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    Discussing the many cause of hair loss and thinning for both men and women

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    ATTENTION ALL LOC KINGS, LOC QUEENS AND LOC LOVERS @_locology_ in collaboration with @menwithlocs is super excited to announce that vegan, professional bodybuilder and Loc King @thavegandread will be  our featured guest on our next episode of LOC'D TALK RADIO SHOW. Join us as @thavegandread talks about competing in the world of professional bodybuilding as a vegan and most importantly about his Loc journey.  Tune in,  listen in or call in Monday 19th  God willing @ 9 pm Eastern time as  Nina of @menwithlocs and myself aka @yanniethelocologist have Loc'd Talk with our guest  @thavegandread . To hear Monday's Loc'd Talk  episode you can go to  www.blogtalkradio.com/loctalkradioshow or call 646-787-8096. We encourage you to call into our show,  so don't be shy.  Our next show will be a fun and exciting one. Also, feel free to share and tagg others in this post. ???????????????????????????????????????? LOCOLOGY : THE STUDY, THE KNOWLEDGE, THE GROWTH

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    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Kevin McCall & Anthony Mackie

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    Tune in to the Ice Cream Convos Morning Show as we discuss Kevin McCall's Instagram meltdown where he lashed out at Wale and accused him of having an STD....then apologized. 

    We'll also discuss Anthony Mackie's remarks regarding dreadlocks and perception led to him getting dragged on social media. 



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    Live:8pm Reggae Star LadyGeniuz & 9pm Memories of LivingTruth (Leroy Ridgeway)

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    Living Truth Creates A Musical icon of Reggae Music. Living Truth career spans 3 decades, a multi-talented reggae artist, Leroy "Living Truth" Ridgway, a name which is self-explanatory, defines the artist's persona, his lyrical content and his commitment to awaken his people through conscious lyrics  Truth hails from f Westmoreland Jamaica. His first taste of stardom was church choir. At the age of 16 Ridgway entered a talent show in May Pen  and placed 3rd with  "Red Sun",  a song he composed . Living Truth auditioned for , Bunny Lee of the Federal Studios.  Lee encouraged Living Truth to record "Dreadlocks Man", a song which went on to enjoy appreciable chart success . Living Truth immigrated to the United States 1977-80, he entered several  competitions in the New York won 1st place with "Write It Down" and "Come One Come All" 2nd place with "Ring the Freedom Bell" in the New York Reggae Festival and song competition. Living Truth, songs are imbued with a message of empowerment and positive living.  Living Truth died on january 9th 2015 R.i.P

     Reggae Artist LadyGeniuz mahabeer SONGWRITER/MODEL/EMCEE/DANCER/ACTRESS Entertainment field in 2006 as a Karaoke Hostess/Emcee hotel industry in 2007 Entertainment Coordinator/Supervisor within numerous hotels, specifically: Superclubs (Breezes), Decameron, Sandals Resorts & Secrets Resorts as an Entertainer.Performed live at Jazz and Blues Fest January 2013 (Main Stage) with Taddy P and the Blow Wow Band, Caribbean Shrimp Fest and Mobay Jerk Fest. Entered Digicel Rising Stars  competition held in 2006 and also won the Blackberry Jingles competition on Digicel Stars 2012.call in 661-467-2407 www.caribbeanradioshow.com www.crsradio.com © 2015  All Rights Reserved.


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    Creamy Crack or Kinky Coils... Let's Talk Hair

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    Curves In 3D Talks Hair.... Relaxed, Natural, Coils, Locs, Weaved, Braids, Long, Short, Nappy or Straight. What style defines you? We are talking hair tonight so the show can be straight curly (pun intended).  There are many thoughts about the BLACK woman and hair floating out there....

    She a fake babee... said of those who are natural to the weave queens......

    She is too urban... said of those who wear weave to the Natural sistas......

    We will be discussing it All this Thursday night October 30, 2014... Bring your thoughts, your views and your hair.... We are talking hair DIVAS! 

     “Why don’t you wear your hair natural?”  

    First, please don’t think that how Black women wear their hair reflects the acceptance or rejection of their Blackness. There are other reasons: financial, medical or just personal choice. It is not always an attempt to assimilate to white standards of beauty. Psychological tests show people most trust people who look like them. If that means wearing my hair a certain way in order to continue to provide for my family, there is no contest. I will march into a pharmacy or beauty-supply store and proudly ask, “Relaxers are down which aisle?”

    It's ALL about the hair.... A Womans CROWN and GLORY!  You may leave a comment or join us for the show at 9pm est.


