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    Demonic Deception-Chad Schafer

    in Paranormal

    Tonight Chad explores the symbolism in pop culture and how it is used for mind control programming.

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    Doors of Deception Radio

    in Spirituality

    Rob Skiba returns! Tonight Rob will be telling us about his upcoming appearance at Future Congress, and his other projects. Please Join us at a NEW time for this edition of Doors of Deception Radio.

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    01/01/13 Doors of Deception Jim Wilhelmson

    in Spirituality

    01/01/13 Doors of Deception Jim Wilhelmson

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    Deception by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

    in Books

    One of the biggest deception of all time is taking place right now. Itama Marcus author of the book "Deception" documents this, lethal game of lies, in detail. He monitors and reports the activities of the Palestinian leadershop.

    The shock value of what he found is lost only due to the fact that  it is so outrageously big, that the mind of a normal human being living in a land where there is no daily murder, cant even wrap his mind around it:

    "Genecide of Jews are preordained, (In the mind of a Palestenian) "

    Incitment or just a fullfillment of an ideology? Important becasue when you ask Palestenians to stop encitment, the ideology that is behind it is that Jews and Israel have no right to exist. 

    Genecide of jews pre ordained, when they call for the killing of Jews they are not enciting they are just calling for their ideology to be carried out. 

     It is called the Middle East Peace Process. 


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    Doors of Deception Radio-Peter Kling! Author of "Letters to Earth". (Episode #3)

    in Spirituality

    Welcome Peter Kling! Peter is the author of "Letters to Earth" about surviving Armageddon! As a young man, Peter walked through many doorways and learned many things, one of them was remote viewing. He then remote viewed Armageddon, and it affected him greatly...what he saw was so terrifying he wished he hadn't seen the events that he did. He began to have contact with "aliens" and demons who took him to very dark places. Peter didn't in his words, "recruit easily" praise God...as he battled these dark entities and found them to be liars, deceivers, and wanted to devour his soul. Peter found the key to defeating these dark messengers. He wrote this book to inform all of us that we can survive Armageddon, as many of us know; as God always preserves a remnant. How can you be considered in the remnant that God preserves through all the terror and tribulation? Listen and hear Peter tell his story...and hear him shine the light into the darkest of dark corners! For more about Peter go to his website: http://www.peterkling.com/



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    The Great Deception

    in Christianity

      The greatest deception is self deception. The world gives an illusion of a paradigm of life that has seduced you into thinking that you do not have to answer to God. The  narrow way still exists but many are on the wide one. This message will site the deceptive plan of the enemy and offer the wisdom of God to equip you to escape. It's time to be prepared to fight and stand in the power of His might. Are you ready?

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    Pornography: The Great Escape.....The Great Deception

    in Christianity

    The casualities from enslavement to ography, lust and sexual sin are indeed too great and too numerous to count. To be honest it is in my humble opinion that this is the number one battle inside today's christian homes. Just like a fish getting caught on a hook and becomes enticed and lured by the colorful bait, so to are many christian men and women who have been trapped by ographic magazines, websites, voyerism, dirty novels and videos all of which makes lofty promises that it cannot keep. In fact it leaves you empty, dejected, confused, depressed and unfulfilled. Like a hurricane it leaves everything in its path to ruins. Its like an uncontrollable fire that no one intended to get out of hand but its unforgiving, destroying marriages, innocent children, families. At one time or another a great many of us have bought into some of the lies Satan tells us. "Go ahead and enjoy it, after all you deserve it." No one will know", or I can quit this anytime I want to", and just a little ography in my marriage wont hurt". This thinking leaves one only being trapped and deceived by the deception of ography. But there is hope and deliverance for those seeking to escape from the chains of ography. Please join me in our discussion.

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    Doors of Deception Radio

    in Spirituality

    L.A. Marzulli & Russ Dizdar! WOW- that's right, join us tonight as we welcome L.A. and Russ to our show for an evening that is sure to be eye opening, uplifting and educational. L.A. and Russ are two of the most dynamic Christians in the field of paranormal, supernatural events that have and are taking place right now in this turbulent time in which we live! Both warriors and watchmen; they have written books, and are very sought after conference speakers. Each has a radio show; L.A. is the host of the number one rated Acceleration Radio on Wednesday nights at American Voice Radio. Russ does a nightly broadcast; Shatter the Darkness which is both a podcast and also airs live on Steve Quayle's radio network. The tremendous work these two men are doing to educate, inform, and arm all of us for the current and coming battles are invaluable. We are grateful and honored to have these two on as our guests! Please join us!

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    in Spirituality

    In the Old Testament (OT), the birth of twins was the sign of a special blessing. I am convinced that God uses "twins" to contrast various ideologies, paradigms and systems we encounter in everyday life. Deception is ruthless in its pursuit of the weak in spirit.

    In the case of these two brothers, we have "conflicting nations" as was prophesied in Gen 25:23, as the Lord God spoke directly to Rebekah during her pregnancy. One nation, Jacob (Israel) and the other nation Esau (Edom). 

    As is custom, the story is replete with intrigue, chaos and manipulation. We see the boys growing into their identities and the character of these two are no different than any of us who grew up in a family with siblings close to our own age. The "twist" in this tale is that Esau, being the firstborn in OT culture was a big deal! His inheritance included a "double portion" of  his father's estate. I mean, his father was Abraham for crying out loud; and, needless to say, Abraham was loaded!

    But the thing these boys had in common with their father Abraham is the spirit of "deception." You see, deception is persistent; it permeates generations. It is the intention of deception to captivate your FAITH. Deception is the antithesis of TRUTH. Truth will chase you into your dreams at night and be waiting for you when you wake up in the morning!


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    Modern Disinformation and Deception

    in Prayer

    Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false.

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    Doors of Deception Radio

    in Spirituality

    Transforming your perception of the deception!
    My guest tonight is Douglas Riggs! Doug has worked to help those who have been trapped in Satanic Ritual Abuse. He is also a Pastor and knows a great deal about current events and how they are leading us to all that has been prophesied in the Holy Bible.
    You won't want to miss this provocative show! Doug's interviews can be listened to at
    He has also been a guest on Preparing for Battle on The Endtime Tribune with Roz, the Omega Hour and has done many interviews with L.A. Marzulli and Stan Deyo.

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