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    Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis Addressing Empty-Nest Syndrome

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    Empty Nest Syndrome on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio, August 30. Mothers and fathers who dedicated the last 18 plus years of moneys, marital bliss, prodding, laughing and sweating through parenting confusions launch their college students out of the house. Relief and parenting pride intermix with loss, depression and sense of “now what.” Dr. Carol Francis as a Clinical Psychologist has helped teens and parents successfully move to this day. Empty-Nesting is for real and Dr. Carol Francis for over 37 years has helped parents regroup after their household becomes quiet and their time is once again their own. Program is available on podcast and archived at this link as well on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio.

    The primary caretaker, still typically mothers, are the ones most suffering from this sense of loss. Empty Nesters feel depressed, frequently crying. Beyond the loss and this type of bereavement, Empty Nesters experience a type of existential crisis. This “now what” reflects a type of meaninglessness. “Effectively, raising children is all-consuming. Every minute become consumed raising the child by either doing, planning, thinking, worrying, helping, struggling, and losing sleep. Now, suddenly, those children are not dependent and not needing the daily demands, at least in the western world,” explains Dr. Carol Francis.

    “Unless the Empty Nester create sdynamically enjoyable and meaningful activities which replace the importance and time-consuming nature of parent, the Empty Nester is doomed to confusion, feeling impotent, unimportant, devalued; bottom line the parent feels completely empty,” describes Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis in Los Angeles South Bay area at 310-543-1824.

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    Manipulators, Abusers, and You as Savvy Strategist w Dr. Carol Francis

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    What powers do manipulatos and abusers have over you? How do you regain your power to steer your path positively.

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    Food Cravings, Binges, Weight, Hunger-Help Dr. Carol Francis

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    “If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings,” by Psychologist and Nutrition Counselor Dr. Carol Francis, provides multi-layered approach to over-eating, bulimia, binges, and the dilemmas of weight loss programs. “Your body is a chemical laboratory, so weight management is more about adjusting chemical formulas associated to foods, exercises, laughter, crying, love, attitudes, and sleep, all of which affect fat storage, metabolism, and energy which is detailed in this book,” explains Dr. Carol Francis.   
    “If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings,” authored by Dr. Carol Francis “Turns readers and listeners into being the master of their eating choices instead of slaves.” One excerpt from this book is available today on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show and can be accessed through podcasts at this link. The book, ““If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings,” is available though Amazon, drcarolfrancis.com, or ebook.  
    Dr. Carol Francis is a Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Medical Hypnotherapist and Certified Fitness Coach and Nutrition Counselor in the Los Angeles South Bay Area including Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes. She has authored 8 other books pertaining to couples, soldiers returning home, stop smoking, women's modern evolution, study and learning skills, anxiety, children of divorce, trauma recovery, and elevation of consciousness or mindfulness training.

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    Wives of Returning Soldiers with Dr. Carol Francis

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    If you or someone you care about is a woman married to a returning soldier, be sure to listen to these tips on preparing for the re-integration process.  Dr. Carol Francis, author of "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Family" has been working with families in the military since post Viet Nam era and noted that some attitudes, exercises and preparation help reduce the traumatic impact of a soldier's return upon a family, a romantic relationship and a wife or girlfriend.  You can reach Dr. Carol Francis at DrCarolFrancis.com or read more about soldiers and spouses at RelationshipSuccessNow.com.  Dr. Carol Francis would like to ebook or on-line send you a copy of the book for $1.00 or you can purchase such at the following link.  "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families" by Dr. Carol Francis.

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    Shaking Off Stress, Fears, Anxiousness - Lively 10 Minute Meditation Dr. Francis

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    End of the work week or end of worrisome tasks?  Its now it is important to recalibrate your body and minds stress reactions so that you don't take your anxiety, stress, fears and worries forward when they cause of those reactions are DONE.  Yep, you can keep holding onto the physiological reactions to those strong yukes if you don't spend some time shaking it all off.  Here's a meditation that will help. Prepare to move, dance, yawn, breath, laugh, cry, blow, yell and rest for 10 minutes.  Then, go have some fun and exercise vigorously for at least 20 minutes, then you can rest.  

