppers

    Powered by NebShip Shop

    "There's a Difference between Knowing the Path, and Walking the Path."

    In order to save as many lives as we can please pass this information around, link to our site, whatever you need to do to share this information. Together we can save lives.

    USA Emergency Broadcasting Network has opened up some Sponsorship and Commercial opportunities. Help us get the Preparedness message out to millions of listeners. For more information visit http://usaebn.org/web/index.php/advertise-with-usa-ebn

    Remember: Research everything before you Believe anything!!

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    Government Earth Changes and History

    in Current Events


    The BIG BANG came and universes were born.  In your universe, human beings named some of planets but there are many others waiting for names.  How does planet Ava, Jose, or Tracey resonate?

    This week our show is about earth changes, the future of our admendment rights and how our history is actually very different than our history tells us! Come join us live on the phone or via the internet for Ask DreamMystHistory, Earth and Admendment Shifts.

    Dream Myst Mantra: I Create Great Experiences.

    Here is what Stacey M. Powers has to say about her Ask Dream Mystprivate session.Dream Myst recently said that my business would expand greatly, especially in March and April. I am a real estate investor, and I buy homes that won't sell, and I sell homes to people who can't get a loan!

    At the beginning of the year, I had no homes, no students, and not much business. In less than 3 weeks, I had 3 students, and by the beginning of February, I had FIVE houses to sell~! By the beginning of March, they were all sold~! Now, mid-March, in just a week, we have five appointments to meet with sellers, and one house under contract, which will most likely sell within a week!

     With the information Dream Myst provided, I KNEW I had to step up my marketing efforts, and it's really paid off! Everything is moving with grace and ease, just falling into place, with incredible synchronicities! Thanks Dream Myst, Susan and Rob!

    Thank you for being a loyal Ask Dream Myst listener, and for all of your support both in the past, present and future.

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    Safe Places During Earth Changes: Michelle Rios Rice Hennelly

    in Religion


    author of A Time of Fire~A Way of Fire

    As many of you know, the Divine Mother, best known to many as Mary the mother of Jesus, began to appear to less-then-orthodox (kind of a renegade in fact) Catholic Michelle Rios Rice Hennelly several years ago and to reveal to her the changes that are coming to our world. At that time, Mary told her that natural disasters and earth changes would become more intense and more frequent as time went on.

    In a message on September 6, 2005, Mary disclosed to Michelle that we have reached a point where a major natural disaster will occur every two weeks somewhere around the world. This was a confirmation of the same message Mary had given to another visionary.

    In this message, Mary also stated, as she has many times before, that a natural disaster will devastate California. She indicated that this will entail massive loss of life and irreparable damage to the West Coast. At other times, she has shown to Michelle other disasters of a similar magnitude in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

    Mary went on to say that these events are God’s urgent pleas to us to awaken. She related that God has been trying to get through to us for thousands of years, sending at different times His Son, many avatars, and groups of masters. But few people have listened.

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    Sonic Wave, Binary Sun, Economic Collapse, Martial Law, Survival

    in Current Events

    Binary sun and earth changes, Is earth and its inhabitants headed for diaster.