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    Urban Culture Radio Debut

    in Radio

    This show is the first show of many of Urban Culture Radio. This show will allow fans to meet the hosts, cohosts and staff of all the shows of this network and allow them to see things to come! The culture will not be televised.

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    WWE Monday Night Raw Preview 11-24-14/ Look back at Sting's Debut!!!!!

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    WWE Monday Night Raw Preview 11-24-14/ Look back at Sting's Debut!!!!!

    Feel fee to join in and talk about WWE Raw Or Sting's Debut

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    Able Danger Band Debut Release of Chaos

    in Rock Music

    Able Danger Band is scheduled to release their Debut EP "Chaos" September 1, 2014


    Chris Stewart - Guitarist
    Nikki Luttrell - Vocalist
    Jason Winner - Bassist
    Ben Willis - Drummer

    For Bookings Contact Chris Stewart 937-467-0501

    Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/abledanger4 

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    Live With J8S Part 2: Drops His Debut Album "XXV"

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" Music Producer/Emcee "J8S" (pronounced Jeights) will be hanging out with the IRTR crew. J8S will be catching everyone up with his movement as an up & coming artist/producer and also airing tracks from his new debut album "XXV."

    If you aren't familiar with J8S, then we strongly urge you to scroll down our list of archived shows and go check out our first show with J8S dated 8/8/2013. If you are into Hip Hop then there's only one place you should be on 11/12/2014 and that's right here on "It's Real Talk Radio." There's no doubt that this will be a very entertaining show so don't miss out. Call in # 347-838-9540.







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    Freedom Radio returns: The Atlanta Debut - Florida Meets Georgia

    in Lifestyle

    Join 'Kimberly Skeen of Freedom Radio with Kimberly Skeen and J.R. Dunlap of The PRF Table team up once again as they debut:

    Keesha Rivers, CEO of Fla'Vore Productions and showcase an awesome event this weekend called The Atlanta Debut- Florida Meets Georgia.

    Listen to our interview LIVE with Keesha at 5pm EST on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 by calling in to (914) 338-1692 or listen on-line.

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    icon sting wwe debut

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    on 11-23-14 sting finally show up at a wwe event and made his debut will know and heard. he got in the ring had face to face with triple h and sting drop him. people been wondering when icon sting is going show up at a wwe event and he finally did and he went after triple h. now question is did john cena use sting for back up in case something happen. or did vince bring him in and made sure that triple h team lose there match. but call in give your thoughts or tune in.

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    Debut/Black Valentine

    in Entertainment

    CrackedRadio a thrice weekly show dedicated to romance, fun, news, life and entertainment. Get ready for adult content filled with humor, advice and titillating conversation, For our debut we will be discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of Valentines Day...Love it,Hate it, or Bury it. We want to know what you think... We will also dedicate a few words to the late great, Whitney Houston. Want to know what else we are going to talk about???....You'll have to tune in to find out.... 

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    Out Of The Tangled Web - Debut Show

    in Spirituality

    Join Mia for her debut show!

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    Yammering Lew with Gavin: DEBUT Episode (Rebroadcast)

    in Entertainment

    What happens when a manic BASTARD and a man with STYLE try and host a radio show?  Tune and and find out.  

    (This is a rebroadcast of the debut episode of Yammering Lew with Gavin.)

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    Flesh Wound Radio: Debut Episode

    in Film

    Tune in this coming Thursday at 9:30 PM Eastern time to Horror Society Presents Flesh Wound Radio with Todd Loya and I as we bring you the debut of a fiendish new series called Horror Society Presents Flesh Wound Radio. We will be bringing you ghastly reviews each week from the indie, underground, mainstream, and cult movie worlds, as well as all the latest horror hot topics and controversy disemboweling the internet. So tune in Flesh Wound Radio Freaks ^^. On our first episode we will be exploring 26 ways to die in ABC's Of Death 2. Also we tackle the brand new Amazon Blu Ray exclusive of Housebound, a horror comedy from New Zealand. Continuing an international theme we go to Spain for Alex De La Iglesia's bat shit new flick Witching And Bitching. All that plus reviews for the latest Code Red Blu Ray releases of Lady Stay Dead and Messiah Of Evil, and finally Vinegar Syndrome's Blu Ray release of an Xmas slasher fave Christmas Evil and several new titles from the VS camp.

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    Curious Times - Donna DiPietro, Readings Debut

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Donna DiPietro is back again at Curious Times, but this time she's going to throw caution to the wind and she's making her debut providing readings for our listeners. Give us a call and let's see what messages Donna may receive for you.
    Donna DiPietro is a psychic and paranormal investigator. She has worked on many mystifying cases including haunted houses and a haunted church, finding lost valuables, predicting the future – including that the Pope would be shot 24 hours before it happened.
    She has investigated, in accurate detail, the largest art heist in history. She has the gift of mediumship and has spoken and written in other languages, that she does not know, to get messages to loved ones from the other side.
    Donna had an amazing out-of-body experience on Valentine’s Day and was saved by EMTs. She is a recent widow who has had contact with her husband who promised her that he would try to make contact to prove that there is an afterlife.
    Donna hopes that by making her cases public, it will help in the advancement of paranormal research. She has been a guest speaker at “Mystery Writers of America” and is documenting her cases on her blog www.psychicstudy.blogspot.com. She is also putting the final touches on her book.
    Donna can be reached at donnagroverdipietro@gmail.com

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