    Dr. Carol Francis Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family, Child and Individual Psychotherapist for over 37 years in Los Angeles area serving Manhattan Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Palos Verdes Estates and more 310-543-1824.   

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    Re-Uniting Soldiers with Their Family with Dr. Carol Francis

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    Part I:  "Re-uniting Soldier with Family" by Dr. Carol Francis addresses many issues families and soldiers have to deal with during the comings and goings of a soldier's life.  Today will be an introduction to the various dimensions that Soldiers and Family members have to tackle. We will discuss how to anticipate deployment, stay in touch emotionally and spiritually with each other, deal with the visits home that can be awkward, dealing with depressions, anxieties, loss and loneliness as a family member left behind, dealing with culture shock, horrific events and memories, re-creating a romantic and close relationship with you return home, helping children cope with their loss etc.  The materials are based on Dr. Carol Francis doing therapy with soldiers, family members and community groups during USA military involvements since 1979, including Viet Nam survivors.  In future programs we will become more detailed.  Each person is encourage to get the ebook or paperback, "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families" by Dr. Carol Francis.  I thank you for your service to our country as soldier and as a soldier's family member.  I hope this will be of help to you.  You can call the number above during the show time or call or text 310-543-1824 with questions or Facebook/DrCarolFrancisShow, Twitter/DrCarolFrancis, drcarolfrancis.com, DoctorCarolFrancis.com, RelationshipSuccessNow.com.  drcarolfrancis@gmail.com.  Cheers!!

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    Weight Loss & Spiritual Consciousness with Dr. Carol Francis

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    Weight Loss, Weight Control, Weight Management is a dance that each western society adult (and many children) spend daily moments contemplating. Tools, so many tools, are available to harness your will-power, motivation, tenacity, sustainability, commitment, eagerness, calmness (etc.).  Tools are also available in the world of supplemental nutrition, exercise and foods.  Tools also are available within the many schools of spiritual awareness.  We will combine perspectives from my books "Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths: Your Choice" and "If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungrey:  Reset Your Cravings" with research from Buddhism, Christian Mystical Schools, "New Age," Judaism-Old Testament, Mariam Williams from Course in Miracles, Meditation practices, Yoga, Geneen Roth's book, "Women, Food and God." and Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.  Join us, call in at the number above, text, call ahead, Facebook your questions and comments and make a difference for you and others.  drcarolfrancis.com, 310-543-1824, Facebook: Dr Carol Francis Show.  Best to You. Look up MindBodySculpting.com too.  Cheers

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    Weight Loss Food Cravings and Hypnosis - Dr. Carol Francis

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    Dr. Carol Francis treats us all to the first two sections of her second printing of "IF YOU CAN"T STOP EATING, MAYBE YOU'RE HUNGRY:  RESET YOUR CRAVINGS."   Dr. Carol Francis' book liberates everyone from looking at food as the enemy to weight loss or being skinny or even being healthy.  Instead, food is for enjoyment, social fun, tastiness and health.  
    Dr. Carol Francis, who is a hypnotherapist who has appeared on television, made CD's and practiced hypnosis for over 30 years, also takes you through a hypnotic session that is quick and best listened to with headphones as it is set for both parts of your brain's two hemispheres and auditory processing channels with all the right suggestions and emotional perks to help us all lose weight by eating GREAT FOOD!  
    Order Dr. Carol Francis' book, "IF YOU CAN"T STOP EATING, MAYBE YOU'RE HUNGRY:  RESET YOUR CRAVINGS." through Amazon.com, ibooks.com or lulu.com for your e-book reader, computer or paperback.  Or contact her at 310-543-1824 and at drcarolfancis.com or drcarolfrancisshow@gmail.com

