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    Outer Sacred Space
    We have the right to live our lives in sacred space.  Now let us  learn how to do that. Join Lordiel and Lynn McGonagill, the Founder and Teaching Channel for the Lightworkers Healing Method, as they begin a monthly series designed to raise all of our vibrations. Each month you will be able to receive a powerful, loving energetic transmission and visit with your Spirit Guides to receive help and guidance.  This month you will also learn how to create sacred space and activate the flow of Divine love into your workspace, home, and life.
    The Lightworks Healing Method™ (LHM) is a powerful spiritual growth vehicle and energy healing system with an exceptional goal: to align us with our soul's life purpose. It improves the present by working with both our past and future lives as well as with higher-dimension Guides, Angels, and Lightbeings in a unique and powerful process. You CAN learn to do this
    Lynn McGonagill is the physical-dimension Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworks Healing Method™. To date, she has gratefully invested twenty-two years in training with higher-dimension healing beings, twelve years in joyfully practicing LHM full-time with thousands of clients, and five years in lovingly teaching the method to others.
    Lynn's Mission is to  bring the Divine Plan to manifested reality on Earth, by helping a critical mass of souls to rediscover and live their individual soul plans. www.lightworksmethod.com
    BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be: The Lightworks Healing Method

    Lordiel  www.celestial-energies.com  and lordiel.wordpress.com

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