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    A "Your Place" Look at Family!

    in Christianity

    Praise the Lord, and welcome to another show at, "Your Place".  We serve a great and mighty God that deserves all praise and all honor!  We live in a time where so many aspects of being a christian is under attack. From attacking the validity of the Bible, the definition of marriage, and where the killing of our unborn children is legal.  This is just to name a few.  Last week, Wild Bill gave us a show established on the role of a woman in marriage as ordained by God.  Tonight, we were supposed to hear the man's role in marriage as ordained by God! I don't think Wild Bill wanted to be placed under the gun and so he expanded the show to discuss marriage and family as ordained by God.  He promises that this show does not let men get off of the hook.  You can be the judge of that with me as we hear the show tonight.  You are going to hear from Dennis Rainey tonight.  We hope that you not only enjoy the show tonight but that you share this with others.  I so wish I had heard of these things when I was younger.  The sad part if that most of us hear these things in church but do not really listen!


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    Bonnie Kaye's Straight Wives Talk Show with Expert Donna Andersen

    in Women

    Bonnie Kaye's guest is Donna Andersen, specialist in sociopathic behavior. The term "love fraud" was coined by Donna Andersen, author of Lovefraud.com. She defines love fraud as "the intentional exploitation of an individual through manipulating emotions in a personal relationship."

    Andersen says the people who engage in love fraud are sociopaths. No, they are not all deranged serial killers. But they are social predators—people who live their lives by exploiting others. Technically, mental health professionals diagnose these people as having antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissism or psychopathy. To Andersen, the official diagnosis is almost irrelevant—the conditions overlap, and all of them are lousy relationship partners.

    "But you'd never know it to meet them," she says. "In the beginning, sociopaths are generally charming, charismatic, exciting and sexy. They act like your dream date long enough to get their hooks into you. Sooner or later, though, you find yourself in a true relationship from hell."

    Andersen learned about sociopaths the hard way—by marrying one. In two years, this man defrauded Andersen of $227,000, cheated with at least six women, fathered a child with one of them and commited bigamy for the 2nd time.

    Now Andersen says these exploitative relationships are totally preventable, if people understand.

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    Vomit In Your Hair, A Machine That Feeds You A Tomato, Dead Babies, and Badasses

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    We have moved to podbean, and are doing pretty well. Wanted to share some things that I have talked to with the other co-hosts. We put out a new show every Tuesday. It is a different co-host every week, and then they cycle through every month. It is still a fun and informative show with Phillip the Host, Serjio, Joe, Shawn, and Chip as the different co-hosts every week. So tune in and I will discuss about what has changed and things that I find interesting about producing a podcast. I may be joined by my cousin, and one of my co-hosts, Chip. So I hope you enjoy.

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    Man At A Crossroad

    in Radio

    Man at a Crossroads

    A stage play written, and produced by Lyndia Porter- in which she plays the character (Carmen) that depicts every day situations, dysfunctional homes, depression, real friends, forgiveness, Domestic violence, and church issues. Ernest Porter plays the character Carmelo, is born in Philadelphia, PA. and has a strong passion for history and helping others.

    Listen into this broadcast to find out more about "Man At A Crossroad" and visit their sites:





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    The Russell Price Morning Show "It's All About You" Networking On The Radio

    in Marketing

    Special Guest call in  347-637-1577 at 10:00am t0am to 10:30 am talk to Jean Ricks

    Jean Ricks 80 years young. Jean drinks Tanqueray gin and smoke cigarettes. Jean goes to Chuck and Billy everyday. 
    Jean out lived five husbands and a son. Jean is still here looking good.

    Jean has been going to clubs and bars all of her life, here is a list of some of the clubs and bars she visited.

    Jackie Lee's, Moors Love and Peace, Pig Foot, Fonda's, Piper, Faces, Vicky's, Kevin, Twins Lounge, Barbara Coats, Ed Murphy Supper Club, Lefties, Orbit lounge, Sandra's, Charlie's, The Islander, TJ Remington, Kenny's Lounge, Triangle Club.

    What is Jean's secret to staying so young, beautiful and sexy. "I don't like anything old and I eat very little"

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    Dating During Divorce

    in Relationships

    Host Tiffany Williams-Jallow and relationship expert, Ryeal Simms, the world's leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships, explore the negative consequences of husbands and wives dating while separated or immediately following divorce from a eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view. To join the show live, join the chat room or call 714-409-0610 with your comments or questions.

    Miss "Marriage Restoration: How To Reconcile With A Prodigal, Estranged or Ex Spouse" with marriage restoration expert and author of The Spiritual Journey of a Healed Marriage Charlyne Steinkamp?" Listen here.

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    The PMissick Encouraging Show #42/ Overcome Evil With Good & Get More Victory Fr

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever been hurt trying to do good for others? Join the club. Recognize you are a sensitive person and you not only become hurt after giving your time and patience to someone but you feel like you are the victim. Well, in time you will overcome that hurt feeling. We will discuss the ugly truth about an excape route from being hurt and the feelings that this kind of missionary work entails. We' re going to look at diversified teachings and examples from the bible that will reveal the inhuman insanity of doing for others who take advantage of your kindness and inner feelings and ways to escape the horrorible truth about the nature of the people. I have heard tales about women who have helped there weaken husbands and hubands have insulted them, and hurt their feelings. This is the devastating reality. Are you facing a devasting reality? There are a lot of people who feel that way! This is the kind of monsterous feeling that challegnes you to give up and through in the towel. You are wondering why borther to help another person, especially when they don't appreciate your service. Do you feel like running away from being open hearted when helping another? What is your recourse in such a defeated dispostion? You are wondering: "what is your next step after giving whole heartedly?" What new behavior can you foster after the downfall of hurts? Let's examine the spiritual trues from the Word of God to determine the next best move.    


























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    Exposing Spirit Husbands & Spirit Wives

    in Religion

    Welcome to Today's Show. The show is about one of the most common forms of spiritual attacks people battle with but are ashamed to talk about it. How to overcome these attacks


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    A Spiritual Look at Wives and Mothers!

    in Christianity

    Thank you for being a part of our show again tonight! We want to take a moment to thank all of our mother's. There is no love beyond a mother's love! Other then the love of Jesus for us, HIS creation! If you do not know of this love that Jesus wants to shed into your heart!  It is yours for the asking!  Like the song that started our show tonight...Jesus is on your side! 

    We are taking our show to a lighter type of message. Some of you women may think that Wild Bill is picking at you. He promised that this is not the intent.  But if you feel that you could better your relationship with your husband...It would not be a bad thing!  Plus this is from the Bible!

    Proverbs 18 verse 22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

    Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so [let] the wives [be] to their own husbands in every thing.

    Wild Bill said, "Don't hate the messenger"! Plus in this case you should not hate the message either! To bring all of this home tonight you are going to hear from a woman as men we understand that we don't speak your language most of the time. We promise you will enjoy this message and next week will be the man's turn to be put on the hot plate!

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    Tonight Bonnie welcomes back her monthly co-hostess Suzette Vearnon. Suzette is a life coach, author, radio show hostess, and motivational speaker. Did we mention an extraordinary singer and new wife? Tonight Bonnie and Suzette will discuss your future relationships after a gay husband and her upcoming workshops on finding the right man.

    Bonnie Kaye, international specialist on women who unknowingly marry gay men affecting 4 million women in this country and millions more around the world, hosts this show. Each week she has guests who are experts in this area to help those women who need to move ahead and heal. Kaye is a counselor, author, and founder of the Straight Wives Club.