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    Depression Thoughts & Feelings of Darkness Dr Carol Francis

    in Psychology

    Depression, sadness, grief, tearfulness--yes these are reactions to life that are genuine and inevitable at certain junctions. Death of loved-ones, divorce, disasterous losses, romantic failures, shared empathy with other sufferers, etc., are part of every life and no one is left untouched by such depressing moments.  When can depression migrate into a condition of your brain, your thoughts, your personality so you become enslaved to the master of depression?  When does sadness become your black cloud that you never escape?  When do you create those situations and relationships that perpetuate your dark moods, pessimisms, depression and negativity?  More importantly, how can you come out of the cave of depression when it immobilizes you and renders you motionless and motivation-less?  What are the steps you must take to free you up from being victimized by your own enslavement to the lure of depression?  This program examines some of these ideas--at least what 30 minutes can share.  Oodles of research and 32 years of giving effective therapy fighting against depression- and seeing recovery with many  patients and also living life authentically--and in touch (with plenty of experience with many dimensions of life and how it can cause depression), Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist will walk us through depression recovery steps, models and options.  Call ahead 310-543-1824 and leave your questions.  drcarolfrancis.com, doctorcarolfrancis.com, relationshipsuccessnow.com, evolvingwomensconsciousness.com.  

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    Mind of a Leader Dr. Carol Francis with CEO Bill Boyajian,

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    CEO Bill Boyajian interviewed by  Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis.
    Small business owners, growing companies with tiers of managers, entrepenuers, or project leaders need to understand Human Engineering principles in order to maximizes the productivity of their company, growth, and functionality of their team. How do company leaders become productive and effective?  What business practices sculpt an effective leader so a team can be a winning group?  What are the essential and proven traits of a leader?  How do those traits differ from a manager or an ineffective leader?  
    With over 40 years of leadership experience and an amazing reputation heralded by his former employees and staff, CEO Bill Boyajian has pragmatically answered these and other questions in his recently released book, "Developing The Mind Of A Leader."
    Bill Boyajian delineates the 6 C's of a leader's personality and character.  He tackles how to lead a team crippled with complications into functionality.  He explains how to hire the 10's and how to be a 10 too.  Bill Boyajian explains the difference between being a Star and Leading Stars.  You can review his book at http://billboyajianassociates.com/book-preview/ and order his book.  
    Join Bill Boyajian with Dr. Carol Francis.  Dr. Carol Francis has functioned as a consultant for many companies/Coorporations, CEO's, Project Managers, and Employees to improve the atmosphere of cooperation and the functionality of businesses since 1983. 

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    Women Be Free to Love, Be Loved by Yourself First with Author Lisa Marie Jenkins

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    Lisa Marie Jenkins' book WAKE UP BEAUTY!  It's Not About the Prince begins by examining the Myth and the Truth of Happily-Ever-After and then offers what steps a woman needs to really achieve that state. Peppered with her own experiences, mistakes and stories, Jenkins zeros in on "how we fall asleep on ourselves." Her book offers specific exercises on:

    How Women Can Learn to Play Big
    How They Can Let Go of What No Longer Serves Them
    How to Retrieve and Shine Their Authentic Selves
    How to Reclaim Vulnerability, the Path to Freedom
    How to Spur Self-Compassion and Become Their Own Best Friend
    How to Fully Step into an Engaged and Powerful Life  -- With or Without a Partner

    Wake Up, Beauty! It's Not About the Prince is for the woman still looking for salvation in the arms of a man. It is indeed a wake-up call to anyone who either keeps looking for love or has found a lover and still feels empty. Lisa Marie Jenkins will provide the catalyst to start seeking another ending to her Fairy Tale story.  LisaMarieJenkins.com

    Dr. Carol Francis, author of Evolving Women's Consciousness and 9 other books is also a Clinical Psychologist and Marriage, Family & Child Therapist practicing for 38 years.  Dr. Carol Francis can be found in the Los Angeles area including Torrance, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Long Beach, San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach.  Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at drcarolfrancis.com and her radio shows can be also attained at drcarolfrancistalkradio.com.  

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