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    The statues of ancient Buddahs of the East depected him as having wolly hair is always shown in corn rows, or in a pepper corn style with small tight curls. Original statues of Buddha clearly show him to be Africoid, with the wide nose, thick lips and frizzy, nappy, hair which are distinctive Negro characteristics. In most ancient temples throughout Asia where he is still worshipped, he is shown as jet Black. In fact, in most of the ancient temples of Asia and India, statues of the gods and goddesses have Africoid features with woolly hair in the pepper corn style, while some even have dreadlocks. These pictures of Buddha portray him in no uncertain terms as a Negro with kinky, coiled hair, a flat nose and full lips.

    There are absolutely no historical records that portray Buddha as Aryan or White. 
    The first people who conceptualized and worshipped the divine image of the Negroid mould of humanity were the Negroes, and they actually started the practice of Buddhism, the world's first missionary religion. Buddha was an Enlightened Master from the Sakya clan of the Naga Race, and was the first man on earth to preach the great principles of equality, liberty and fraternity. He caused the Nagas to become conscious of their own mind power as opposed to the mantra power. 
    Buddhism, whose doctrines include the Golden Rule, was established 500 years before Christianity in the area now called the Middle East (Africa). Buddha is not a name but a title meaning Enlightened One, Blessed One, or to Become awake. Over the centuries, there have been several recorded Buddhas like Gautama, Sakayanumi, and Siddhartha. Black Buddhist missionaries introduced Buddhism to China, Japan and other countries.


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    Interview w/ Self-Started Hip Hop Musician @JaeMac_FLG!

    in Hip Hop Music

    Jae Mac released his mixtape “Mac City” in March of 2014, and later released the hot follow-up mixtape “Gas Leak” Jae Mac & Timbo in April of this year, hosted by DJ J-Spin. Jae is embedding his signature in the music industry with his traverse melodic personality. He will be the face for the neoteric hair care line “ESSENCE for Dreadlocks, while plans to acquire other endorsements.

    For more on Jae Mac check out our Blog at http://TheSashaMarinaShow.com

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    Your Hairstyle: How Is It Affecting Your Social And Economic Status?

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    If you have a career that requires you to appear before the public - receptionist, flight attendant, television newscaster, etc., you were probably given a description of what is considered the appropriate "look" for your job. Somewhere in that description was probably the word "professional." Somehow, particularly for women of African descent, that word "professional" is a code word meaning "and get rid of that nappy hair!"  Perhaps artsy people - musicians and entertainers- can get away with it, but how many women or men are seen in top positions in corporate America wearing locks? Jacqueline McCrae of Locpartee examines some of the attitudes surrounding the natural styles of hair, whether "dreadlocks," "sister locks," or the various twists that create an exotic look. Why is our hair a political statement? Can your hairstyle really affect whether you are hired for a job? Can it affect your acceptance in certain social circles? Can it determine whether you are a feasible candidate for public office? Has the wearing of locks by certain "gangster rap" artists caused it to be identified as a"thug" hairstyle?Why are all the women wearing weaves? And is the real problem that we never really learned how to properly value and take care of our own natural hair?

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    The Natural Hair Movement: Women Of Color & The Great Divide!

    in Women

    Natural Hair.

    Why is it that the term "Natural Hair" alone brings so much emotion to the forefront of a community?

    Why should we even have the term "Natural Hair" which in actuality reveals that most sport as unnatural hair.

    But if one were to mention this to an individual who dyes their locks, straightens them, heats them up and then douses them with all types of substances as though their hair was in a burn unit, you might get a few unkind words thrown your way.

    So most of us understand this common argument that brews under the surface of the Black hair industry.

    But in many recent findings we have discovered that even within the natural hair movement their is a separation somewhat of what many feel are the ideals that personify and represent it.


    Well let me get straight to the point.

    There is a great divide within the natural hair movement that is beyond disgusting and baffles the mind over and above any measure.

    The problem that seems to be ever growing and brewing as we speak is that many women in the Natural Hair Movement seem to want to through shade at anyone who is also in the movement who has hair that is curly and not kinky.

    Is this immature or what?

    Here we expect to see a special breed of enlightened woman, who has embraced her natural beauty and has broken the shackles that society has placed on many to turn around and feel so negatively toward another who is supposed to be on the same team!

    .......and JUST when I thought many of our Sisters were making progress this type of backward thinking rears its ugly head.

    Is this the reason that it seems that only Black women call their trip to the hair salon "The Beauty Salon?" Why is it that I don't hear other races refer to it in this manner? Does this indicate that many Black women do not feel as tough their natural state is anything BUT beautiful?

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