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    Wicked Talk: Horror, Aliens, and Dommes

    in Entertainment

    Susan Simone: writer and expert on Star Seeds.



    Lisa Dabrowski: Autism advocate, writer, and Domme

    "Truth be told, I get most of my inspirations for stories and characters from either the news, or old documentaries.  There really is so much Evil and Wickedness in this world and has been for such a long a time, it lurks in the shadows, behind the corner, in man’s own soul and his greed and need for revenge.  I have been  dubbed the Wicked One, and I love it, My Motto is Wicked is as Wicked Does…"




    Sam Reese: Writer, horror movie fan, S. King enthusiast, interest in Metal music 

    "I live in Tennessee with my two dogs, a fat cat, and my wife. I write all kinds of things: horror, fantasy, romance; whatever tickles my fancy. Sometimes, I write all different genres at the same time, in the same work. I’ve been writing and telling stories most of my life, and if I had a wish for what I could do with my life, it would be to be a novelist and write comics. "




    All music by original artists; 'Bad Company' cover by N. Hatfield

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    Domme Self Esteem and Assuredness

    in Entertainment

    Members of FDN discussing this months topic, Domme Month. We will be discussing Domme self esteem and assuredness.

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    BDSM: I got what I asked for. Now what?

    in Relationships

    We have all heard the stories of the Olympian who finally wins the gold, the football player who finally wins the ring, or the poor kid who finally becomes a millionaire.  And we have heard the stories of how these people finally got what they wanted and still found themselves miserable.  What is happening in these types of situation?

    And what is happening in BDSM when a submissive begs and pleads for something, and finally gets it, then sabotages himself and his future with his new Domme?  Submissives engage in this type of behavior on a regular basis.  They invest significant amounts of money and time in the lifestyle, just to destroy all of that work.  They walk away for a few days, weeks, or months.  But, they go right back to the lifestyle.  Usually, with a different Domme and some version of the truth that they have created for themselves that makes them feel good.

    But, what is really happening is that the submissive is asking for something that he is not prepared for.  And he receives something that he is not prepared for, then he does not know what to do with it.

    Mistress Alisa addresses this issue in today's segment.

  • 01:30

    Wicked Domme Month

    in Entertainment

    June was suppose to be sub month, but due to poor input from the subs during Domme month, it has been decided by the High Council of FemDommeNation that sub month is cancelled and June will be a month for the subs to show respect to the Dommes of the Nation.

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    Jewcee Tales Erotic Chat

    in Romance

    Join Mz. Jewcee and Honey B da Producer for a Adult Conversation on the Erotic side of the house! Each week you will be treated to a variety of topics and Co-Hosts that are in the Adult Entertainment Business! From Entertainers ~ to Business Owners ~ to Event Planners ~ to Erotic Poets and Writers!

    You will also be treated to Educational and Informational Co-Hosts that will assist you through the ever alluring subject - The Lifestyle! Learn more about the different aspects of the Lifestyle and how you can be a part of it!

    Tonights Co-Host: Areya K. Branxton-Chase - Author and slave

    Ask questions and get ANSWERS right here!

    ...so join us!  As we ENJOY - ENLIGHTEN - EMBRACE - EROTICISM!

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    Mark Joseph Domme,Pamela Hannam

    in Sports

    Join Me Sunday 1PM EST as I welcome to the show NPC Bodybuilder Mark Joseph Domme where we will discus he comeback plan after having hip surgery,also bodybuilder Pamela Hannam talks about love and dating in the bodybuilding lifestyle. call in live to listen to the show (347)215-6772. or click on the active link to listen from the show's site.    follow me on twitter @mouthandmuscle or on FB The Mouth And The Muscle Show

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    Book Discussion: Consensual (Club Imperial Book 1)

    in Books

    Join host Debbie Workman, as she chats with Heidi Galbraith and Shirley Bastien for a discussion on the erotic romance,  Consensual (Club Imperial Book 1).  Also Joining the discussion will be Club Imperial author- Katherine Rhodes.

    The door read: Tessa Saint.
    The truth was: she was nothing of the sort.
    Even the name was a lie.

    The woman most men fantasized about, a domme, a walking wet dream, and a master with a whip, Tessa Saint took charge and delivered on that fantasy. But Emmy--the woman Tessa became once she walked out the door of the club--was getting tired of the game. It was time to try the vanilla life.

