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    Receive a Mini Divination Journey!

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    Would you like to get DIVINE GUIDANCE from other realms to know what choices to make next? Call in or type questions in the chat room to ask Spiritual Interpreter, Karen Cressman, for a MINI DIVINATION JOURNEY to retrieve spiritual wisdom for YOU from your angels and guides who provide loving guidance about what you need to know ... NOW. Being part of a group divination gathering allows a synergy of energy to occur. Everyone listening receives a multitude of spiritual knowledge empowering each of us to move forward on our spiritual path. Join in to be a part of this unconditionally loving energy, wisdom and Joy!

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    The Amethyst Oracle : Divination with a Queer Twist

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading with Chirlie and HiC L*I*V*E on the air during the show !

    An interview with Death, taking time out of Her busy schedule during this hallow'd season to sit with us for a bit.

    Guest YesheRabbit talks about the divination/oracle systems known as Shagai (Mongolian bone divination) and Mo (Tibetan dice divination) to look at your health, wealth, luck, love, spiritual well being, personal growth, family, and omens for 2015 using these methods from Yeshe Rabbit.

    Mongolians believe that keeping and collecting Shagais brings balance, happiness and goodluck in life. The bones are collected and widely used for traditional and fortune-telling games in Mongolia. Mo is a form of divination that is part of the culture and religion of Tibet that employs dice. The answers given by the Mo are regarded as coming from Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom.

    YesheRabbit Matthews is a writer, singer of sacred songs, ritualist, a tarot reader and a feminist futurist who has been featured on NPR and is a regular teacher/presenter at local and national gatherings, including the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, PantheaCon, the Berkeley Pagan Festival, and others. Yeshe Rabbit is co-owner of The Sacred Well and presiding High Priestess of CAYA COVEN.

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    Come join us as we enter the world of divination. Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, I-Ching,Runes,Crystal Balls,Scrying..So many wonderful ways to see ito the future!!!!

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    Dark Matters Radio Show with The Sorceress Cagliastro: Divination

    in Science

    DIVINATION: CLEARING AWAY CONFUSION We discuss methods for getting the information you need to make your work effective, including using The Nothing to obtain the clearest view.  This is not fortune telling or prognosticating. This is diagnosing the situation with clarity. We also discuss how to avoid the trap of needy clients who can sap the Practitioner's energy. The Sorceress will do an on-air reading to demonstrate the methods.

    Please visit our website at darkmattersradiocagliastro.com for more information on us and our work, and to listen to archived episodes of the show as well as replays of the "Sorcery ih the Moment" segments, rituals performed by the Sorceress for the benefit of the listeners. 

    To contact us, you can write us at the following email addresses:

    The Sorceress: sorceresscagliastro@gmail.com

    Chris Rogue Ostrowski: chrisrogueostrowski@gmail.com

    Victor "The Voice" Furhman: reikivictor@gmail.com 

    Morgan St. Knight: morganstknight@hotmail.com

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    Divination In The Bible

    in Spirituality

    Divination is the requesting and/or understanding of contrived or naturally occurring material events, circumstances, and the like that reveal Deity’s intentions, desires, or advice in relation to the topic under consideration.

    It is another of the Universe’s ways of speaking to us.

    The word does not have to come in a story, a vision, or a dream. The Spiritual Universe encompasses everything.

    This is the domain of divination: the Divine manifesting in the material.

    Under God’s direction, Moses formalizes divination in the Urim and the Thummim.

    There’s stories that couldn’t happen in ‘Vegas under the guidance of God between Saul and his son, Jonathon.

    The much loved Jonah, of “Jonah In The Belly Of The Whale” fame, was discovered by divination to be guilty of a crime, and that’s why and how he walked the gang plank of a ship at sea and became food for a whale.

    Higher consciousness author Ted Ciuba reveals all.

    It is surprising what the Bible really says…


    Title: Divination In The Bible

    Trilogy: Psychic & Paranormal Phenomena In The Bible (2 of 3)

    Catch more enlightening episodes with host Dr. Ted Ciuba, co-host Chap Oscar, and their wide array of topics and of guests aligned with Quantum Humanism on ThinkRichRadio.com

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    The Lisa Bousson Show: Divination Tools And Their Safe Usage

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I share with you multiple divination tools, their safe usage and the appropriate times to use them. I'll also be doing a few mini readings for random colors. Call in 347-426-3338. One question per color please!


