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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #426 - Dean Haglund Returns to Los Angeles!

    in Film

    This week’s installment of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour takes place on the road, after a surprise encounter between Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness at the Los Angeles International Airport (the first time they’ve seen each other since their fantastic “farewell”episode.

    Dean reveals what he’s been up to, what conventions he’s attended, which ones are upcoming, where he’s been performing comedy, how a certain graphic novel is coming along and how the Australian winter is treating him.

    Phil follows up on the recent two-part episode about film literacy, wherein your friends in podcasting engage in subtextual, mythological, symbolic analysis of the 2nd X-Files movie, by asking several questions related to “The X-Files” revival, including whether the Lone Gunmen are still alive (a questioned answered by Chris Carter, as heard on this podcast, more than 2 years ago!). Dean shares bit of information not available through internet sleuthing!

    Television binge-watching is discussed. “Silicon Valley”, “Veep”, and “Star Trek: Enterprise” season 4 are celebrated. “True Detective” season 2 and “Aquarius” are taken to task. The loss of “Hannibal” is decried.

    The world-wide blockbuster movie season is discussed. Dean and Phil riff on “The Age of Ultron”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Tomorrowland”, Pixar’s “Inside Out”, “Jurassic World” and Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man”.

    Phil reveals how Turner Classic Movies has turned his summer into the “Summer of Darkness”.

    Dean gets dropped off at a certain “historic building in downtown Los Angeles”.

    Fun is had by all.

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #419 - "Bon Voyage" to Dean Haglund

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    Dean Haglund is moving from Los Angeles to Australia. Though that does not mean YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour is coming to an end, it does mean that we will be changing the way we “change the way you listen to the internet.” So, join us in saying “Bon Voyage” to Dean with this special episode …

    It starts with a letter from long-time listener Stephen D. Folwer about the meaning of “langley”, it continues with a tribute to both Dean and the recently-retired David Letterman: “The Top Ten Questions Our Listeners Have for Dean”. After that, there are “Live Events of the Week”, a discussion of J.M.W. Turner’s painting, an analysis of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina, and an appreciation for film distribution company A24. Finally, the show concludes with Phil’s list: “The Top Ten Things I will Miss About Dean Haglund”. All that, plus special guests and special gifts.

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    Dean Haglund

    in Television

    Dean is probably best known for his nine seasons playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known as "The Lone Gunmen" from the hit FOX TV series The X-Files. He also starred in the The X-Files spin-off series The Lone Gunmen. His character is so popular that Dean is a main attraction at X-File and Sci-Fi conventions all over North America. He appears on trading cards, T-Shirts and even has his own comic book ("The Lone Gunman" published by Dark Horse Comics).
    A long-time comedy improviser, Dean got his start with the likes of Ryan Stiles and Colin Mockerie (Whose Line is it Anyway?) in the internationally award winning Vancouver TheatreSports League. He now regularly performs in Los Angeles with The Groundlings and Second City. Catch him nearly every Friday night at The Friar's club where he performs with Second City alumni such as Dan Castellaneta (Homer on The Simpsons).
    Dean performs his special blend of stand-up and improv, headlining at comedy clubs and colleges across North America. He has performed in and hosted at Montreal's world famous Just for Laughs festival. He is a favorite host of award shows (Entertainment Media Awards, California Independent Film Festival, Armenian Independent Film Festival) and writes and performs for corporations such as Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Apple Computers and Mitsubishi. His home comedy club is the world famous The Improv in Los Angeles, where he can be seen most weeks.
    Dean maintains a successful acting career in film and television. His television credits include roles in the series "VIP Pamela Anderson", "Home Improvement" "The Commish," "Sliders," "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," the animated series "Robocop" and "The Big Guy." His feature film credits include "The X-Files: Fight the Future" "Radio Free Steve", "Design of Darkness", "Rice Girl" and the animated feature film "Tom Sawyer."
    Dean Haglund trained at Simon Fraser University, where he received a Bachelors in Fine and Performing Arts.

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    Dayo Okeniyi Dean Haglund Vivian Bang:The Regulars Take Over

    in Entertainment

    After a short hiatus The Matty P Radio Happy Hour returns! While Matty is still away on his adventures across the 8th dimension, The Regulars (not to be confused with The Irregulars!) take over again. This week we talk to one of the stars of The Spectacular Now and The Hunger Games and the upcoming Runner Runner with Ben "No Seriously I'm Batman" Affleck and Justin "No Twerkin' at the VMAs" Timberlake, Dayo Okeniyi! Also joining us is the tallest Lone Gunman of them all -- The X-Files' own Dean Haglund, plus the always hilarious Vivian Bang from TBS's Sullivan and Son!

