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    How to Win in Life in a Greater Way

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    On this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I am happy to welcome Ronald Cooper, author of How to Win in Life in a Greater Way.

    Ronald is an extraordinary gifted, ordained minister, motivational speaker; and inspirational author. In his prominently recognized professional ministry, he has served as an effective pastor, community leader, an associate pastoral staff member, and as an endorsed chaplain. Ronald has met, identified with, related to, collaborated with, and have significantly challenged, given hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to multitudes of both the laity and clergy of numerous faith traditions and non-faith communities throughout the world.

    For more information about Ronald and the work he loves, visit www.ronaldacooper.com

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    Massive Mistakes That Keep Even Smart Women Stuck, Undervalued & Unappreciated

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    Tammy Washington, Creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur Mastermind, is a highly sought after motivational speaker and the author of Nailed It! a transformational guide to defeating procrastination, overcoming fear and achieving all that you desire.

    Originally from Elloree, SC, Tammy is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has trained for several fortune 500 corporations including Nintendo, State farm and Sam’s Club.

    Tammy has been seen on HBO’s “Stepping Out”, The Mother Love Show, CNN’s IReport and has been featured in Angeles Magazine and Amore Creole Magazine as America’s Success Strategist.

    Tammy is currently working on her second book “Stop Thinking like an Employee, Start Thinking like an Entrepreneur” and is here today to share “The Three Massive Mistakes Even Smart Women Make that keep them STUCK in their jobs, Undervalued and Unappreciated”. 

    Download Tammy's E-book, "5 Easy Tips to Creating Your First Product" by clicking here.

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    Life Gets Better and Better

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    On this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I'm having a chat with Anna Banguilan, who has spent the majority of her professional life as a, graphic artist, creative director, textile printer,  promotions and marketing expert. As an entrepreneur she is always experiencing the fabulous roller coaster ride we call life.

    Her life changed dramatically in 2005 with the death of her mother. This event made her look up and out to become “more”. In the answers to her questions, she was given a copy of “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Abraham-Hicks and found a new “bliss” of creating her own new reality and helping others do the same.

    Anna is the founder of Universal Energy Radio and now adds to her repertoire, radio talk show host, law of attraction facilitator and life coach, reiki master, speaker and author.

    “Life is a journey, be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”

    To learn more about Anna and the work she loves, visit www.lifegetsbetterandbetter.com.

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    Reclaim and Redesign Your Life Over 40

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    My guest on this episode of Conversations in the Zone is Lynn Louise Wonders, a wellness and life-redesign coach for women over 40 and a licensed professional counselor. She helps women reclaim their lives with rich and detailed plans that attend to the needs of body, mind and spirit. Lynn provides education and services in aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, personal counseling, relaxation therapies and holistic wellness and weight release. She offers a wide array of holistic services, programs and products through her online marketplace and live in-person at her brick-n-mortar location Wonders Wellness Center located in Marietta, Georgia, USA. 

    For more about Lynn and the work she loves, visit www.wonderswellness.com.

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    Work is a 12-Letter Word

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    Work is ultimately about C O N T R I B U T I O N, are you happy with yours?  Isn't it true that we want to matter and we want what we do to matter?.

    Word on the street is that a large part of the U. S. workforce is staying put in jobs that don't fulfill them, don't challenge them, don't mean anything to them, don't make them feel like they matter and don't allow them to make the kind of contributions that matter most to them. 

    On the one hand, these reports are puzzling when you consider the unprecedented, broad range of possibilities and opportunities available.  On the other hand, they make total sense when you think about the risks involved in making a work life change.

    What kind of contribution do you want to make?  What do you want your legacy to be?

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    How Big Is Your Arena?

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    How big is your arena? This is all about what you believe is possible in your work life and how to expand it, so let's have a possibilities discussion on the air. Realistically, it's also about what is probable for you right now.

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    Working From Your Inner Voice

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    Mildred Lynn McDonald and I are joining forces again for this episode of Choosing Work Consciously. 

    When she visited as a guest last month, as part of her work story she shared how important it was to listen to her inner voice on the path to designing the kind of work life she now loves. Was it easy? No, but the rewards far exceed any sacrifices and challenges she encountered along the way.

    We'd like to spend a little more time discussing what it means to work from your inner voice and some of the steps you can take to tap into your unique inner voice, which is key if you really want to shift your work life in a new direction.

    Join us for a conversation filled with practical tips and strategies that you can apply immediately. It's time to design that work life you've wanted and this may be that gentle nudge or swift kick you've been searching for to get started.

    Such a timely topic...you don't want to miss this show!

