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    Hood Estate Deed Flipping Workshop Classes

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    Hi Thanks for your Interest in our Hood Estate Deed Flipping WorkShop Classes.  Please Click the Link to Receive all Following Information about our upcoming classes on September 13th 2013. https://hoodestatedeedflip.eventbrite.com/ Seats are limited to only 30 people so please reserve your enrollment now and I hope to see you there. Thank You! We Teach How to Flip Deeds but its up to you to use what you've leaned in our class. We have a multiple real success stories of people that succeed in our program. I suggest you purchase our Deed Flipping WorkShop Kit that have all legal docs and a step by step video tutorial on there that teaches you how to execute your deals. Then if You will like to follow up with the classes you can. We are running a Special right now that includes the Deed Kit and Enrollment for our class for only $699. This is a ($1500). Thank You for inquiring about our services. We also offer Credit Repair, Credit Score Boosting, Business Lines Of Credit for Start Up Businesses and Much More. call 800-470-9049 or email HoodEstateServices@gmail.com for more info.

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    Here is the big deal to learn more about Deed Flipping

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    Here is a big Bonanza to learn to make a 100K a month with DeedFlippig and more about Deed flipping, Investment pooling, Increasing credit repair and  so on...

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    Make $3,000 Referral Commission. Becoming a Deed Flipping Agent With Hood Estate

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    Let's talk Deed Flipping

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    We are having a discussion about deed flipping and how profitable it can be without having to much expense go to hoodestateservices.co

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    Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

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    In this podcast, attorney Steve Migala discusses what a "deed in lieu of foreclosure" is and its advantages. A "deed in lieu of foreclosure agreement" is a contract between a defaulting borrower and a lender who has filed or is contemplating a foreclosure proceeding. The parties agree to settle the matter by having the borrower voluntarily surrender the real property to the lender in exchange for the avoidance of the foreclosure proceeding, which may include the lender's agreement to release or limit remedies against the borrower, any guarantor or other collateral.

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    What is a contract for deed in Arizona?

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    Arizona Contract for Deed - A.R.S. 33-741

    Attorney Steve Vondran, the Real Estate Lawyer (Arizona and California) discusses the "contract for deed" and tries to provide a general legal definition of this concept.  Please do not rely on this podcast as it is not legal advice or a substitute for real estate legal advice.

    Under Arizona law, the contract for deed statute states:

    2. "Contract" means a contract for conveyance of real property, a contract for deed, a contract to convey, an agreement for sale or any similar contract through which a seller has conveyed to a purchaser equitable title in property and under which the seller is obligated to convey to the purchaser the remainder of the seller's title in the property, whether legal or equitable, on payment in full of all monies due under the contract. This article does not apply to purchase contracts and receipts, escrow instructions or similar executory contracts which are intended to control the rights and obligations of the parties to executory contracts pending the closing of a sale or purchase transaction.

    Contact an Arizona real estate law firm

    If you need help with a CONTRACT FOR DEED in Arizona, or eminent domain issues surrounding a contract for deed, contact us at (877) 276-5084 or at our website: http://www.AskAttorneySteve.com.


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    Let's Talk Deed Flipping

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    Go to HoodEstateServices.com to get products and services

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    What is a Mortgage Deed?

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    I promise when this show is over you'll have s better understand of mortgage deed. And mortgage Terminology something you should know abd understand. Homeowners usually think of the Mortgage Deed, or Trust Deed,as a contract they are signing with the Lender at closing. To borrow money to purchase the house--Actually NO!!! FALSE. I'll explain in this Show of Mortgage Talk1

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    Sunday Morning Gospel then Mortgage Talk1 Quitclaim deed

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    Sunday Morning Gospel good gospel music thats food to your soul,keeping the light shining in you..
    Mortgage Talk1 Topic today is about Quitclaim Deed,not as some people write it wrong Quick Claim Deed. I'll speak on the differences between them..
    Stay tune Soul 106 Talk Radio is hoing 24/7...