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    WIOA: Succeeding at Integrated Service Delivery

    in Jobs

    Thursday, March 19th  |  1:00 PM EDT

    Under WIOA, workforce boards are asked to focus on providing streamlined and efficient career center services. How can boards build a model of integrated service delivery that results not only in cost savings and elevated customer service? More importantly, how will changes in these areas contribute to improvement in outcomes and impacts?  Moving to a truly integrated system requires a willingness to look at all aspects of board and staff operations to identify where improvements would result in stronger partnerships.  As a service provider and operator of career centers nationwide, KRA Corporation has already examined current practices and identified areas where change is needed to take service delivery to the next level.  Join host Ron Painter as he interviews KRA Vice President Don Scott, and KRA Director of Workforce Innovation Felicia Flournoy, for a conversation about how best to succeed at connecting the activities of service delivery to the strategic priorities of a workforce board.  With examples of best practices from around the country, this is a can't-miss show in our Workforce Central Forum 2015 series.

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    Time with Tinnie: Special Delivery

    in Lifestyle

    We all have a purpose. Don't believe me, well look in the mirror and look deep. Regardless of what you have experienced in life, you still have something that you have been called to do. "Reality TV has given people the impression that it's okay to walk around in misery, yet, have it all. Well this Thursday I want to discuss a topic that will awaken your sense of purpose by knocking on your door and screaming "Special Delivery". Who better to discuss this subject with me than the wonderful and down to earth, Author/Radio Host/Motivational Speaker Tina A. Hobson. 

    Born in Ohio, raised in Chicago, Illinois and Chagrin Falls Ohio, Tina currently resides in Maple Heights Ohio where she works hard at marketing her businesses. Tina believes that with hard work, tenacity but first of all having faith in the Provider of All, All Things are Possible. 

    You do not want to miss Time with Tinnie because time with me is never time wasted!!! Tell a friend or two because Time with Tinnie has something just for you and them too. 

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    Delivery of the Church

    in Religion

    Victorious living through words of empowerment from Biblical lessons and principles; Exploring the theological implication and contextualizing the relevancy for today living.

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    the nwo is not pizza delivery.

    in Politics

    The nwo..has been the agenda of globalists forvover 100 yrs..nazi neocons..bankers and socialist maniacs..its a nightmare

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    Presenting Your Data: Prepare for Delivery Date

    in Technology

    Join us for Session 2 of the All Analytics A2 Academy, The Results Are In: Presenting Data to Decision Makers. Think of three possible outcomes at the end of the analytics project: The business unit gets a wealth of information, such as new customer names; the research provides good news, such as validation of a strategy; or nasty surprises are on the way. As the project evolves, the analytics team needs to watch for signs of how the results might turn out. In this episode learn:

    How to understand business unit expectations and that positive results can't be guaranteed
    Why you need to sample and test

    Preparing the business on how to use the results

    How to adapt your delivery strategy as the project evolves
    How to avoid/prepare for evil surprises

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    Google Testing Delivery Drones

    in News

    Google has been testing a drone delivery system; Apple announces their next special event and JustFab lands a $1 billion valuation. WSJ's Mathew Passy on those stories and more.

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    Google Adopts Delivery-Service Model

    in News

    Google is expanding its delivery service and will start charging a membership fee. Tom Ortuso has that story and more.

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    Movie Reviews: Delivery Man, Philomena

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review Vince Vaughn's new movie Delivery Man and Judi Dench's new film Philomena. 

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    Your Delivery Day!

    in Parents

    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    This week, Sara will chat with Julie Berg about being a Mom and a Mompreneur as well as about changing the face of the birthing experience. Julie is the owner and founder of Dressed to Deliver, a business that caters to expectant mothers.

    Learn more about how WeeHands and signing with your baby at www.weehands.com or share with us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/weehands.

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    Jinglin BABY Sundays LIVE presents INDIE ARTIST DUO CASH on DELIVERY tune in as we highlight the C.O.D. grind, mind, and behind the scenes look at Leavy & Breeze's amazing lyrical chemistry and their new PRODUCT...a mixtape affectionately titled #TrynaGETRich! Not only does the DUO believe in the POWER of music...but they have glazed the showcase stages of NY..join us for a LIVE chat and #smooch a question or song request 6262135635.
    Check out more Cash on Delivery @ http://artistecard.com/CashOnDelivery#!/bio

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    Natural Labor - Don't Believe The Hype!!

    in Moms and Family

    Have you delivered your babies "naturally", through c-section, or with the help of medication.  All forms of delivery are commendable since they meet their ultimate purpose of bringing a beautiful life to this world.  However, there can be a lot of hype around natural delivery.  In this episode, I share my personal delivery experience.  It's not all it's cracked up to be!!

    We know you are super busy, but if you can please take a minute to leave us a rating and review we will be so grateful.  It helps us grow and helps us know how to help more mothers out there.  Not to mention, the good reviews are really encouraging :)

    Please visit us at our blog at http://www.everythingsahm.net/.  You can connect with us on social media through there.


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