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    Doug Jones Dean Haglund Connor Jessup Laura Fraser

    in Entertainment

    The Regulars take over again this week as Rico, MarkE and GrimShea interview Guillermo Del Toro's favorite monster Doug Jones live, plus Falling Skies rising star Connor Jessup, and certified Lone Gunman Dean Haglund, Femme Fatale's Nikki Griffin, and finally Break Bad with us and Laura Fraser.

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    Dean Haglund: UFO's and The X-Files

    in Paranormal

    Dean Haglund also known as Langly from the TV series The X-Files will be on the show to discuss his research into the UFO phenomenon since his days of the show. His interest in science, conspiracy, and the paranormal has paved the way for him to gather information to create a documentary which should be coming out soon.

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    in Education

    Join the Dino Dean Show Sunday February 7th @ 5 pm CST. We have all heard of the tragedy in Flint, Michigan with the water contamination and poisoning of the residents. Dino will be sharing another tragic criminal action of environmental racism in Alexandria, Louisiana. Dino will be speaking with community activist Agnes Francisco who will be speaking for the residents that have been poisoned and cancer stricken for decades at the hands of local companies. We will also be speaking about the great life of lecturer, teacher, metaphysician, Dr. Delbert Blair. This will also be a Get It Off Your Chest Sunday. In this segment we talk politics, current events, our community, no subject is off limits. The call in number is 646-200-0067. Join the Dino Dean family for smart, uncompromising conversation!!!

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    Being A Purposeful Wife with Shameika Dean

    in Self Help

    Known as the “Queen of Restoration”, Shamieka Dean is the epitome of a survivor! She is not only an anointed prophetess, but a realistic relationship coach, a powerful speaker, a successful author, and a talk show host of her very own show, Relationships with Shamieka Dean and the podcast host of Shamieka Dean Ministries on iTunes! This phenomenal woman is considered to be one of the Leading Ladies of Clarksville, Tennessee, who had been featured on the cover of magazines, graced several radio stations with her powerful message, featured in the Leading Ladies Video and more. She has a daily audience of over 20,000 people on her social media platform impacting lives daily. She was also selected and interviewed by Gospel Recording Art-ist Pastor Wess Morgan; as well as a former keynote speaker for the Annual "I Am a Master-piece" Women Empowerment Seminar.

    Shamieka Dean is the creator of  “A Mile in My Shoes” The Movement; a powerful movement of over 1300 women across the world that promotes deliverance, healing, unity and empowerment for women. This movement addresses the real struggles women have from past relationships, childhood experiences and/or other situations that may result in the topics we cover. The topics include but are not limited to rejection, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, self esteem, identity and purpose. The mission is to restore women to wholeness, empowering them to live an abun-dant life! After joining the movement, women have testified of being transformed and equipped with the tools to live the abundant life they were predestined to have! The "A Mile in My Shoes Movement" also has its own product line consisting of t-shirts, tote bags, drink ware, pins, note-books and more.

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    Rev. Wayne Anders How To Appropriate God's Promises

    in Spirituality

    The Holy Ghost Is The One Who Shows Us The Promise That Is In The Will Of God And Relevant To Our Situation At Any Given Time

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    "Online Dating"- EMBRACING LOVE on KLJN 107.7 with Dr. Charles Dean

    in Entertainment


    K L J N 107.7

    Embracing Love is not a show just for couples. Embracing Love speaks to the hearts of all relationships. Embracing Love talks about family, finances, children, singles, dating, health, inspiration, and a personal relationships with yourself, but most of all we talk about Love."

    Love is so important and yet so many of us are running away from it.

    Some of you are not sure if love is real. Many of you don’t believe it exits anymore, because you’re not seeing it, you’re not feeling it any more. 

    The bond on relationships are not as strong as it used to be 20-30 years ago. People are disconnected from one another, all for what?

    Listen… love hasn’t forgotten about you, I believe you have forgotten how to love, how to trust, how to be open, and how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.Tonight we have a great show for you:

    Online Dating… The Does & Don’ts 


    HOST: Dr. Charles Dean


    Luther Vandross - Take You Out

    Charlie Wilson - What If I'm The One

    Nice & Slow - Brian Culbertson

    Brian Simpson - All I want is you

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    Bunkhouse Stampede Radio Episode 3

    in Wrestling

    This Thursday at 11 PM, Gavin will look at Daniel Bryan's legacy in WWE. He went from indy darling to NXT underdog to mainstream popularity. His retirement leaves a huge void on the roster, is there anyone able to step in immediately and fill that role? What would the WWE landscape look like right now without Daniel Bryan's presence over the last six years? Also on the show, Gavin will try to figure out why WWE is better at booking Dean Ambrose as Roman Reigns than they are at booking Roman Reigns, Danny Spivey takes a turn in the spotlight, Today In Wrestling History, and your calls!