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    Sammy Watkins' best comparable dreadlocks

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 125: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion recommends trading Jarvis Landry. 

    PlayerProfiler's Best Comparable Player is based on the iteration of that player's athleticism when he entered the NFL. 

    Dwayne Bowe actually had great size-adjusted speed and agility when entering the league.

    Just because they both had dreadlocks, doesn't mean Sammy Watkins and Julio Jones are comparable. 

    Pierre Garcon is an extremely close comparable to Tre McBride. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.

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    Loc'd Talk - Loc'd AfterDark Recap Show

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    Yes we took a very long break but we are BACK!!!! Tonite we will be recapping some of our favorite moments from our event Loc'd AfterDark! You don't want to miss it!!!! Hosted by Nina from MenWithLocs.com

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    "EMBRACE YOUR NEW GROWTH " Growing healthy locs

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    Blessings Loc Kings and Loc Queens......Tonight is the big night for my first Blog Talk Radio show "EMBRACE YOUR NEW GROWTH" Where  I'll be discussing the "Holistic Journey" of locs @ 9 pm . I'll be giving listeners a better understanding that locs are more than just a hairstyle, it's an extension of you and that keeping your crown healthy from the inside out is the most important part of your Loc journey. So at 9 pm tonight  click on the link www.blogtalkradio.com/loctalkradioshow and listen in or call in @ (646)787-8096  to have some of your questions answered. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

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    Locs Love and Life Show featuring Antonio

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    Hosted by Nina from menwithlocs.com. Tonite will be featuring Antonio from central New Jersey! We will be answering random questions from the three catorgories! Special cohost Kris from The Natural Transition.  

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    Black Like Me

    in Politics Conservative

    Black people have said for years that White folks have spent a great deal of time energy and effort stealng and appropriating Black culture. Examples are Rock and Roll, Afros, Cornrows, Dreadlocks, and now something Black folks thought that whatever happened they could not take that away from us. Our very ethnicity has now been co-opted by White folks. This is an unbelieveble story but we are going to tell today!

    This show is brought to you by my friends at Lawson Photography

    and New Homes of Tampa Bay

    and The Red River Chronicle

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    Embrace Your New Growth "THE EFFECT SPRING HAS ON YOUR HAIR"

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    Spring has finally sprung. Yes Loc Kings and Loc Queens, spring season is here and like our body, our hair also experiences seasonal changes. This is the time of the year you have to pay close attention to the metamorphosis that's taking place with your hair while everything else is growing around you.  It's something I've said before and I'll keep saying it, "your hair is an extension of you". These season changes can have a good or bad effect on your hair based on how your treating your crown. A holistic approach is ALWAYS the best way. Tonight on my radio show "EMBRACE YOUR NEW GROWTH" I'll be discussing the changes your hair and scalp will experience during this time of the year. I'll talk about the do's and don', how diet plays a huge role, psychological effects, and much much more. I'm super hyped about tonight's show because I have so much to tell my listeners. I also encourage you to call into  the show with your questions or to even talk about your loc journey. DON'T BE SHY.  Tonight's show starts at @ 9pm Eastern time.  You can tune in by clicking on the link or call in @ 646-787-8096..Feel free to share or tagg others in this post. 

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     ATTENTION LOCOLOGY COMMUNITY ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? WHOOOOOT WHOOOOOOT. AFTER OUR MUCH NEEDED BREAK "LOC'D TALK RADIO SHOW" hosted by Nina of @menwithlocs ,the very handsome Loc King  and model @iamjaeking and myself aka @yanniethelocologist ,is back with a bang. Tonight's show, we'll be promoting and talking more about this summer's BIGGEST event, " Loc'd After Dark " Photography Event  that will be in Philly, and our hot topic will be about locs in the modeling industry. Loc King and model @iamjaeking will be shedding light on this topic as to why there aren't more models with locs gracing the covers of magazines or being seen on runways. We encourage everyone to call in with questions and to share their stories. Please don't be shy. Showtime starts @ 9 pm Eastern time and you can listen live by clicking on the link in our ig bio or calling @ 646-787-8096  

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    To show featuring the beautiful Denise Watkins aka @loccrush as we talk about this week free meet and great in DMV. And we'll also be discussing other hot topics about locs. Don't miss it


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    "Locs Love & Life" Featuring Hymm Legendary

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    Hosted by NIna menwithlocs.com. This week brother hails from Brooklyn NYC. Up and coming music artist Hymm. Featured co-host is Kris from The Natural Transition!! 

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    Locs Love and Life Show featuring Ransome

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    Hosted by Nina from menwithlocs.com. This weeks guest, rapper Ransome! Dont miss it