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    The Amethyst Oracle : Divination with a Queer Twist

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    L*I*V*E Readings with Charlie and HiC ... Skype in or Call 646.716.5510 during the show to receive a reading on the air !

    The 23rd annual SF BATS (Bay Area Tarot Symposium) took place in August. HiC and Charlie were there and will be bringing you all the scoop, gossip, and recaps about the festivities.

    Plus, here insights from various Tarot luminaries and practitioners in attendance, from Mary K. Greer to Carrie Paris to Julie Cuccia-Watts and many more, as they answer the question, « What is Divination ? » and then use their favourite divination or oracular tool of choice to see how it responds to that question as well.

    And, of course, our monthly Living the Queer Life segment to see what the Oracles have to offer us for guidance in the coming month.

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    Pt. 8 How Divination is Molesting Our Children

    in Culture

    Video games, music, movies, magazines, fashion, etc. are just some of the traps of divination that satan is using to possess and destroy this generation. But we as the children of Light must come forth and proclaim God's word to help them. Is there such a thing as good magic? Are there dangers in watching certain cartoons, movies, tv shows, or plays? What is the fruit of divination? How do we confront it? Listen on your phone by Dialing 347-857-2908 or Listen Online at www.blogtalkradio.com/kingdombread 

  • Ep 3: College, Social Issues, and Professional Tarot with guest Jake Kent

    in Spirituality

    Join us Thursday Dec 18 7pm EST (Friday 9am Japanese Time) at Divination Radio with your hosts, Fiona Benjamin (Chinese-American Diviner) and Houngan Michael Lennon (Cartomancer).

    This week we are joined by young professional tarot reader and college student, Jake Kent who will touch upon some of the struggles he has dealt with being a reader of younger age trying to balance having a job and getting a college degree. He will share some of his personal experiences of sensitive issues with us from coming out of the tarot closet to how it has affected some of his personal relationships and how it has helped shaped him to the young professional he is today. 

    Jake Kent has been reading Tarot since the age of thirteen and fell in love with the metaphors and symbolism found in them. Jake has a love of creating spreads for his sessions and using the cards in a myriad of ways, from writer’s block to predictive readings. Jake believes that the cards are a direct link to spirit and that readers interpret the messages in them for their clients. Over the years he has explored his intuitive and psychic readings and found great success in connecting these readings to the Tarot.

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    Ep 2: Lenormand with guest Jilly Hunter

    in Spirituality

    Join us Thursday Dec 11 2014 7PM Eastern (Dec 12 9am Japanese Time) for Divination Radio with your hosts, Fiona Benjamin (Chinese-American Diviner) and Houngan Michael Lennon (Cartomancer).

    This week we will be joined by Jilly Hunter, Lenormand extraordinaire! We will interview her for a portion of the show, followed by discussions on how to avoid some mistakes that new Lenormand readers make. Jilly will share some of her tips and tricks on easing the journey to reading Lenormand. Join us live to ask her questions in the chat room and call in live to join the queue to receive a free reading from the three of us! 

    Jilly Hunter is an empath and intuitive clairvoyant from NJ who has a feverish passion for divination in many forms. She began with Tarot (Thoth) a near decade ago and has continued to use it as a spiritual guide for its healing and transforming qualities. She frequently incorporates Lenormand, astrology, and numerology into her work, adding multilayered depth to her readings. Jilly takes satisfaction in helping clients recognize optimal solutions to their problems, as well as improve their sense of self-understanding and personal wisdom. A goal of hers is to create and publish an oracle or Tarot deck of her own one day. She loves anime, gothic lit, moon gazing, and blackberry merlot. You can keep up with her at Ohsanguinemoon on Tumblr for not so random occult musings.

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    Mystical Awakenings Radio: Divination, Paranormal Chat, & Open Lines

    in Paranormal

     Deb DeRousse and Debbie Marcum are the hosts of Mystical Awakenings Radio.  Both have worked in the paranormal field for several years and are Spiritual Mediums with a passion to help those who are dealing with grief. They also work together with the missing, advocate spirituality, and are public speakers.  Tonight they will discuss working with Ouija boards and other forms of divination, as well as their views on working with those living in fear of the Paranormal.  Phone lines will be open to callers with questions, comments, or those who would like to ask a question of a loved one on the other side.  Join in the chat room discussions.


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