    Check out the blog post, Life Out Of Alignment?

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    Drawing Caricatures as Work, How Fun is That?

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    For this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I have the privilege to chat with Susan Moreno, a contemporary abstract artist based in Atlanta, GA. Susan attended The Art Institute of Chicago and The Atlanta College of Art where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in 1987. Susan is an award-winning artist whose work has appeared in numerous juried shows including the Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition at The Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College. Her collectors include, The Bank of Atlanta, Decatur Arts Alliance, as well as, private collectors in Atlanta and Arizona. Susan grew up in Florida and was around water for much of her formative years. These early memories of water and movement are the foundation for her present work, as she pours paint on canvas and wood. The idea of unrestricted movement and liquidity are her primary concerns. She uses sand and charcoal to add texture and associations of earthiness to her images.

    With over 25 years of experience Susan has entertained professionally in the Atlanta area, as well as out of state with caricatures. Over the years Susan has drawn countless caricatures for corporate events such as conventions, trade-shows, employee and customer appreciation, wedding receptions and much more.

    Her client list includes Atlanta Magazine, PYA Monarch, Greystone Power, Georgia Power, AT & T, Delta, Coke, Georgia Power, just to name a few.  For more information about Susan and the work she loves, visit www.susanmoreno.com, caricaturesbysusan.com or digitalcaricaturesatlanta.com.

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    Setting Your Sights on Living Your Dream

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    My guest for this episode of Conversations in the Zone is Alexandra Elizabeth Carpanzano. She has been blessed to find an opportunity that allows her to design her life and live her vision. Finding herself in a new state and out of her career of choice, with 8 bartending jobs and a college degree she would be paying off for the next 25 years, Alexandra chose to take a leap of faith and devote her “spare time” to building a Mary Kay business. She earned her first, free, career car during the Christmas season of 2011 while planning her wedding, moving across town and becoming a stepmom. Soon after, Alexandra moved into the top 2% of the company and debuted as a new Independent Sales Director breaking a record in her National Area of 6 weeks, and was one of the top 7 new Units nationwide! Having support from women and a company that encourages and teaches the priorities of God first, family second, and career third, she has put her hard work ethic into action and designed her life around those priorities and is currently building the life she envisions. Alexandra is currently in qualifications to earn her first PINK Cadillac, representing her love and dedication to empowering women to do the same, living debt free and having control over their choices. For more informatiion about Alexandra Elizabeth and the work she loves, visit www.marykay.com/acarpanzano.

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    Jumping Into the World of Freedom

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    It is a privilege to chat with Virginia Nava Hieger on this episode of Conversations in the Zone. Virginia is the author of Your Unique Gift: Finding Life’s Unique Gift Proposition and Meaningful Freedom: Finding Freedom Through Wholeness, two new books aimed at empowering women on a journey of self-discovery, authenticity, wholeness and personal freedom.  As a Transformative Power® coach, she believes each one of us has our own source of inner strength and that we simply need the tools to reconnect with it to let our light shine back out into the world.

    Virginia became a transformational leader while working in the field of international business with DuPont, Merck and Sanofi, marketing and transforming brands, concepts and strategies into products and profitable ideas worldwide. Vibrant, fresh, and with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she jumped into the world of freedom by starting her own Atlanta-based company, Transformative Power, LLC, in 2012. Her passion and calling is to help empower individuals to discover and share their unique gift proposition by focusing on unwrapping the essence of their gifts, and help companies to develop their unique gift from the inside out.

    Visit Virginia at www.thetransformativepower.com or email virginianava@thetransformativepower.com.

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    Life, Love and Lilies

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    In this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I welcome Brenda Strickland, a popular, dynamic and moving speaker. Author of the highly praised Life, Love and Lilies: Everyday Spirituality, she is committed to her students’ spiritual identities. She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in music education. Professionally, she taught elementary music classes for 35 years in schools from Kansas to Hawaii to Georgia, helping children to find their musical voices as they celebrated the music of the world. She is a gifted pianist and singer. As a Life Coach, Brenda is dedicated to supporting her clients as they emerge into the deepest fulfillment of their highest aspirations. Her childhood spiritual home was Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, where she learned to meditate in the Silent Unity tradition at the age of ten. Brenda and her husband, Rev. John A.V. Strickland, the senior minister of Atlanta Unity, live in Dunwoody, GA. They share their home with Duke, a long-haired Dachshund, and two cats, Makikilani and Bojangles.

    For more about Brenda and the work she loves, visit www.brendastrickland.us.

    For more about what Robin is up to and the work she loves, visit www.robinccrawford.com. 

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