    The door read: Nathaniel Walsh
    The truth was: the man was an open book
    Emmy was interested in reading.

    Nathaniel was instantly attracted to the enigma of Emmy, and against her better judgement she lead him into her world of whips and blindfolds, kink and domination. Having a man unencumbered with perceptions of her lifestyle, Emmy could not resist Nathaniel at the tip of her lash, his willing bedroom submission.

    The door read: Club Imperial
    The truth was: Emmy hid there in the dark for a reason.
    She should never have left the comfortable shadows.

    Her secrets would find a way to the light- and it was only time until Emmy's lies were torn away and the truth revealed. Nathaniel wasn't ready for that.

    Neither was she.

    **Content Warning: Contains explicit content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Contains BDSM themes, Erotic content and language. 18+ Audience**

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    Just Guy Talk: ChanelXXXHardcore

    in Entertainment

    This episode we introduce Pro Domme, Fetish and Role Play master Chanel XXX Hardcore. We'll find out how she chose this profession and discuss and web cam modeling.

  • 01:21

    Ms. P & Dr. Sue present Pt 2 of 50 Shades MORE Powerful™

    in Women

    In Part 2 of 50 Shades MORE Powerful™ Ms. P & Dr. Sue discuss in detail the sensual aspects of being a Dominant woman in the bedroom.  Consider this Femme Domme 101 and class begins Friday at 8pm ET on The N’Tuned Show.

    Dr. Sue will teach you step-by-step the ways to use your submissive’s kinks to drive them crazy including:

    Simple instructions for each of the more common fetish/kink’s such as light bondage, foot, high heel, leather and more!
    The art of spanking & slight pain
    Using everyday household items in the bedroom
    Power toys you need in your pleasure chest

    Be sure to get N’Tuned Friday at 8pm ET and get your kink on!

    Did you miss the original series 50 Shades of Power™ on The N’Tuned Show?? You can listen to all 3 episodes RIGHT HERE!

    Listen to 50 Shades MORE Powerful™ Part 1 RIGHT HERE!!

  • 01:21

    Ms. P & Dr. Sue present 50 Shades of Power - Part 3 - Bossy and Lovin It!

    in Women

    Ms. P and Dr. Sue bring you the third and final part of 50 Shades of Power™ ~ A new way of thinking for women

    In the final installment of this three part series Dr. Sue takes you even deeper in to alternative ways to wield your new Princess Power in the bedroom and beyond.   

    Got a man who keeps eye-balling other women?  There’s a cure for that.
    Sick of always being Queen of the Kitchen?  We’ll show you how to drop the toilet brush and pick up a nail file.
    Thousands of couples, including your friends and neighbors, are playing this kinky game and putting the fire back in to their relationships.
    How to give your guy a mind-bending orgasm without touching his penis.
    How getting back in touch with your sexuality will change how you look at your entire life.

    Be sure to tune in to this special series just for women Oct 17 at 8pm ET

    If you have any questions for Dr. Sue and 50 Shades of Power™ email them prior to the show to ntunedshow@aol.com and we'll address them on this show.

    Missed any of the prior shows in the series? CLICK the links below to listen:

    50 Shades of Power™ Part 1
    50 Shades of Power™ Part 2

  • 01:16

    Ms. P & Dr. Sue present 50 Shades of Power - Part 2 - Awakening a New Sexuality

    in Women

    Ms. P & Dr. Sue continue to shake off the shackles of the societal stereotype that all women must be submissive.  And in Part 2 of 50 Shades of Power Dr. Sue will change the way you think about your sexuality.  You've accepted you're a princess now how do you integrate that confidence in to the bedroom? 

    Learn how to be Dominant without being a B*tch!
    How to use your sexuality to gain the upper hand in your bedroom and beyond
    How to tell if your partner is sexually submissive
    Games to introduce in the bedroom
    Games to play outside the bedroom and MORE!

    Be sure to tune in to this special series just for women Oct 3 at 8pm ET

    If you have any questions for Dr. Sue and 50 Shades of Power email them prior to the show to ntunedshow@aol.com and we'll address them on this show.

    Missed 50 Shades of Power Part 1?  LISTEN NOW!