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  • The AP Course - Dollar Tree, Downtown, WWE Network and more

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    In our third show, we will be discussing one of Wakefield's newer businesses, The Dollar Tree, as well as the downtown area of Wakefield. We will also be sharing our opinions on the WWE Network and Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE (yes we are talking wrestling!). Hope you enjoy!

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    New Life in Downtown LA ...a perspective of one please

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    Life in downtown LA as an nurse new to the city and single life, I pursue my many careers one being a stand up artist and photographer .

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    Downtown talk: All new midweek late show

    in Comedy

    New Obama spoof song. Kid slaps mother on Dr. Phil show! Jaime Foxx roasts Doug Williams. Video is at bottom of this page. More comedy audio and lets see if we can put Hector to work. You can't miss this show!

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    Texas Biker Radio #57 - Waco Good Ole Boys Downtown

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    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins of Sons Of Liberty Riders RC 

    On Todays show: The Good Ole Boys Downtown - Pulitzer Prize - Weekly Spew - No Answers Yet - Whats Legal Whats Not - Don't Sticker Me Bro - The State Legislature 


    All That BS and More On Texas Biker Radio


    10AM 06/19/2015

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    Downtown Tony Brown Comedy 20 point Not to date or be crazy person to date

    in Culture

    Are you looking for that special someone but keep getting cray cray. STOP, listen, look and recognize how to respect yourself so the other person will to  Learn how to survive new age dating with old fashion rules. Don't be fall for words, look for actions. This can be applied to men and women. Sabrina will be open and honest with the pain, drive and tenacity it takes to have morals and find Mr. Or Mrs. Right. Welcome the great Downtown Tony Brown. He is funny, honest and Sincere.

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    Downtown talk: Late show(Does Jesse Jackson need a hug?)

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    Jesse "the whispering @#$%* cutter" Jackson really needs to chill out! We will discuss his comments on Downtown talk.

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    in Hip Hop Music

    DOWNTOWN & 1000
    BIO: DOWNTOWN & 1000'S Hometown is Cincinnati Ohio. There music is like a mix from the South n the West Cost and the Midwest. They have been rapping nine years and performing alot in Northern KY an Cincinnati. A new Mixtape is coming this summer "WHAT HAPPEN TO RAPPING" They don't make music for money instead they choose to pay to make it and give it out for free. They make music for clubs, love songs, rest in piece songs, and anything that anyone struggling can relate 2. Downtown & 1000 takes pride in knowing they don't rap about anything they aint done. They are willing to do collabs with artists DJs musicians and anyone with any kind if musical talent. "We do it because we love it" The clothing line will launch this summer and alot of music and videos.
    And Email for Collabs Downtown.1000Booking@yahoo.com www.Facebook.com/Downtown1000 www.Twitter.com/Downtown_1000 www.Youtube.com/Downtownonethousand 

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    Marriage in Modern Life-Dr Anne Malec Live with Scott Cluthe

    in Women

    Join Scott on FACEBOOK HERE

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    Live tonight with Scott Cluthe, Dr Anne Malec, Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Her new book, Marriage in Modern Life

    Call in for Dr. Malec @ 347-308-8478

    Dr. Anne Brennan Malec is the founder and managing partner of Symmetry Counseling, a counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy group practice located in downtown Chicago.

    Dr. Malec, who had an earlier career in business, made a significant shift in 2000 when she began her training in the fields of Marriage and Family Therapy and later, Clinical Psychology. Dr. Malec earned her Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University in Accountancy and holds two Master’s degrees: one in Liberal Studies from DePaul University, and one in Marital and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. Dr. Malec earned her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She gained significant clinical training and experience from affiliations with The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Neuropsychological and Rehabilitation Consultants, Chicago Center for Family Health, Advocate Masonic Ravenswood Family Practice Medical Center, Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

     Dr. Malec is currently a member of the American Family Therapy Academy, American Psychological Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Alumni Advisory Board of the Family Institute of Northwestern University, Professional Women’s Club of Chicago, and The Financial Therapy Association.

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    Modesto Bee sponsors water Summit

    July 15, 2015   7-9 at the Gallo center

    The forum will be moderated by founder and former president of the Great Valley Center and former Mayor of  Modesto, Carol Whiteside.

    Whiteside left the great Valley Center when Bob Gallo discontinued financing the venture.

    As Mayor of Modesto. she is known for “Curtains up 88” that gave us the convention center and closed 10 Street which created a campus for the then First Baptist Church and cut off downtown Modesto.

    Whitesides credits are many. She was paid $15,000 with M ID money to lobby for the sale of water to San Francisco.

    It would be more informative, if the Bee had Carol Whiteside as a panelist, rather than the moderator.

    The five panelists are Jeff Cowan, Randy Fiorini, Sarge Green, Felicia Marcus, and Assemblywoman Kristen Olsen.

    The panel will engage in a conversation on valley water.

    The panel will bring their facts, viewpoints, and opinions to the discussion.

    In the interest of transparency and qualifications, each panelist should be asked if they went to the microphone during M ID meetings to oppose the sale of our water to San Francisco.

    We already know that the moderator was paid to lobby for the sale.

    We should thank the editors of the Modesto Bee Ken Riddick, Joseph Kieta, and Mike Dunbar.

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    Charity Spotlight Series: Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc.

    in Motivation

    Citizen Voice Project welcomes, Lowell Levine, founder of Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc.  

    The primary mission of Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc. is to raise money for school districts around the country to address and eliminate the ongoing dangerous student bullying problem which is causing death, much mental and physical harm as well as forcing students to drop out of school. These school districts do not have the funds to address this important problem because of budget cuts due to deficits. Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc. will aggressively address the bullying problem and the high dropout rate among students. The dropout rate is causing an increase in local crime at a large expense to the taxpayers. The bullying problem is causing hardship to other students and their families.

    Visit their website: http://stopbullyingnowfoundation.org/main/

    Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc. is participating in the 2015 Safety Harbor Downtown Business Alliance Charity Fundraising Challenge to raise funds for their mission to bring more awareness about the bullying epidemic in our communities.  

    #TakeTheChallenge and Join the SHDBA, Inc. Charity Fundraising Challenge! 

    Learn more: http://www.shdba.com/charity-fundraising-challenge.html