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    Dwyane Wade

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    Despite playing side-by-side once again with superstar guard LeBron James—making him part of the most buzzed-about team in the NBA—the Miami Heat virtuoso still puts education first, not only for himself, but his also family. “Sorry I was late,” D-Wade tells the Bottom Line Sports Show hosts Gerald Brown and Jonathan Foy upon calling in for his interview. “I had to talk to my son about school. He was slackin’. So I went over a little bit.”

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    Post-NBA Draft, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh opt-out

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    I'll go over everything about the 2014 NBA Draft. What I thought happened at the top of the draft, were there any major reaches? Who fell too far? Which teams had the best draft and which didn't make out too hot? Also, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh opted out of their deals with Miami for the 2014-15 season. What does this mean? Will they come back with LeBron? Will one or two stay? If they all come back, what do they have to do to be able to compete with the San Antonio Spurs?

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    AT&T Presents: Listen 2 Learn! Dwyane Wade

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    Leave it to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade to deflect attention away from himself—and fellow teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh—when stopping by BlogTalkRadio to promote his latest project. “I’m going to visit a school Friday to talk to our youth and try to get in their ear. We’re also doing a march and youth summit. We get a panel of successful people and sit and talk to the youth about right and about wrong—including right and wrong decisions we made ourselves,” Wade, whose Wade’s World Foundation supports community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for at-risk kids, tells The Bottom Line Sports Show host Gerald Brown. “It ends Sunday at my mom’s chuch, where we do a back-to-school giveaway. I don’t fly a lot of celebrities in. If people come down to support it, I love’m and I appreciate it. But it’s not about the celebrities. It’s about the people in the Chicago community.”

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    Callin' out Dwyane Wade - 5/18/12

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    Dwyane Wade was awful in Game 3 for the Miami Heat. And I'm not letting him off the hook. Plus, why benching Marian Gaborik is a dumb move. And still haven't heard Albert Pujols praise his new hitting coach. Tune into "I'm Just Sayin" with Danny Picard every weekday LIVE at 9 a.m. ET, and subscribe on iTunes.

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    Episode 17: Josh Eberley Hosts, Justin Salkin Guest Stars

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    A podcast fueled by March Madness itself, Josh and Justin get right down to it. 

    They'll be talking initial tourney thoughts, a Dwyane Wade resurgence, and Bill Simmons trade value article. 

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    Dwyane Wade, Kevin Wayne Johnson, and Steven Furtick on BC Book Review Show #171

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    The authors that we are featuring today are: Dwyane Wade, author of "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball"; Kevin Wayne Johnson, author of "Know God and Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life”; and Steven Furtick, author of "Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God's Vision for Your Life."

    + Plus, listen to Regina Belle singing "Higher", Tamela Mann singing "Step Aside", and John P. Kee singing "Life and Favor"

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    February 11th Home Court Sports Show

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    Listen live every Wednesday at www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports from 7-9pm CST.

    If you are not around a computer or don't have internet access, you can listen by dialing (347)945-7002. To listen, press nothing. To join us live on air, press 1 and we'll bring you on at our next opportunity!

    1) Do the Milwaukee Bucks have enough fire power to win a playoff series?

    2) Adam Silver is considering a playoff reformation where the top 16 teams make the playoffs regardless of conference. Would this make the playoffs better?

    3) Kyle Lover has been chosen to replace Dwyane Wade for the Eastern Conference All-Star team, giving the Hawks 4 All-Stars. Do you agree with this?

    4) Was it a good move by Gov. Scott Walker to turn down $220mil for him to flip his Kenosha casino decision?

    5) If we have time: Dominique Wilkins or Scottie Pippen?

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    Chris Borland Compromises NFL / Hardy a Cowboy? : INtheZONE

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    Chris Borland sets the NFL abuzz by retiring after just ONE SEASON. At age 24, his retirement has shocked, not only the 49ers, but also the ESTABLISHMENT which is the NFL gravy train. Greg Hardy, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, will choose between Jerry's Cowboys or the hopeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Join Ed and Kevin as they bring you a fresh outlook on the week's hottest topics.

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    Ask MomRN Show: Country Music Star Wade Hayes, Bravo's Top Chef Stephanize Izard

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    Wade Hayes, country singer and advanced colorectal cancer advocate, returns to Ask MomRN Show to discuss his brand new album and song that he is launching for Colon Cancer Awareness Month—“Go Live Your Life.”

    Wade was inspired to write this deeply personal song after his oncologist told him he no longer had evidence of the disease after two bouts with colorectal cancer, a disease that impacts more than 136,000 Americans each year with about one in five having an advanced form.The song summarizes Wade’s attitude and he hopes it can inspire people going through difficult times to stay strong. The campaign will also give back to the patients who need it most: for every iTunes download of “Go Live Your Life,” a donation of a $1 (up to $50,000) will be made by Genentech to the Colon Cancer Alliance Blue Note Fund, a non-profit that supports advanced colorectal cancer patients. Dr. Manish Shah, an oncologist specializing in advanced colorectal cancer also joins Wade to talk about advanced colorectal cancer signs, symptoms and diagnosis.

    Southern cooking expert Rebecca Lang shares Easter holiday traditions and tips!

    Patrice Washington, personal finance expert, shares tax tips & how we can save some money this year.

    Dr. Sue Samson, an endocrinologist & medical director of the Pituitary Center at Baylor College of Medicine & St. Luke’s Medical Center, specializing in pituitary disorders, joins us to discuss acromegaly & new treatment options. We'll also speak with experts on Vitamin B12 deficiency & a hormone disorder, hypoparathyrodism.

    Bravo’s Top Chef Winner, Chef Stephanie Izard, is helping to create the first-ever Pinterest cookbook & tells us how you can get involved!

    Toy expert Elizabeth Werner will share the hottest spring toys for boys & girls.

    Tune in for these interviews & more!



  • QARLive: American Chaos W/ @HahnAmerica: 2016 Presidential Candidates

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    Please join the Man, The Myth, The Legend Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn LIVE tonight at 10pm EST For AMERICAN CHAOS right here on qarlive.com Radio for the hardest hitting, over the top Conservative Radio on the web.

    Cruz vows to shun negative campaigning


    3/29/15 11:03 AM EDT

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is swearing off negative campaigning as he begins his run for the White House.

    “There may be other candidates who choose to throw rocks in my direction,” the GOP presidential hopeful said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I’m not going to engage in the personal mudslinging, in the negative attacks on people’s character.”

    Cruz last week became the first Republican to officially enter the presidential race. But he insisted that, despite his reputation as an archconservative and a bomb-thrower, he had avoided personal attacks over the past two years in the Senate.

    “In my time in the Senate, there’s been more than a few rocks tossed in my direction from Democrats and Republicans,” he said. “Yet in my entire time there, I haven’t reciprocated. You have never heard me speak ill of any senator, Republican or Democrat, and I don’t intend to start.”

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    The necessity and power of gratitude from a grateful heart as taught by the Living Apostle, Cheryl A. Wade.

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